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The 2021 Easy Auctions Tracker Spreadsheet is Ready!
We hope you had a great holiday season! We have worked hard to get the newest spreadsheet ready for you. We are excited to let you know that the 2021 Easy Auctions Tracker spreadsheet is ready for download.
All of the features that you love to help streamline the management of your eBay transaction data are included again this year!  Here are some updates:
  • The spreadsheet accommodates eBay's Managed Payments system as well as Paypal for sellers who haven't yet switched to Managed Payments. When you move to Managed Payments, there is no need for any updates to the sheet.  
  • The process to create your token during setup has been greatly simplified and is only a few clicks.
  • A monthly backup of your sheet will be saved to your computer. Please continue to save your own monthly backup file on another hard drive as well. In the event of a hard drive failure you'd be able to recover your file from the secondary hard drive.
  • Please note: we expect to have a mid-year update as eBay rolls out additional functionality and information for download. 
If you used the Inventory tab in your 2020 sheet and want to transfer this data to your 2021 sheet: go to the Inventory tab in your new 2021 sheet. Click on the "Transfer Inventory" button at the top. The program will ask you to choose your 2021 file on your computer. The data from your 2020 file will be copied to your 2021 sheet.

Important: if you modified the columns of the Inventory tab in your 2020 file at all, the data will not transfer to your new sheet correctly. Please contact us at for an alternative way to transfer your Inventory data.

If we customized your 2020 file & you want the same customization done to your 2021 file: Once you setup your new 2021 file with your token, email us your 2021 file, let us know which version of Excel you're using and remind us what customizations we did for you. Depending on our workload, it may take a few days to get your file back to you. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Reminder:  Always keep a backup copy of your file on an external hard drive in case anything ever happens to your file or your computer.

Start fresh with the 2021 sheet. Keep in mind that the 2020 & other past files should be kept completely separate & not be merged. The 2021 sheet will download your transactions up to 90 days back for transactions that end between January 1-December 31, 2021.

If you have already purchased the 2021 spreadsheet, please go to our website to download your file. You will need the Welcome Email with Unlock Code you received after payment to unlock your spreadsheet or lookup your Unlock Code on our site. If you need a copy of the full Welcome Email, just let us know by emailing us at with your Paypal email address.

If you have not yet purchased the 2021 spreadsheet, follow the link below. If you are a renewing customer, be sure to use the coupon code we emailed last month for your special pricing.
Please let us know anytime you need help or have questions. We can be reached by email at: Also join us on Facebook. We try to reply to everyone within 48 business hours, if possible. If you do not hear from us, please check your spam/junk mail folder. If you have not received a reply in 48 business hours, try to contact us through Facebook as sometimes emails do not get delivered.
Happy New Year!
-The Easy Auctions Tracker Team