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March-The Winds of Change~

I always, always, forget just how windy the month of March can be.

I understand the rain, the snow, the heat, the cold; I don’t really understand what purpose the wind serves. Perhaps to move the seas and sail the ships ….and I suppose that is good enough for me.

Love this time, the knowing that warmer days and greener fields are going to be a sooner, rather than later, reality.

Sage Hill Farms and Vintage Store

Bringing Spring Inside~

For most of us it is still sometime before we can look out and see masses of blooms and brightly colored grasses scattered around the garden or yards. However, does not mean we can’t have spring blooms in the house. Force blooming is easy and so fun!

Many trees and shrubs ( forsythia, cherry, peach, pear, and others depending on your location) are in the early budding stage-simply chose a few branches, snip off with some sharp shears, place in a container according to the height of your branches and keep clean water in them…in just a few days you will begin to see beautiful and aromatic blooms. Enjoy!

Country in the City~

Don’t have yard or garden space for growing vegetables or flowers?

Doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden…container gardening can work very well with a few guidelines in place.

One thing you must have is ‘sun.’ Regardless what you are growing it has to have six to eight hours of sunlight to do well. A few things will be successful with 4 hours of full sun…just depends on what it is.

Tomatoes, peppers, even squash and cucumber will do great in containers. Anything that runs on the ground can be trained to run up a trellis instead. Some heavy melons will not work with this method naturally. Depends on how stable you have them trellised and blocked.

Roses also do well in containers. The key is making sure your pots are large enough to allow good root spreading. Keep watered well but not over-watered…and remember that pots will lose nutrients much faster than beds, so a slow release fertilizer (organic please) is a must.

Some Shares to Brighten Your Day~ uls-Custom-Pens
Paul is a talented and professional Wood-turner, very few people can master this…it can be mastered through hard work and practice, however I believe one must have a God given talent to start with if perfection is attained. Perfection has been mastered in Paul’s work!

Speaking of works of art, here is someone who is beautiful, gracious, and sings like she means it! My friend and neighbor—well, not next door but not too far…

Listen up…Literally ~

If you are in the Jasper, Alabama-Walker County area, as many of my readers are… I’m sure you know Fox-fm-Wqjj….if you don’t you should.

Owners, Keith Hammond and his wife have been very generous in offers of support with our Organic School Garden project at the Curry Middle School. We will be sharing more about the project and Wqjj in the coming weeks, months, and hopefully years. ganic-school-garden-project

Garden Classes - Coming soon!

I know those of you who are interested in the classes being offered by Sage Hill are anxious to get started…we are nearing the final set-up stage and I have it as a go for April …between the 1st and the 5th. Thank you Vanessa Shelton…best VA in all the land! She has been keeping Sage Hill one step ahead for more than 5 years, if you need help, you just found it~

Happy Spring….and thanks for reading!

The Sage Hill Farms Family~
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