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IAHF does not normally get involved with state issues, because our focus is international, but in THIS case, we have no CHOICE, here is why: Read "INTERNATIONALIZING US ROADS" by Phyllis Spivey: http://www.newswithviews.com/Spivey/phyllis3.htm

Jeannon Kralj is on the IAHF list and she lives in Austin, TX. Below my comments please see her excellent letter of outrage sent to the Governor of Texas and to the TRAITOROUS Texas state legislature via http://www.texastollparty.com/action_tellYourReps.php
(A Texas website equivalent to the "Boston Tea Party".)

She's urging everyone in Texas to join her in reigning in the monumentally corrupt Texas State Legislature, 100% of which trampled their oaths of office to vote for House Bill 3588 which forced the Trans Texas Corridor down the throats of not only the people of Texas, but ALSO down the throats of ALL AMERICANS, and EVERYONE who loves FREEDOM all over the WORLD, threatening to force us into the North American Union & to shove genocidal CODEX vitamin restrictions down our throats!!

See https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+449 and

This TCC (Trans Texas Corridor), as I reported in yesterday's alert, is a massive highway/rail system infrastructure project intended by the Council on Foreign Relations (globalists intent on forcing us into a prison planet) to facilitate the DESTRUCTION of Canada, the USA and Mexico to FORCE these 3 countries together into "THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION" (much as the "Chunnel" physically interconnected England with France to force both of THOSE countries into the EU Dictatorship.) Don't live in Texas? Please forward this to anyone you know who DOES live there, and if you don't KNOW anyone who lives there, please forward it to discussion groups and post it on websites where more people will SEE it. Unless STOPPED, THIS is how the genocidal CODEX vitamin "guidelines" will be shoved down our throats here in Amerika. We're witnessing the PLANNED DESTRUCTION of our country, and we CAN'T idly sit back and just LET it happen.

IAHF Salutes Jeannon Kralj in Austin Texas: Please forward her letter to anyone you know in Texas, post it on websites where more people will see it, forward it to discussion groups, and use it to generate opposition to the "North American Cooperative Security Act" which is intended to force us into the North American Union

The following comments were submitted as Step 1 at www.TexasTollParty.com on January 12, 2006.

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them."
(Ephesians 5:11 King James Version)

"Try to discover what the Lord wants of you, having nothing to do with the futile works of darkness but exposing them by contrast."
(Ephesians 5:11 The Jerusalem Bible)

I have been studying closely the scandal of Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, and Ralph Reed that has taken over our federal government. I am outraged at the gross pandemic of corruption in my government. This particular scandal hit hard upon the state of Texas, the full extent of which we will never be allowed to know. The unjust actions of some of our Texas elected officials and lawmakers against Texas citizens, using those very Texas citizens' money, has made me outraged and ashamed.

When I think of this brand of particularly egregious corruption, I always and immediately think of Texas House Bill 3588, passed in June of 2003, having to do with the construction of so called "Trans Texas Corridors" across our beautiful and once great and proud state of Texas. Also part of House Bill 3588 was what appears to be exclusively Governor Rick Perry's idea and plan to double tax the citizens of travelers in central Texas and convert their already taxpayer paid for highways into toll roads, exacting a burdensome double taxation against the citizens to have them pay for and subsidize the "Trans-Texas Corridor Project."

There were "deals offered." I believe, but I cannot as I would so wish name the names of the people or the specifics of these deals or exchanges. I believe that Governor Rick Perry was told by some people of the federal United States government to get the "Trans-Texas Corridors" into Texas law or else. Our leaders have long ago forgotten the tenth amendment and have sold our Texas souls to the feds. Our governor lacked the personal integrity to tell those federal operatives to take a walk.

All people in public office must be fully aware of the constant so called "temptations" for them to become part of deals that are of either a remunerative or coercive nature. They need to keep these wolves away from their door and they need to be tough and strong when they are offered deals which cause them to be betrayers of the public trust.

100 percent, every single one of these people who are supposed to be looking after our interests, of the full Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate of the 78th Texas Legislature voted FOR House Bill 3588. That voting pattern and fact, in and of itself, tells us clearly that each of Representatives and Senators were also tendered a "deal." They were each told they HAD to vote for House Bill 3588 or else. Again, I cannot name names of the people who offered or tempted these "deals" on our representatives. But I clearly do see how this bill was kept so very secret and quiet and how it was rushed into law, and when I see that there was virtually no open and full public discussion and debate involving we the people (in the state house or in the media), and when I see that it clearly appears that not one of our representatives of senators even read the bill, much less carefully analyzed and considered every phrase in this monumental departure from the way Texas has ever done business.

Our representatives should have known, and probably did know, that a huge bill of this nature, had absolutely NOTHING to do with the transportation needs of the citizens throughout our large state. No one bill could address all of those needs in the appropriate way. So, even a cursory look at House Bill 3588 should have told each and every state lawmaker that House Bill 3588 was something wicked coming our way. But none of these people had the personal integrity, guts, gumption, whateverÂ… to tell those deal makers who came to them to take a walk.

We the people of Texas cannot afford to have a governor and lawmakers of this kind of personal character over us.
House Bill 3588 prints out at 149 pages. It involves spending of Texas taxpayer dollars in excess of $2.2 billion dollars. Aside from the general appropriations bill of each legislative session, House Bill 3588 is the largest bill ever passed and made law in Texas. This bill allowed the letting of a contract to a huge multinational corporation of the country of Spain. This bill contains a never before observed strong flavor of public/private partnerships. It appears that all of a sudden Texas is going by NAFTA law, not United States law. Many call this foreign outsourcing of these proposed huge road building projects fascism.

First let us refrain from further referring to "Trans-Texas Corridors." These are the widely known and long planned for NAFTA Corridors. These NAFTA corridors have been in the planning since NAFTA was inflicted upon the U.S. citizens in 1993. Numerous radio shows, speakers, writers and web sites are devoted to this subject of the NAFTA corridors. These newspeak named "Trans-Texas Corridors" ARE NOT the idea of Governor Rick Perry. This plan to internationalize United States of America roads is about one thing and one thing only. The plan is to destroy United States borders, United States laws including the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights and United States sovereignty.

Without United States sovereignty which includes the sovereignty of the state of Texas and the border of Texas with Mexico, there is no freedom and justice for the citizens and our once great experiment in freedom under a Constitutional republic form of government is utterly destroyed. (Read "Internationalizing U.S. Roads" by Phyllis Spivey at NewsWithViews.com) (GATT, NAFTA, WTO, CAFTA, and the impending FTAA are things the citizens know about and hate, hate for what they have done to our beloved United States of America.)

This freedom of United States Citizens of Texas is the freedom that hundreds of thousands of our United States soldiers fought and bled and suffered and died for since our country's founding. We must stand up against this egregious travesty that is House Bill 3588 if for no other reason than the noble patriotic, freedom loving, memory of our brave fallen protectors and defenders.
House Bill 3588, of course, will take away the private property rights of the landowners of Texas. These NAFTA corridors will be colossal and will destroy the beauty and environmental integrity of our Texas countryside. These NAFTA corridors will rapidly destroy the economy of Texas and will throw the Texas citizens into the prison of ever deeper poverty.

But some people, the people who own are who are owned by the big national and international foreign corporations will personally profit handsomely at the Texas citizens' expense. And of course our compromised and purchased politicians will continue to build up their money and power and position at our expense.

There was virtually NO full and open and extensive public discussion and debate about this colossal bill as there most certainly should have been. It was hushed and rushed through both Houses of the Texas legislature. There were virtually no big articles or stories in any of Texas's major mainstream media outlets in the months leading up to its passage. We the people were deliberately ignored and kept out of this secret evil process. Folks, that is not the way the United States of America is supposed to work!

I write today for these purposes.
House Bill 3588 must be rescinded in its entirety. All implementing actions to date must be stopped and erased. This law cannot be considered Constitutional under either the United States Constitution or the Texas Constitution. The content of House Bill 3588 and the manner in which it was planned and perpetrated on we the citizens of Texas is more low and disgusting and immoral than anything Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed ever thought of. We must not accept this action against Texans and by only trying to slow down or stop small parts of this bill or by replacing only a few of our betrayers in office. The WHOLE of House Bill 3588 is ALL BAD. It is wrong on every level, in every way.

I hereby request each one of the people listed below to immediately resign from office. I have no reason to believe that any of these people have the moral ability to take this righteous action, but it is wrong for me not to publicly request this.

Every citizen of Texas who cares about their state and their country and their personal freedom and the welfare of their selves and their families should work vigorously right now to remove immediately and forever from Texas public office the people whose names are listed below. It is wrong to be quiet and apathetic and allow your destruction. That is not the American way! That is not the freedom our soldiers died for.

Circulate the list of our betrayers shown below far and wide and get to work exposing these perpetrators of destruction upon Texas and Texans.

Here is a list of the Texas State Representatives and Senators who betrayed the citizens of Texas, who betrayed their oath of office and betrayed the public trust. Here are the names of these people who did this shameful deed to we the people of Texas by promoting and voting for House Bill 3588 and who are still in office as of this writing, January 12, 2006.

Texas Governor Rick Perry
House of Representatives
Speaker of the House of Represenatives Tom Craddick
Allen, Ray
Alonzo, Roberto R.
Bailey, Kevin
Berman, Leo
Bohac, Dwayne
Bonnen, Dennis
Branch, Dan
Brown, Betty
Brown, Fred
Burnam, Lon
Callegari, Bill
Campbell, Scott
Casteel, Carter
Castro, Joaquin
Chavez, Norma
Chisum, Warren
Coleman, Garnet
Cook, Byron
Cook, Robert "Robby"
Corte, Frank
Crabb, Joe
Craddick, Tom
Crownover, Myra
Davis, John
Davis, Yvonne
Dawson, Glenda
Delisi, Dianne White
Denny, Mary
Deshotel, Joe
Driver, Joe
Dukes, Dawnna
Dunnam, Jim
Dutton, Jr., Harold V.
Edwards, Al
Eiland, Craig
Eissler, Rob
Elkins, Gary
Escobar, Juan M
Farabee, David
Farrar, Jessica
Flores, Kino
Flynn, Dan
Gallego, Pete
Gattis, Dan
Geren, Charlie
Giddings, Helen
Goodman, Toby
Goolsby, Tony J.
Griggs, Bob E.
Grusendorf, Kent
Guillen, Ryan
Haggerty, Pat
Hamilton, Mike
Hamric, Peggy
Hardcastle, Rick
Harper-Brown, Linda
Hartnett, Will
Hegar, Glenn
Hilderbran, Harvey
Hill, Fred
Hochberg, Scott
Hodge, Terri
Homer, Mark
Hope, Ruben
Hopson, Chuck
Howard, Charlie F.
Hughes, Bryan
Hunter, Bob
Hupp, Suzanna Gratia
Jones, Delwin
Jones, Jesse
Keel, Terry
Keffer, Bill
Keffer, Jim
King, Phil
Kolkhorst, Lois W.
Krusee, Mike
Kuempel, Edmund
Laney, James E. "Pete"
Laubenberg, Jodie
Luna, Vilma
Madden, Jerry
Martinez Fischer, Trey
McCall, Brian
McClendon, Ruth Jones
McReynolds, Jim
Menendez, Jose
Merritt, Tommy
Miller, Sid
Moreno, Paul
Morrison, Geanie
Mowery, Anna
Naishtat, Elliott
Nixon, Joe
Noriega, Rick
Oliveira, Rene
Olivo, Dora
Paxton, Ken
Pena, Aaron
Phillips, Larry
Pickett, Joseph
Pitts, Jim
Puente, Robert
Quintanilla, Chente
Rangel, Irma
Reyna, Elvira
Riddle, Debbie
Ritter, Allan
Rodriguez, Eddie
Rose, Patrick M.
Seaman, Gene
Smith, Todd
Smith, Wayne
Smithee, John T.
Solis, Jim
Solomons, Burt R.
Swinford, David
Talton, Robert
Taylor, Larry
Thompson, Senfronia
Truitt, Vicki
Turner, Sylvester
Uresti, Carlos
Van Arsdale, Corbin
Villarreal, Mike
West, George "Buddy"
Wong, Martha
Woolley, Beverly
Zedler, Bill

Texas Senate
Lietenant Governor David Dewhurst
Armbrister, Ken
Averitt, Kip
Barrientos, Gonzalo
Brimer, Kim
Carona, John
Deuell M.D.., Robert F.
Duncan, Robert
Ellis, Rodney
Estes, Craig
Fraser, Troy
Gallegos, Mario
Harris, Chris
Hinojosa, Juan
Jackson, Mike
Janek, Kyle
Lindsey, Jon
Lucio Jr., Eddie
Madla Jr., Frank L.
Nelson, Jane
Ogden, Steve
Shapiro, Florence
Shapleigh, Eliot
Staples, Todd
Van de Putte, Leticia
Wentworth, Jeff
West, Royce
Whitmire, John
Williams, Tommy
Zaffirini, Judith

Yes, House Bill 3588 is most certainly a work of darkness, a secretive, hurried, despotic, destructive work of darkness.