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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

- April 2006 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 9, Issue 133; April 2006     


I do hope you enjoy this copy of thee newsletter. They may be just a bit thin in the next couple of editions as I am on another island (in the Mediterranean) for a time. Now that most of us enjoy ADSL in the offshore community it may be a shock to go back to wind up internet - but them's the breaks. For those of you interested in matters technical, I have taken up with Telstra the possibility of our future connection to ADSL2+ in our communities. Don't hold your breath!

And can I commend to you the item below about the Community Arts Event. A freebie at the Avalon Sailing Club.

  • History Corner
  • Northern beaches to get $300m hospital
  • Piano wanted
  • Anyone have children who do home schooling?
  • Volunteer required for film shoot
  • Seaweed Invades Pittwater
  • Alex McTaggart MP - excerpts from his maiden speech
  • Police Local Area Commander visits Scotland Island
  • Author Talk at Mona Vale Library
  • Pittwater Community Arts Event
  • How your Advertising Headline can reap you big dollars
  • Final Date for Offshore Anthology
  • MusicFest
  • 4 intimate evenings of talks
  • Local Guide
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  • History Corner
    On the Pittwater side of where the yacht clubs now stand at Newport, several small farms were established and even a boarding house run by a Miss Scott. At one end of the little bay in front of the house was Green Point and, at the other, Haystack Point. The latter is said to have derived its name from a curious occurrence.
    The Hawkesbury River had often proved that it was prone to flooding (indeed, his heroic efforts in rescuing farmers from early Hawkesbury floods was believed to have contributed to the early death of Scotland Island pioneer Andrew Thompson).   In this case, a major flood  had carried a haystack fastened to a large wooden framework of logs from a Hawkesbury farm downstream and into Pittwater where it beached at the southern arm of Crystal Bay near today's yacht clubs. This has been known as Haystack Point ever since. It is said that several pigs were accidental passengers on the haystack and these were recovered by a local fisherman.
    Settlement at Newport arose out of necessity for a haven to which passengers and mail might be carried on the way to Sydney from farms and townships further north. At that time there was no railways between Newcastle and Sydney of course and the mail from places between the Hunter and Hawkesbury rivers was taken across the Hawkesbury at Peat's Ferry and carried on horseback from there.  A proposal was then made to shorten the distance of travel by taking passengers and mail from Gosford to Pittwater. A boarding-house was built at Newport and then a wharf for a proposed steamer but the two original entrepreneurs , Messrs Jeanneret and Pile failed to get the government's contract which was given to a man with the then colourful name of Rock Davis, an inhabitant of Brisbane Water. Davis immediately built a steamer named the Florrie for the purpose. A difficulty then arose when the owners of the wharf refused to allow Davis to use it and for a time the mail and passengers had to be unloaded further up the bay. The contretemps , however, was soon ended when the two owners of the wharf bought the Florrie and took over the contract. Soon after a family named Boulton took over the boarding house and secured a licence and, as word about the beauties of Newport beach spread, settlement on the ocean side of Newport began. One of the Boulton sons drove the first mail coach from Newport to Manly and this continued until early in the 1900s.
    NEXT MONTH:   When there was no Bayview, no Church Point.
    Leicester Warburton

    Northern beaches to get $300m hospital
    March 30, 2006 - 3:59PM

    .. with permission from the SMH

    The NSW government will build a major new hospital on Sydney's northern beaches and downgrade Mona Vale and Manly hospitals.

    Health Minister John Hatzistergos today announced a new hospital would be built at Frenchs Forest, ending years of wrangling over the future of the region's health services.

    It would cost $280 million to $300 million.
    Mona Vale and Manly hospitals will be retained in "complementary" roles, although Mr Hatzistergos would not specify the precise services they would provide.

    "The people of Mona Vale will have access to a new hospital at Frenchs Forest which will provide much better services than is currently being provided either at Mona Vale or at the Manly hospital," he told reporters.

    "This will be the major acute facility for the people of the northern beaches.
    "The precise (future) role of Mona Vale Hospital will be as a complementary hospital, not as a duplicate."
    The government already owns most of the land needed to build the Frenchs Forest hospital but will need to acquire some properties in the area.

    Mr Hatzistergos said there were no plans to sell the existing Mona Vale and Manly hospital sites for development.
    He said a clinical planning process would determine the future roles of Manly and Mona Vale hospitals and the number of beds in the new hospital, which would take three years to build.

    The decision to build a new hospital at Frenchs Forest is a blow to independent Pittwater MP Alex McTaggart and boosts the Liberal Party's chances of winning back the seat, which was held previously by former opposition leader John Brogden.

    Mr McTaggart had lobbied hard for Mona Vale Hospital to become the region's major health facility.
    "It's not a total loss for us. We have retained our hospital, (but) we're yet to know in what full capacity," Mr McTaggart said today.

    Opposition health spokeswoman Jillian Skinner said she was yet to be convinced the government would build a hospital at Frenchs Forest, after previous announcements identified Dee Why as the preferred site.

    "This has been an issue that's been around for 10 years," she said. AAP

    Piano wanted

    I am looking for a piano for my children (so something fairly cheap and basic) and am wondering whether anyone wants to sell one. My phone number is 9997 5018 or 0412 891 091.

    Anyone have children who do home schooling?

    We are interested in living in community, with connections to people of all ages, interested . We home school our 8 year old son and are particularly interested if there are any home schooling families on Scotland Island. Also, how many children are on the island?

    Thanks for you help
    Jen Tel. (612) 9262 1612 jenh@qedactuarial.com.au

    Volunteer required for film shoot

    I am a student at the Sydney Film School making a short documentary about the different ways Sydneysiders commute to work. I understand that some people on the island take their own runabouts to the mainland as part of their trip to work and I am hoping you can help me find someone who would be happy for me to film part of their trip from the island to the mainland.

    There will be no dialogue in the documentary as it is being set to original music composed by a student from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. The Scotland Island portion will be used as a contrast to the more hectic and stressful methods most Sydneysiders use to get to work in the mornings.

    I am seeking to film one morning between 10th April - 21st April on a day when it is convenient for the person volunteering. Filming will take 1 - 2 hours and will start around 7.30am - again this is flexible and will be agreed with the person being filmed.

    I would be grateful if you would pass this request on the Scotland Island residents. I can be contacted via email at: caite@internode.on.net or by phone on: 0401
    719 040.

    Seaweed Invades Pittwater

    The invasive marine plant, cold tolerant Caulerpa taxifolia threatens coastal ecosystems in NSW. By growing quickly, it overruns seagrasses and alters marine habitats.

    Caulerpa taxifolia can easily be spread. Pieces that break off can start whole new plants. Even after a week out of water, if in a warm damp place such as a wetsuit or anchor well, pieces can start a new plant.

    Caulerpa taxifolia is a bright green seaweed with a characteristic 'creeping' stem called the stolon. The stolon can measure over 1 m in length and is fixed to the bottom by the 'roots' called rhizoids. The stolon bears 'leaves' or fronds. The fronds can be 5 to 65 cm in length.

    What you can do

    • Avoid boating near Caulerpa taxifolia outbreaks. Propellers cut the plant into many fragments that can drift into areas only to grow into new outbreaks.
    • Inspect anchors, ropes and chains before leaving an area.
    • Inspect fishing equipment; nets, traps and fishing lines before use.
    • Inspect dive gear such as wetsuits bags and other equipment before use.
    • Collect fragments of Caulerpa you have accidentally picked up. Seal the pieces in a plastic bag and dispose of them in a bin where they can not re-enter a waterway.
    • Collect information on where you have seen Caulerpa. An accurate map, size of the outbreak, depth, habitat type (seagrass, bare sand, rocky reef) are important details.

    Report sightings of Caulerpa taxifolia to the Threatened Species and Biodiversity Unit on (02) 4916 3811 or email tsadmin@fisheries.nsw.gov.au, or to NSW Fisheries' 24hr reporting hotline on (02) 4916 3877

    Alex McTaggart MP - excerpts from his maiden speech

    (reprinted with kind permission of the author)

    ..... I shall now address the issues facing Scotland Island and the western foreshores, which are our offshore communities. It is these people who are most disadvantaged by the lack of services. There are a number of issues relevant to offshore communities which should immediately be addressed by this Parliament. Scotland Island needs town water and town sewerage. There should be an immediate promise by Sydney Water to provide these basic services. Also, it is ridiculous that Scotland Island residents cannot get the rainwater tank rebate because they are not connected to town water, yet during times of drought they must buy their water from the mainland half a kilometre away and from a Sydney Water tap. It is nonsense.

    Then there is the stupidity of the Crown Lands Act, which prohibits car parking on a Crown reserve other than for the purposes of recreating in that reserve. The Department of Lands has indicated that car parking must be removed from Church Point Reserve by August 2007. There are 350 car spaces there, used by the offshore communities, and we have had no indication of where they are supposed to go or why they should go. Another issue for the offshore communities is the jetty tax, or rather the tax on Crown Land leases which applies to waterfront properties with wharves that are accessible only by water. These people need to have a reasonable acknowledgment that part of their lease should be exempt from the tax, or at least taxed at a lower rate, to acknowledge that they are water access only.

    ..... I take this opportunity also to highlight the lack of investment in road infrastructure by the State in recent years. The electorate of Pittwater is served by five arterial roads: The Wakehurst Parkway, Barrenjoey Road, Pittwater Road, McCarrs Creek Road and Mona Vale Road. These roads are in a disgraceful condition and require immediate repairs and upgrading, including replacement of bridges, widening of carriageways and safer pedestrian access. Of most concern is Mona Vale Road, the most talked about neglected piece of metropolitan roadway in New South Wales and, regrettably, the scene of many fatalities. The state of our roads is a classic indication of 30 years of neglect. I give notice that I will not relent in pressuring the Government to carry out these essential works. In summary, it is fair to say that the Pittwater electorate, from the light at Barrenjoey to the lagoon at Narrabeen, has not had its fair share of the State's resources.

    If you would like to read the speech in its entirety, click here

    Author Talk at Mona Vale Library

    Thursday 6 April, 11.30am. Simon Nasht, political journalist, foreign correspondent, documentary filmmaker and novelist will talk about his latest book "The Last Explorer - Hubert Wilkins - Australia's Unknown Hero". Hubert Wilkins was one of the world's greatest explorers but why was he largely forgotten by Australia? Book with Mona Vale Library on 9970 1600.

    Police Local Area Commander visits Scotland Island

    On Thursday 16th March, Doreen Cruickshank, Local area commander of the Dee Why area of the NSW police, together with Alex McTaggart MP, visited Scotland Island and the Western Shores for a familiarisation tour.

    Our visitors were taken around the bays and then given the grand circuit of the island in the community vehicle, driven by Gordon Floyd. Thanks also to Greg Roberts for the use of his beautiful boat for the tour. The photo shows our two guests on the Northern side of the island, accompanied by SIRA president Shar Jones.

    Pittwater Community Arts Event

    for the National Trust Heritage Festival

    The Theme for the National Trust Heritage Festival Week this year is "Industrial Heritage - Our Working Lives" which celebrates our rich industrial heritage and will explore the places, structures, industries, items and the people behind our industrial heritage.  It will highlight the significance of a wide range of areas including primary production, transport, technology, manufacturing, building and maritime industries.
    As part of this Festival, Pittwater Community Arts will present an evening  showcasing aspects of the boating industry around Pittwater.
    FROM PLYWOOD TO CARBON  Wednesday 12th April.  Time 7pm - 10pm.
    Described by Captain Arthur Phillip in March 1788 as 'the finest piece of Water I ever saw...', Pittwater has had a long history of boating - transport, recreation, racing and boat-building.
    Special guest speakers will be Captain Ken Edwards, Master of the Barque, 'James Craig'; John McConaghy founder of McConaghy Boats, Mona Vale, world leaders in carbon fibre yacht construction; and Bob Basham, who will speak about Sailability, a national movement which facilitates on-water activity for people with a disability.
    Venue: Avalon Sailing Club, Hudson Pde, Clareville.   Supper will be provided. A Raffle will be held on the night.
    Bookings essential. Ph 9913 1474. Entry free. And you can park your commuter craft at the Avalon Sailing Club

    How your Advertising Headline can reap you big dollars

    Free Advertising tips from Juliette at Pittwater Trading On line

    With small business particularly, no matter what you're selling, you simply must use your advertising headline to make it immediately clear why people should read your ad.

    Let's say you were shipwrecked on a remote, abandoned island and needed to be rescued.. Would you write your name or a little joke, or some clever play on words in the sand ? No way! Not if you wanted to save your life. You'd want your message to seize the undivided attention of whoever saw it. You'd want it to be direct and right to the point. Perhaps: HELP -- SAVE ME!!!  That ought to get your message across in no uncertain terms, wouldn't you agree?

    With all the competition for your customers' time and attention, you don't have the luxury of tricking them, being too clever, or boring them for even a second. Imagine if you took your advertising as seriously as saving your life - what an impact!. Check out advertising headlines all around you to see how many companies promote their business name instead of the key benefit they offer their customers. Worth thinking about... For more tips, ideas or help with advertising, email Juliette at ptonline@tpg.com.au

    Final Date for Offshore Anthology

    Last chance to showcase your Photography, artwork or suggest a title for our Offshore Anthology
    Anthology Production is supported by Pittwater Trading On Line and  ed'n'art design
    Final closing date for title ideas, photography and art has been extended to this Friday April 7th. Creative  titles and beautiful photography and artwork has been submitted to support our written stories and poems- what a privilege it is to showcase the work of local residents. .
    All writers, artists and photographers will be informed during April if their work has been chosen by the professional editors and will be invited to release their work for inclusion.
    Title ideas, artwork and photography can be e-mailed to Juliette Robertson at ptonline@tpg.com.au by final deadline: this Friday April 7th. Thanks to all for your contributions.

    MusicFestTop of page

    MusicFest, the first Australian edition of FĂȘte de la Musique, will happen in Sydney and will spread to other Australian cities and towns over time to eventually include the whole nation.
    On 21 & 24 June 2006, several parts of Sydney will come alive as never before when institutions and people come together for the first time to present two days and nights filled with special music performances. In the spirit of FĂȘte de la Musique all performances will be live and free. All are welcome to enjoy the music and explore new spaces and venues.
    Performances will happen in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations, not traditionally dedicated to music including museums, prisons, hospitals, corporate foyers, churches, streets, public transport (trains, ferries, buses), schools, cafes, bars, restaurants.
    Expect a huge range of sounds and styles in a celebration of live music aimed at enhancing the scope and diversity of musical practice in all genres: classical to electronic, jazz and folk, traditional, rock, rap and pop music.
    MusicFest is an appeal to spontaneous and free participation open to individuals or ensembles (instrumental or singing) and musical institutions to give both amateurs and professionals the opportunity to express their musical talent.
    On top of this wealth of live music, MusicFest offers the chance for children and adults alike to get involved in all kinds of music workshops ranging from instrument- making sessions to exposure to beautiful instruments like the African kora or Brazilian berimbau.
    MusicFest relies on the involvement of all sections of the community and invites everyone to participate.
    To register as a venue provider, musical act, your own event or a school or workshop provider, just go to the website: www.musicfest.org.au and fill in the appropriate form.
    Top of page

    4 intimate evenings of talks

    4 intimate evenings of talks about spirit and the feminine influence on the planet.
    In this short series of talks in April, local medical intuitive, spiritual healer, counsellor and teacher, Penny Starr shares somewhat controversial but fascinating spiritual knowledge, gained through her post graduate studies and long association with Aboriginal and female leaders and academics in Australia and overseas. With our world in turmoil, this is a fascinating opportunity to hear views about the positive re-emergent feminine influence on the planet and the positive power each woman can contribute. If you are interested in the power of the collective female spirit to change the world for the better, this is a series, not to be missed.
    contact Pen on 99795241 or Jila Baker 99994421
    for a detailed brochure call Penelope on 0421 174 178 or Qi Mona Vale.

    In addition, there is a women's gathering every Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. at Penelope Stars house, Scotland Island for group meditation. Contact Pen for details

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    Government Organisations:
    Local Pittwater Council, or email them at pittwater_council@pittwater.nsw.gov.au  or by clicking here.
    Federal: Bronwyn Bishop, Member for Mackellar, or email her by clicking here or Bronwyn.Bishop.MP@aph.gov.au
    State: Alex McTaggart, Member for Pittwater, email him at pittwater@parliament.nsw.gov.au or by clicking here
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    • NSW Ambulance Service: 000, general information 9320 7777
    • Rural Fire Service: 000, general information 9450 3000
    • State Emergency Service, Warringah/Pittwater SES: 9486 3399
    • National Parks & Wildlife Service: 000, general information 9457 9322
    • Dept of Community Services: general information 9977 6011
    • Sydney Water: 132 090
    • Energy Australia: 131 388, (ah) 131 909

    Emergency Scotland Island Water Contacts: click here for information (while online)

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