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I'd like to express gratitude to those of you who helped me make this trip to Washington DC so that I could resume the dialogue started with Congress last July regarding the illegality of the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico.


Powerful ideas to help us all transcend the DC cesspool & Codex to achieve an abundance of health freedom come from applying the law of attraction as discussed in the film "The Secret" http://www.thesecret.tv


With the US congressional election just a few days away, I came here in search of answers to these questions: "How can all of us more synergistically educate those around us so as to BEST preserve our access to healing herbs and vitamins despite the seemingly all pervasive culture of oppression that seems intend on grinding us all down to nothing?"

"Despite the influence of Pharma PAC donations on members of congress, how can we elicit the support we need from them so as to best THWART the CFR's plans to destroy the  sovereignty of Canada, the USA and Mexico? How can we have ABUNDANT FREEDOM in the face of seemingly all pervasive evil, greed and corruption?"


"How can we best work together to stop the FDA and the US Commerce Department (and their counterparts in the Canadian and Mexican governments) from continuing to operate clandestinely- without any transparency?"



http://www.lightning-round.org (Humorous "game show" instantly helps people get the fact that our would be masters are actively attempting to dismantle US/Canada/Mexico and to slam the three countries together- this clip helps people to UNDERSTAND this in very simple terms.






Acting FDA Commissioner Andrew Von Echenbach isn't going to respond to the letter sent to him by Congressman Paul last July which asked hard hitting questions about the legality of FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico because its a controversial issue and he has not yet undergone a confirmation hearing. He needs two thirds of the Senate to confirm him as Commissioner- and unless or until that happens, he'll keep walking on eggs.


No one on the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee is willing to communicate with the FDA about their non response to Congressman Paul's letter because its a controversial issue, and they all just want to walk on eggs in order to get re-elected, or in the case of at least one member of the Subcommittee (Congressman Bass in New Hampshire), they hope to avoid being driven from office. Everyone on this subcommittee is accepting PAC money from Pharma, (some are getting a lot more than others.)


I came here not sure of what I would find, but came trusting that Creator would assist me in examining this situation so as to come up with solutions, and I have indeed come up with several, even though on the surface the situation may appear hopeless, at first glance. The best meeting I had was with Dan Brown from Congressman Tancredo's office. He inspired me to write this message to all of you...

Fellow prober Jerry Corsi just created this excellent resource of a  website http://www.nospp.gov  In it he provides pdf files of information gotten from the Commerce Department under the  Freedom of Information Act which shows that the Department is continuing to violate the Act because they refuse to release the most recent information.

Thats ok though, because we have this as a resource base from which to awaken more and more people. We can also show people pithy statements like this http://www.lightning-round.org with the goal being to get the
"100th Monkey" syndrome kicking in as a way of BYPASSING the CIA controlled Media.


After the lame duck session ends, after the Christmas holidays, in January the new Congress begins. We have a couple of months to mobilize our troops- to educate the masses- and to pressure our Senators not to vote to confirm Von Echenbach as the next FDA Commissioner, and during that time we're going to put enormous grassroots pressure on him to DO what we want by jamming the phonelines of the FDA Commissioner's office with calls and faxes: 301-827-2410, fax 301-443-3100  http://www.fda.gov/oc/orgcharts/oc.pdf



"As a consumer of dietary supplements,and as a signer of this petition against the FDA's illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232?ltl=1162533997 . I am outraged that acting Commissioner Andrew Von Echenbach continues to violate the law by not responding to Congressman Ron Paul's letter (sent in July) in which he (and four other congressmen) demanded that the FDA explain how the Trilateral Cooperation Charter does not violate the Administrative Procedures Act, the Federal Advisory Committees Act, and other Federal Laws.

I am calling this matter to the attention of  both of my Senators (http://www.senate.gov) urging them to oppose Von Echenbach's confirmation unless he responds satisfactorily to Congressman Paul's letter and immediately DISBANDS this illegal operation via which he is violating the constitution."


Fax this in to  Von Echenbach, then follow it with a phonecall. Alert everyone you know to follow suit. Then after the  election, contact both senators about this both by phone and fax to educate them to the issue.


Just like when we passed the Dietary Supplement Health and  Education Act of 1994,We're going to have to make personal visits to our Senators and Congressmen after the election to explain to them how dietary supplements have helped us, how they could help them and their families, and why we oppose Bush's corporate fascism.

We simply aren't going to live in chains, because we WAN T to live in FREEDOM! We manifest FREEDOM in all of our thoughts and actions. We urge everyone around us to view the uplifting film "The Secret"  http://www.thesecret.tv


In the upcoming election- don't vote for ANYONE from EITHER PARTY if your congressman is on the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee since not a single one of them was honest enough to help us in this matter, the only signers of Congressman Paul's letter were not on the subcommittee. See the list of people on the subcommittee here: http://energycommerce.house.gov/108/subcommittees/Oversight_and_Investigations_Members.htm

Members to totally OPPOSE

Ed Whitfield, Kentucky

Cliff Stearns, Florida

Charles "Chip" Pickering, Mississippi

Charles F. Bass, New Hampshire

Greg Walden, Oregon

Mike Ferguson, New Jersey

Michael Burgess, Texas

Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee

Joe Barton, Texas
(Ex Officio)

Bart Stupak, Michigan
Ranking Member

Diana DeGette, Colorado

Jan Schakowsky, Illinois

Jay Inslee, Washington

Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin

Henry A. Waxman, California

John D. Dingell, Michigan
(Ex Officio)


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