Since the 1st of December vinyl lovers has been able to enjoy this EP and now the 29th we release it also digitaly. Now with an extra bonus Noe Spagato remix. 

Artist: RA
Title: Remixes
Label: Adrian Recordings

Spotify: RA - Remixes

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RA are one of the newest members of the Adrian Recordings family. Formed in 2012 they have put out a 4 track 10” EP, and last summer a 2 track 7”. We are slowly building up to a debut album that will be out during the first half of 2015. For now though it’s time for a detour, or more specifically, time to open up ears to what it’s all about; dark bass, hammering rhythms and haunting melodies, and we’ve got it in full here on this brand new remix EP, released on vinyl 1st December and digitally on the 29th.

Noe Spagato
Bam Spacey

A1. Prism (Trentemøller Remix)
Dane, Anders Trentemøller, is one of Europe’s best and most respected electronic artists. He is a true legend, his own music being moody atmospheric trips, but when remixing he leans towards more up-tempo almost body-like dance floors, we all remember his work for Röyksopp (feat. Karin Dreijer Andersson) etc. Here he takes RA to a similar place. All his background in dark rock is in there, all the D.A.F. influences and all the mouldy cellar dancing. This is a stellar remix from an artist that never rests.

A2. These Days (Noe Spagato Remix)
Down in an underground cellar in Malmö is Noe Spagato’s studio. It’s here that he makes electronic music without a computer in sight. The whole room is full of analog gear, lava lamps and magnetic tape machines. When he creates a remix he records everything he wants from the original track onto tape, and get his machines working. Underground is also where he rests music wise. He has been in the Malmö music scene longer than anybody, doing illegal raves in the forests, DJing on Norra Grängesbergsgatan and starting the whole Malmö “kraut disco scene”, with his now legendary track “The Space Between”. No one is more free music wise. Here he takes RA for a synth ride.

B1. Bloodline (Myth001)
Alexander Palmestål is one half of dark dreamy Iberia, and was half of the late Pistol Disco. Soon he will be releasing an EP on Höga Nord Rekords under his new moniker, Myth. Here he uses this name for the first time for an exclusive remix of RA. He turns “Bloodline” inside out and delivers a nightmarish, ambient-turns-to-rainy street kinda sit-down-dancing thing. New sounds for the explorer.

B2. These Days (Bam Spacey’s Doom Dub)
Bam Spacey has just released his debut album “1998”, to much international critical acclaim. It’s all dreamy electronic danceable melancholia, sung in Swedish. On his remix of RA’s “These Days”, the melancholy has gone deeper, the sounds have gone deeper. This is far out there, this is what happens if you put a little of RA in Bam Spacey’s mix. It’s multifold, repetitive and layered.

8/1 2015 @Shimokitazawa / Daisy bar / Tokyo, JP
12/1 2015 @Koenji / 20000V / Tokyo, JP
13/1 2015 @Koenji / UFO CLUB / Tokyo, JP