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'Who Said These Were Happy Times'

Carlton Melton
Pass It On 

Release Date: 7th June 2010
Label: Agitated
 “intense, sweet, headnodding psych”

CARLTON MELTON are Andy Duvall - Guitar and Drums, Rich Millman - Guitar and Synthesizers, Brian McDougall – Drums, John Steuernagel - Bass Guitar, Guy and Andreas – Guidance. Their debut album ‘Pass It On’ is a sonic experiment befitting the geodesic done in which it was recorded. 

From the opening drone intensity of Pink Floyd cover “When You’re In”, to the pillowy freefall of "Found Children"; the divergent path of ‘Off The Grid” with it’s freaked out tribal rhythms, strange loping pulsations and alien guitar to “Sequoia” which penetrates deep into the psyche - Carlton Melton’s Pass It On blows the field of psychedelic hypno-drone in San Francisco wide open channelling bands such as White Hills, Wooden Ships, Cave, Steve Hillage, and the less proto-metal leanings of Hawkwind.

CARLTON MELTON formed along the Mendocino County coastline mid 2008. Born out of wanting to test sonic theory – the idea of playing live, loud, improvised, experimental, instrumental, psychedelica in a Geodesic Dome. The idea had been discussed for many years and it wasn’t until the Dome was completely rebuilt that the idea could be put into motion.

“If you got the chance to record and play music in a Geodesic Dome off the coast of Northern California, wouldn't you form a band just for the occasion?”

Recorded live inside the Dome to analog and digital sources, their improvised July 17th 2008 session – was to become the experimental spacenoise dreamscape, "Live In Point Arena" – a limited self-released CD-R

Another session was recorded in March 2009 giving the band enough initial material for the initial pressing of the band’s debut album, “Pass It On... “ Originally released on their own Mid-To-Late Records label in November 2009 and limited to 500 copies (on redwood coloured vinyl), a copy found its way to one J Mascis who proclaimed it as his favourite album of the year.

The album will receive a full UK release alongside unreleased bonus material (recorded at a subsequent session in June 2009) on 7th June 2010 via Agitated Records.

1. When You're In
2. Found Children
3. Off The Grid
4. Digging In [F.F.S]
5. Sequoia
6. Drizzle
7. Against The Wall [Dome Mix]
8. Star of Hazel


Francis Harold & The Holograms
Who Said These Were Happy Times?

Release Date: 14th June 2010
Label: Agitated

 “Teeth shattering, wind tunnel garage-punk mixes with heroically diseased feedback….” Mojo

Who Said These Were Happy Times is a mind bending and blistering death noise from Bisbee, Az. Maybe it's that awful heat and barren waste of space that helps create such evil music. Either way Francis Harold & the Holograms’ (Francis Harold, Hologram I, Hologram II, Hologram III) debut full length is just that, evil, noisy and reminiscent of death.

Of course, these are all the things you want and need to enjoy your life. 
Francis Harold and the Holograms play an unsettling cacophony of obnoxious punk fused with blown out noise rock - think Flipper, Samhain and Fang, and God’s Balls era TAD, Pissed Jeans and Clockcleaner

Who Said These Were Happy Times is like rubbing salt into the wounds of your freshly hewn off ears…amazing, abrasive, and raw!  This album is the murkiest hateful slab we’ve heard in a good while.

Discover the real grime under the fingernails of the US underground.

Who Said These Were Happy Times Tracklisting:
01 - Intro-Nightmare
02 - Glitter Girls
03 - Chain 10
04 - Black Boots, Red Shirt, Little Boys
05 - I See It All
06 - Why Are You So Afraid
07 - Did You Hear
08 - Mirror Of Fear
09 - Retreat Ending





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