Happy Thanksgiving!

I live in a small town, which is the county seat and smack in the half-way point of two larger cities, Nashville, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama.

The holiday season is celebrated in both places with an excitement and flare that draws people from all over the world.

Our town-Fayetteville, Tennessee, draws from both places and so our celebrations start early...today starts "The Host Of Christmas Past."

It is the most special event, town is decorated with the finest of Christmas attire, and the merchants are geared for a fast and busy weekend.

Delicious southern foods to fuel the body and beautiful music to nourish the soul are only two of the offerings to be found during these 3 days of festivities.

Even though the Christmas spirit is all around me, I still look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday to start my personal celebration.

My plan ahead guide - tips to avoid having a stressed out Thanksgiving Day:

2 weeks ahead:
Order specialty foods-turkey, ham, seafood, and be sure to double check delivery dates.
Get your recipes together.
Check the pantry for any items you may need that aren't staples.
Do the same check for the table.

1 week ahead:
Place flower orders if that is a need.
Make sure your serving pieces are all in good shape and clean.
Polish the silver if required.

2 days ahead:
Buy all produce, dairy, and other perishable items.
Set the table and set up an area for drinks and appetizers.

1 day ahead (prep day):
Make the stuffing and refrigerate, ready to pop into the oven.
Make any dish that can be stored and reheated. (A major job.)
Set it in a roasting pan and refrigerate.

Thanksgiving Day will be easy and on time with just a few done ahead preparations.

Join me in the garden?

I know everyone doesn't have gardens, but this is one of my favorite times outside.

The winter vegetable garden is almost ready for picking...turnip greens, spinach, and radish.

Pumpkins, from yellow ones with faces, to very odd ones, to white ones, they are resting all around just waiting to be admired. One or two will meet their fate by way of becoming a pie and a container for some sort of stuffing.

Sage is hardy and plentiful; rosemary is calling out to be included.
Thyme and parsley waits patiently for a place at the feasting table.

This is the season for the herbs and spices to show just what they can do.

Need herbs and recipes?

Visit Sage Hill Farms website http://www.sagehillfarmsandvintagestore.com and check out the Holiday Special, (it's enough for you and some to share.)

The recipes are all the same ones I have used for years, they are delicious and easy to work with, and healthy.

Don't forget the spiced Apple Cider; it can be a daily treat with no ill effects.

The family from Sage Hill Farms would like you to know how grateful we are for "you."

Happy Thanksgiving~

Bea & Mike Kunz