In 1952 Health Canada examined their stats and determined that the worst psychiatric hospital in Canada was Weyburn Hospital in Weyburn Saskatchewan. It had the highest suicide rate, and the highest rate of recidivism. They put two highly acclaimed physicians in charge of this hospital named Abram Hoffer, and Humphrey Osmond, and gave these courageous men carte blanche to do anything they could think of to turn things around.

I would not be alive and functioning well today if not for the courage and perseverance of these people, and of the numerous physicians and scientists who they inspired, including the late Linus Pauling, PhD, and the late Carl C. Pfeiffer, MD, PhD, the man who brought me back to the ranks of the living.

My purpose in writing this to you during the Holiday season is to honor the sacrifices these pioneers made, while underscoring the extreme importance of continuing to make it possible for them and their successors to be able to continue practicing orthomolecular medicine, and for their patients, and the public at large, to continue being able to purchase the dietary supplements of their choice.

There was a time when after making my nutritional recovery from schizophrenia when I spent a string of Christmases visiting people who otherwise would have had no visitors in a psychiatric hospital near my home. I did this until the pathos of the scene grew more than I could stand, realizing fully from past personal experience how much needless suffering could be averted if only the suppressed alternative treatment mode that restored my health were not being suppressed.

I resolved to devote my life to changing this sorry state of affairs and it doesn't take much to motivate me- all I have to do is look into my memory banks and remember how I once felt when I was a prisoner behind the walls in the psychiatric gulag, wondering if I'd ever see the outside world again and if I'd ever regain my health.



The APA Task Force Report to which this scholarly reply was made has played a direct role in the suicides and suffering of untold millions of people world wide who have been cruely denied access to orthomolecular medicine as a result of its wide dissemination and the resulting brain washing it has been a part of. Medical Libraries refuse to put Hoffer and Osmond's Reply on the shelves alongside the APA Task Force Report for the sake of balance, so doctors and patients don't have the chance to learn both sides. The APA selected a man to head their task force who had a very well known bias against orthomolecular medicine, and he hand picked the rest of his committee.

They arrived at their predetermined conclusions through what can only be termed a mockery of medical science. They only reviewed negative studies, ignoring hundreds of carefully conducted positive studies. They did not make honest efforts to replicate experiments that had been conducted by Hoffer and Osmond, but rigged them to fail by not adhering to the original protocols. Their Task Force included a Social Mileu Theorist who no amount of data could possibly convince that orthomolecular medicine worked because he rejected ANY biochemical approach to treatment, mainstream OR alternative ( so that made him a safe person to include on the Committee given their agenda to conduct a "once and for all hatchet job."

It almost cost me my life. Due to what these people did, I was forced to spend 4 years mired inside the psychiatric gulag in state and private hospitals, suffering the torment of the damned until I made my literal ESCAPE by smuggling vitamins in to the last hospital I was in and by taking them on the sly while mouthing the toxic meds they tried to force me to take and by spitting them down the toilet where they belonged. See for my complete story. Its been translated into several foreign languages and has been downloaded over a million times. Once and a while I receive calls and email from people who were helped by it and that has always made my day.

Against this backdrop of information, I hope you can understand why this cause of health freedom means so much to me.

I am crying as I type this. We live in the most materialistic society on the face of the earth- and at this time of year, all around us there are downtrodden people who need a hand up, but all too often people just pass them by while trying to pretend they don't exist. I know what its like to be homeless, because I've been there. I lived for a time underneath the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ, panhandling, and eating out of garbage cans, foraging scraps people left on restaurant tables on the Boardwalk. I was saving up money to try to get off the street when someone robbed me at knifepoint- and when that happened, I turned myself in and was put back into the Gulag from which I'd gone AWOL.

We CAN HELP the people living in cardboard boxes, huddled under railroad bridges, walking around mumbling and seeing things that aren't there.

We can help them by making DAMN SURE the Pharma Cartel's Machine gets STALLED, then KNOCKED OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL- by DERAILING the CODEX THREAT.

The best way to DERAIL the Codex threat is for lots of people to order the DVD of the Emergency Health Freedom meeting held at ACAM on November 18th, 2004. (How to Order Below) We're hard at work editting it now. I need people to get this DVD, and to organize showings to family, friends, and people in your area. I need you to talk this up to your local health food store owners and managers and get them involved. I need you to put up flyers in all the health food stores within driving distance of your house, and I need people to volunteer to help me do radio shows and public speaking between now and the end of January when the Alliance for Natural Health will be in court in their bid to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.

ANH, IAHF, and the Law Loft need regular donations and pledges of monthly support.

We need people to help us make connections with innovative vitamin companies, the companies that are being led to the cliff by their own trade associations.

We need people who can embrace our battle and make it their own. Who can understand our passion, and desire to change the world- to bring about a paradigm shift away from this mindless "business with disease" that characterizes Allopathic Medicine.

As you go about your Holiday Season, I ask only that you light a candle in your mind, and in your heart, a candle of hope, of vision, of courage. Do it for the people trapped behind the walls in a psychiatric gulag that is murdering them. Do it for the people forced onto programs of cancer chemotherapy who are being murdered by well meaning doctors who never had the chance to learn the truth about numerous suppressed alternative treatments for cancer. Do it for yourself, your wife or husband, friends and neighbors. Do it for the generations yet to come. Together, we can and WILL DEFEAT the PHARMA CARTEL.


Alliance for Natural Health: 120,000 Pounds Sterling needed to pay legal fees, and fees to a PR company and for operational expenses including traveling for emergency public speaking on this issue over the next 6 months($240,000) ANH will be in the European Court of Justice on January 25th in a bid to OVERTURN the EU Food Supplement Directive. We must help them. Their case has HUGE international implications. As goes the EU, so goes the World due to the EU FSD being laid atop Codex as a Template. See wire transfer info at and you can also make individual donations through the secure server on their site.

The Law Loft: Suzanne Harris will be managing a team of international trade attorneys (if we can get the money to hire them) in order to conduct a test case against DSHEA which we feel is vulnerable due to a future WTO Trade Dispute. Harris also needs funds to manage a team of attorneys to determine the feasability of launching a lawsuit against the FDA to force US opposition to the Codex vitamin standard in July 2005. Harris also needs funds for living expenses while writing a book about Codex. She's the world's foremost expert on the issue by far- see her article She also needs funds for traveling to do emergency public speaking over the next 6 months ($50,000 minimum)

International Advocates for Health Freedom: IAHF needs funds to build a new website, for emergency traveling and public speaking to rapidly build awareness, and for operational expenses- to hire at least one full time assistant ($50,000. minimum)

Please help us to help you. Many of you have high level contacts with vitamin companies, alternative practitioners, and with others who can help. Please arrange conference calls that we can be on together.

Everyone on this list should be able to afford at the BARE MINIMUM to get the $15. DVD of the Emergency Anti Codex Health Freedom Meeting in San Diego, but if you can donate MORE than that, as you can see- we're in a DO or DIE situation here.

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