Temple Beth Am Library Minyan
September 17, 2021
Dear Friends,
We hope you, your family, and your friends are safe and sound. We look forward to seeing you soon at the Library Minyan! Here is this week's Library Minyan Weekly Update for September 17, 2021.
As we all know, holding High Holy Days services in the middle of a pandemic can be challenging. I want to thank everyone who led, read Torah or Haftarah, accepted an Aliyah, honor, ark opening, organized things, or attended our services. You helped make our High Holy Days meaningful and joyous.
High Holy Organizing Committee
Jennifer Low, Chair
Melissa Berenbaum
Russell Cohen
Larry Herman
Jerry Krautman
Special Mention Committee
Service Timing & Coordination: Michael Berenbaum
Service Timing & Coordination: Mickey Rosen
Rosh Hashanah I
Shacharit: Alex Snyder
Torah Reading: Joel Grossman
Torah Gabbaiim: Michael Berenbaum & Mickey Rosen
Haftarah: Jennifer Low
Musof: Joey Schimmel
Shofar: Steve Stiglitz
Gabbai and Ark Openings: Larry Herman
Aliyot Jerry Krautman
Rosh Hashanah II
Shacharit: Alex Snyder
Torah Reading: Rick Muller
Torah Gabbaiim: Michael Berenbaum & Mickey Rosen
Haftarah: Joe Nimoy
Musof: Aron Wolf
Drash: Gordon Bernat-Kunin
Shofar: Mickey Rosen
Gabbai and Ark Openings: Larry Herman
Aliyot: Jerry Krautman
Erev Yom Kippur
Mincha: Bob Braun
Kol Nidre: Rachel Lerner
TBA Presidents Message: Stuart Tockner
Drash: Joel Grossman
Gabbai: Joel Grossman
Ark Openings & Aliyot: Jerry Krautman
Yom Kippur Morning
Shacharit: Gail Labovitz
Torah Reading Yakov Bentzvi
Torah Gabbaiim: Michael Berenbaum & Mickey Rosen
Haftarah: Jim Rogozen
Yizkor & Martyrology: Michael Berenbaum
Drash: Bob Braun
Musof: Daniel Chorny
Yizkor: Michael Berenbaum
Gabbai: Joel Grossman
Shacharit Ark Openings: Russell Cohen
Musof Ark Openings and Aliyot: Jerry Krautman
Yom Kippur Afternoon
Mincha: Ben Richards
Torah Reader: Leah Weissman
Torah Reader: Joshua Weissman
Torah Gabbaiim: Eric Weissman Weissman & Mickey Rosen
Yonah: Rick Muller
Neilah: Norm Saiger
Shofar: Adam Grossman
Maariv: Micky Rosen
Gabbai: Joel Grossman
Mincha & Neilah Ark Openings: Larry Herman
Aliyot: Jerry Krautman
Emails: Bob Roosth
General Rosh Support: Jackie Weiss
I want to close by thanking Rabbi Kligfled, Rabbi Cantor Chorny, Rabbi Schatz, Rabbi Shapiro, and Sheryl Goldman for making it possible for us to hold outdoor services. An extra thank you to Rabbi Shapiro, who changed the youth schedule to allow us to have a three-hour Yom Kippur Morning Service outdoors. Also, thank you to our great Beth Am Maintenance Staff, who schlepped our Torahs, ark, and bemah back and forth between the roof and Corning 8.
If you have any questions, please email me at JKrautman@sbcglobal.net or reply to this email.  
Shabbat Shalom,
Jerry Krautman
Rosh Minyan

Shabbat Services, September 18th, 9:45 a.m.
Corning Street 8, just North of the Elbaz Gym on Corning Street
Masks required for persons who are not vaccinated.
The Mishnah Study Group
Henry Morgan, September 18th, 9:00 a.m. to 9:25 a.m. on Zoom. Here is the link.
Sukkot Services
Please visit the Temple Beth Am website for service locations and times. 
Here is the link.

Haftarah Plethora 
In the Haftarah Plethora for parshat Ha'azinu, Rick and Larry discuss the similarities and differences between Moses' song in the Torah reading and King David's song, which forms the haftarah. Rick dedicates this week's episode to Annette Berman and borrows her version of the etnachta in order to save 102 seconds in chanting this 51-verse haftarah.
Please find this week's Haftarah Plethora on our Library Minyan Facebook page: facebook.com/libraryminyan
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