John Hammell of IAHF Educates Crowd at Seattle MFA March Re Threat of FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter & NAU

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The Queen of Mean, Hitlary Clinton, will be "gracing us" with her presence today in Seattle where she'll be going for a $200./plate fund raising dinner, but she'll be greeted by an ARMY of PISSED OFF Ron Paul Revolutionaries who have had about ENOUGH of the AIPAC/CIA Controlled Media not giving proper attention and ink to our man Dr. Paul, and we're going to get free Media support for Ron Paul by being out in force.

Have Bullhorn/ Will Travel Come Hell or Highwater

I don't know about you, but I've had about ENOUGH of the all pervasive constitutional trampling pro New World Order criminality spewing forth from inside the Beltway and I can't think of a better example of this criminality than that embodied by one Hillary (Hitlary) Clinton. Unless we work together to clean up this country, we won't be able to stop genocidal Codex vitamin restrictions from being ushered in via the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada/ Mexico:  Clinton is awash in Pharma PAC Donations and is an avowed enemy of DSHEA having cosponsored all of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin's anti DSHEA bills.

The woman is a FELON, who engaged in MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD to become a US Senator, but the AIPAC/CIA controlled media spiked this story so you never read it anywhere before: This video regarding the lawsuit of Peter Paul v the Clintons provides unimpeachable hard evidence that Hillary Clinton engaged in rampant election fraud during her election for the Senate

Couple this info with that contained in this 12 Part You Tube Documentary which thoroughly exposes the breathtakingly numerous CRIMINAL ACTIONS of the CLINTON CRIME FAMILY:The Secret Life of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Part 1 of 12  and it shouldn't be too hard to see that our nation is in serious danger right now and grass roots action is badly needed to save us from our planned destruction.

If we allow the CIA to install this woman on us, we're doomed as a nation and we'll rapidly experience the sort of ENSLAVEMENT that people living in the UK and other EU member nations have been experiencing as their national laws are HARMonized to Dictatorial EU Law as the New World Order Collectivists make their move to SNUFF OUT individual rights and to force us into a PRISON PLANET.

I remind you that the EU was originally conceived by the Nazi High Command and by the Corporate interests who put Hitler into power (IG Farben Pharma Crowd) as a long range plan to get the control of Europe that had eluded them militarily. This is amply brought out in this skillfully made documentary film The Real Face of the European Union: and in this brief You Tube montage which clearly shows that the same scam is happening here in Amerika right now:


She has cosponsored all of Durbins bills which attack DSHEA, and Durbin has publicly vowed to repeal DSHEA,  I've attended hearings that Durbin has run including the one he held for the express purpose of railroading ephedra off the market where I've witnessed him publicly vow to repeal DSHEA so regardless of whether she has publicly vowed to do this or not the mere act of cosponsoring his bills has the same exact effect. She is clearly owned by the Pharma Cartel as is Durban who is a Senator from Illinois where AMA headquarters is. Pharma is very strong in NY, NJ, California, and Illinois. Open Secrets website shows the breakdown in PAC donations flowing to her

 The CIA installs people on us who they can control via blackmail because they're holding something over them. In all probability that means that the Democrat and Republican "nominees" will be either cross dressing CFR member and attorney Nazi Rudy Julie Annie (who's lawfirm is directly involved with the effort to force the NAFTA Superhighway down our throats) (see him dressed in drag here being kissed by Donald Trump:, or CFR member Mitt Romney (who is spending millions of his own money to run for election and who has polygamy in his family tree) vs Hitlary.


Credible eyewitnesses say that Bill and Hillary Clinton are both bisexual, and I believe them. Although its no crime to be gay, it IS something which the string pulling ruling elite can hold over someone for control purposes, and the promotion of homosexuality is directly in sync with the Ruling Elite's population control agenda. See:  In photos here Hillary is seen wearing an Illuminist Lapel Pin  Clinton opens doors to Gay Activists

With our Nation being destroyed before our eyes by the Executive Branch which is dismantling us via actions of the Commerce Department and the FDA to harmonize regulations with Canada and Mexico, and with zero effort being made to enforce our immigration laws because multinational corporate interests seek to enslave us all by flooding this country with cheap labor, the last thing we need is for the CIA to install a Gay Pro New World Order Felon on us.


IAHF has joined the March For America Coalition for the purpose of calling badly needed attention to the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico which is evidence that our country is being dismantled and they're we're being forced into a fascist North American Union. Unless we can somehow awaken the sleeping giant, the millions of Americans who helped push the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act through Congress in '94 to assist us in pushing for Congressional Oversight on the FDA's TCC, we won't be able to stop the Ruling Elite's Codex Genocide Agenda from being foisted off on us here, and we will lose our access to dietary supplements.

I am urging ALL of you on the IAHF list to spread the word about the 6 Marches for America we've organized for November 17th- see and we need your HELP to organize MORE of these!!!

Unless I get donations, I won't be going to Atlanta on November 17th because it costs $$ to board a plane and to stay in a hotel. So far, it seems to me like FAR TOO MANY of you have just GIVEN UP, and that is NOT an option, not when the NWO has CONCENTRATION CAMPS waiting in the wings for those of us who refuse to go along with the NWO after martial law is declared. (See Footage of Beech Grove Concentration Camp in Indiana

I hope you all realize that I am willing to DIE for this cause of freedom. My father was a NAVY SEAL and I was not raised to be a quitter. I was raised to BELIEVE in the US Constitution as the RULE of LAW, and I have had ENOUGH of the TRAITORS who seek to destroy our Nation and our World. Thats why I support Ron Paul, he is an HONEST MAN and he WILL return this country to the rule of law, he WILL remove the troops from Iraq and stop WW3.

I have a GENETIC NEED for the dietary supplements I use, and I helped create a GLOBAL MOVEMENT of ACTIVISTS to STOP the Ruling Elite's Genocide agenda, but right now I need your financial help to get to ATLANTA, so PLEASE DIG DEEP AND HELP, and PLEASE ORGANIZE A MARCH FOR AMERICA NEAR YOU, WE CAN HELP, JUST CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS ON WHAT TO DO. I will send you and autographed copy of the US Constitution in exchange for your donation. Thats what we're defending here folks.

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