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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
July 22  2013
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Pink Water Taxis - Amended Hours

Due to staffing problems, the Water Taxis hours are 0600 till late.

What does 'late' mean?  Shooting for at least 6pm and hopefully more like 8-9pm.

All efforts are being made to remedy matters, with very temporary being the goal.

If you need a late taxi, call us during the day and we'll do the best we can for you.

Yours aye - Rod & Alex


Commodore’s Cocktail Party
BYRA on August 10th


The MV Reliance will be running
a ferry service to BYRA on August 10th

  • Hall’s Wharf    6.30pm
  • Tennis     6.35pm
  • Bells    6.45pm
  • Carols    6.55pm  
  • BYRA    7pm  
  • 11pm
  •   12pm
Beat the RBT.   $10 each way gets you a charming cruise including Champagne, wine and beer with Mark at the helm.

Anyone intending using this service, it would be appreciated if they would express their interest by emailing commodore@wpyc.com.au in order to plan extra runs if needed.

Anyone wanting to be picked up at some other wharf,
please contact Mark on 0420 931 530

Letter to the Editor

On Monday morning (15/7) I was disgusted to discover several piles of used toilet paper, scattered along the front of my property, after the previous night's party on nearby Cargo Beach.

It is disappointing to have cause yet again to request that those who use Cargo Beach for such parties/get togethers refrain from using adjoining and nearby properties as a toilet. 

As urinating in the front yards of other residents, and along a public pathway, is at best, unneighbourly and, at worst, a health risk, and although it would be preferable that such behaviour ceased altogether, perhaps someone, amongst those putting together the supplies for such parties, could include some sort of container in which the used toilet paper could be placed as it is used, and then taken away when the group leaves the beach.

Kerry Baird

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