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New style Meet Kate
Early March, Anouk van Nieuwenhoven came to Ghana to work on her graduation project. She had to study the style of Meet Kate and to adjust it where necessary. In the seven weeks Anouk spent with us, she developed new folders, business cards and adjusted the Meet Kate logo. Now everything has been approved, we can show you the results!
Check out our new logo below, or on our website!
Expansion daycare center
Across the Children’s Home, Meet Kate has bought a piece of land of about 900m2. At the moment there is corn growing there (for own use) but we are very busy with construction plans. We want to build a soccer/ volleyball/ basketball field for the older children, a playing field for the younger children and extra class rooms for the daycare center. The first sketches have been made (see below). Just as with the previous construction, Foundation to Build will lead the build. We are very pleased to be working with them again, because we know we’ll get our money’s worth.
The Meet Kate Children’s Home
In the past month we have been able to pick the fruits of our promotion activities for the daycare center. This month, 11 children have joined the daycare center. Since more and more parents are visiting us and seeking information, we even have to hire an extra teacher and kitchen help. We are interviewing this week. We hope to introduce them to you in our next newsletter.

Kind regards,
Kelly de Vries 
Meet Kate Foundation, Postbus 92235, 1090 AE, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

24-05-2011, Ekwamkrom
Jarig in Mei
JoJo (4)
Kate (4)
Davies (2, day-care)
 Meet Kate wants you to meet...
Every newsletter, we introduce you to someone in one of our projects. This can be one of the children, a student, teacher or employee.
This month, we’d like to you to meet
Henritta Addo.
Henritta is a teacher and mentor for the youngest children. It’s almost impossible to find a teacher more enthusiastic than Henritta. After a week of vacation she was thrilled to see ‘her’ children again!
New in MKCH!

& Cassandra
This month we’d like to thank Joyce Goverde.
Joyce has run the Marikeloop on Sunday May 15th. During this run she represented Meet Kate by wearing a Meet Kate t-shirt (picture). She also found sponsors for the run.
Joyce, thank you for your support and we are proud of your top performance!
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