IAHF List: Please join me in praying for NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden after you watch the interview with him in this article.  This 29 year old man is a true American hero who deserves support from freedom loving people world wide who refuse to be microchipped as I do. Please join me on your knees in prayer for this most honorable of men. He is risking his life, his freedom, his sacred honor much as the American founding fathers did for the cause of liberty for all mankind.
More than anyone else so far, he is exposing the Obamination as the communist traitor and likely Manchurian candidate and CIA tool that he really is and I am sure the Usurper is already attempting to have him whacked. The more you forward this alert, he more protection Edward will have from all of our prayers. We oppose secret combinations of men, acting clandestinely, and the truth is not in them. The US Constitution is dangling by a thread right now, but we can yet save our great nation!
I am greatly encouraged that the nation of Iceland has just offered Snowden political asylum, and pray that he can get from Hong Kong to Iceland without being whacked first by the CIA jackals who could easily snuff him out right there in Hong Kong where they have a duty station just up the road from his hotel. If I were him, I'd get the hell out of Hong Kong by sneaking into mainland China, and I'd find a round about way to Iceland from there using forged documents- no way would I attempt to travel under my real name if I was in his shoes- this dude could soon be "swimmin' with the fishes" unless all of us pray for him and put him under a cloak of divine protection.
When I ponder this photo of people sitting at computer terminals at NSA HQ inside Fort Meade, Maryland (or wherever this particular NSA installation is since it could also be in many other locations) I can't help but reflect back on my father, and his life, and on the fact that the FBI opened  files on my brothers and I the moment we were born because our dad was a cog inside this so called "Intelligence" machine and they've long been terrified of this kind of "security leak."
If you were to meet any of the guys shown in the photo above, they'd probably come across as pretty decent people. They are cogs in a huge machine, who operate on a highly compartmentalized "need to know" basis, and most of them don't give a whole lot of thought to what they're involved with, or the long range implications for all of us as our privacy is massively shreaded via their evil actions.
My father was almost assuredly under government mind control. He also suffered horribly from PTSD from combat in the Pacific in WW 2 where he was a forerunner of today's SEALS. He helped train the original seals when Kennedy created them in '63.
He died in '91, but when he was alive he saw the inside of places such as Mount Weather, the underground command bunker designed to house the whole Executive Branch of our government in the event of a nuclear strike. He was inside China Lake Naval Weapons Center, White Sands Missile Base, and Area 51. He flew to Heathrow to deliver messages to MI5 operatives from debugged aircraft, stuff like this.
He was a real life James Bond who led a double life. He was an electrical engineer at Bell Telephone Laboratories where he was a defense contractor, and unbeknownst to our family until he got drummed out of Naval Intelligence after flipping out and landing in a mental hospital when I was 14, he'd been sent on missions all over the world as a cold warrior.
He's one of the reasons why the Russian's never dared launch on us, they knew they were technologically outclassed. Dad was the world's foremost expert on the internal guidance systems of ICBMs, but he was also a cog inside the same military industrial complex that Eisenhower, and Kennedy both tried to warn us all about, the very same military industrial complex that is now scooping up all our phone calls and emails and processing them via Cray Supercomputers inside the gigantic Fusion Center they're building in Utah that Snowden is trying to stop.
Did dad do some good things that helped people? I know he sure meant well. Hell, he opposed Communism, and I am sure that he must be rolling in his grave right now with these revelations about Obama and NSA and their evil efforts to make us all slaves on the ruling elites hoped for global plantation.
May the Lord richly bless the good people of Iceland who have done such great work in kicking the Banksters hard in the teeth!! If you aren't aware of how brave the people of Iceland are, check this out to come to a deeper understanding and  read Iceland’s Hörður Torfason – How to Beat the Banksters
The Icelanders have balls. Hell, they're descended from the Norsemen, so that should come as no surprise!

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Harkin's communist communications director cancelled the call and fingered me to the Washington Capital Police, alleging them I am a terrorist. I am not, of course, hell, THEY are.... stay tuned.... MUCH more on this in my NEXT alert where I will ask you to bury communist traitor Harkin's office under an avalanche of pissed off phone calls about this eugenics bill which is clearly part of UN Agenda 21 population control. You can reach your senators via the US Capital Switchboard at 1-877-SOB-USOB (this is a real number, very easy to remember too! Cool

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