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July 2022
  Dear Subscriber  
   Welcome to all our subscribers, including those who have recently signed up to these very occasional newsletters.
   Somehow I was half expecting to get in touch again during the summer to tell you about changes at the Deben entrance, and indeed I am but not about the change I had in mind. So, there have been some buoyage changes - a minor move of the West Knoll and the Mid Knoll buoys, plus a big change. The 'Deben' PHB, further in towards Felixstowe Ferry, has been removed, and a new SHB also called 'Deben' has been placed to keep boats off the shingle spit on the south side of the eastern opening. So the buoyed channel remains generally the same, with that extra SHB.
   The new buoy has been put in place because there have been several cases of skippers aiming to leave the river on the ebb and straying too far away from the western shore, and being pushed east on the tide flowing out of that eastern opening. So, you will find there is a new version of the Imray chartlet on our website, on the Downloads page as usual. The first page of the download carries advice, which has also been updated.
   As an aside to any webmasters out there who manage club, marina, harbour etc websites, do by all means link to that Downloads page, but please do not link to the specific file - whenever we update it, the file name will change, so your link will fail. Also, please do not copy the chartlets and add them to your own website! Apart from possible copyright issues, your users will again fail to see new versions after we apply updates. I have actually stumbled across a few instances of this recently.
   In the Book Updates sections of our website  there have been quite a few new entries since May, many of them as a result of my own recent cruise. The easiest way to look at these is to go to our 'Summary by Date' page, where you will find the printable lists of changes brought up to date to the end of this month. We do hope these details continue to help you keep your 5th Edition ECP up to date.
  If you use Facebook, our ECP Facebook Group page has built a very large following, and it has become a prime medium for us in getting 'new news' out quickly to a wide audience. We do allow posts by readers if these are relevant, useful (and polite!!), and many of you have joined in with this which is good to see.
  Garth has sallied forth on a trip to the Netherlands recently, and I've just done an 18-day East Coast cruise having had my plans for also going to Holland foiled at the last minute. We'll both be out and about over the coming weeks, by all means stop by for a natter if our paths cross.
Our website and social media will still be maintained in spare moments, so do keep an eye on it all.   
 Kindest regards,
 Dick Holness
 Co-author and webmaster
 East Coast Pilot. 
Header photo: A July sunset on the Orwell, near Pin Mill.
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