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Ebonee Monique is the author of Suicide Diaries, Walk a Mile and Blitz which is a Black Expressions Best Seller, in addition to being a contributor to The Heat of the Night and Pillow Talk in the Heat of the Night.
She is fierce, wonderfully-dynamic and you can learn more about her here!
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Elissa Gabrielle's
Eye of the Beholder
Experience the power of love on this redemptive journey where the purpose of the tribulations in one's life, will be empowered to reveal the gifts they bring.
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Dreams Dictate the Dance
Well, it’s official, we’ve said goodbye to another year. As is the tradition, it’s time to reflect and two step…side to side, toward bigger and better things. It’s time to smoothly master the ‘out with the old and in with the new’ shuffle; old school style. Hopefully, you spent the end of 2013 counting your blessings from above, and taking time to stop your daily hustle long enough to smell the flowers that grew along the dance floor that was your life last year.
Each of us here at Peace in the Storm did just that. We smiled, laughed and danced a jig while scratching and sniffing at God’s grace and mercy on the Peace in the Storm stable. Among the things that have had the sweetest fragrance and kept pep in our steps, was the extended love and support from our literary family and friends. Without each of you, this craft of writing, which we take very seriously, would be less rewarding and ultimately only bittersweet.
With a new year comes a time to brainstorm new dance moves; ones that keep us one step ahead of the curve of the literary norm, and aids us in satiating the palates of those who crave the written word. Success, in anything attempted, is part talent, part ingenuity, part persistence, and part never staying down when, and if, you fall. Success is a dance. One choreographed from taking strengthens and weaknesses and shaping them into a rhythm that satisfies the soul. Dreams are the beat behind what we do as authors. At Peace in the Storm, we dare to dream big. We challenge ourselves to entertain, motivate or simply make others marinate for a moment in thought. We have the audacity to think that our words can touch even one person’s life, stroke one person’s imagination or paint the world we live in.
In 2014, we ask that you continue to support us as we make a commitment to relinquish ourselves to our dreams; letting them take command of the direction of our steps towards literary excellence. The dream of a Reverend dictated the dance of the Civil Rights Movement. The dream of a young black boy that he could lead a nation gave birth to the first black president. They weren’t afraid to dream; and neither are we.
Where will your dreams lead you? No matter how big or small they are, don’t be afraid to allow them to FORCE you to follow THEIR lead. Don't run from them. Learn from them. Don't just talk about it...BE about it! Put shoes on your dreams...whatever they might be; then don’t just walk or run…but dance, with determination, into your destiny without fear. It’s 2014…time to step out in the rain and dance as if no one is watching...all while allowing your dreams to dictate the dance.
Peace and Happy Dreams,
Lorraine Elzia
by Jacqueline D. Moore
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