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- Don’t Wait for the Future to Happen: Cut your Own Deal
- Train Your Brain to Lower Stress & Boost Job Happiness
- The Ties that Sell
- Video: Farber Interview on Countermeasures
- Podcast: The DISC Platinum Rule
- 10 Applications for Your Facebook Event Page




Featured Article

Don’t Wait for the Future to Happen: Cut your Own Deal
by Dr. Nido Qubein

You've got to have a plan in order to realize the future you've been dreaming of. You must know where you want to go and decide how you’re going to get there. In this article, High Point University President, Dr. Nido Qubein, explains how to create a plan that will bridge the gap on your present circumstances and where you want to be in the future.

Read Dr. Qubein’s article, Don’t Wait for the Future to Happen: Cut your Own Deal

Dig Deeper! High Point University was recently featured in US Airways Magazine

Dr. Nido Qubein



Recent News

Train Your Brain to Lower Stress & Boost Job Happiness
featuring Shawn Achor

Most of us experience work stress at some time or another – whether it’s too much work, too little time, co-workers that drive us crazy, or a boss that’s wound a little too tight! Harvard researcher and author of The Happiness Advantage , Shawn Achor, says you can train your mind to be more positive which will help you handle job stress and improve work satisfaction. In this article, he suggests 5 proven methods to help you reduce stress and be happier.

Read the article, Train your Brain to Lower Stress & Boost Job Happiness, featuring Shawn Achor

Dig Deeper! Shawn Achor’s The Science of Happiness (TEDxBloomington Video) is featured in GenConnect


The Ties that Sell
featuring Jim Cathcart

Too often, salespeople are more concerned about meeting sales quotas and closing the deal than in making a difference to their customers. Jim Cathcart, author of Relationship Selling, states you need to develop relationships with your customers so they value the union as much as you do. Learn the techniques that Jim uses to start, maintain and build relationships in this article featured in Selling Power magazine.

Read the article featuring Jim Cathcart, The Ties that Sell

Dig Deeper! How Soon Should You Adopt Virtual Tools for Executive Development? Can’t It Wait? by Jim Cathcart

Relationship Selling


Video: Interview with Rebecca Costa on Countermeasures
with Steve Farber

Steve Farber, author of the newly released book, The Radical Leap Re-Energized was recently interviewed by Rebecca Costa on Countermeasures. They discussed Extreme Leadership and how The Radical Leap applies to the corporate world, education and social movements.

Watch the video: Interview with Rebecca Costa on Countermeasures (fast forward 12:00 mins. to begin)

Dig Deeper! Read Steve Farber’s guest post on Dan McCarthy’s Great Leadership Blog


Podcast: The DISC Platinum Rule on BlogTalkRadio
interview with Dr. Tony Alessandra

Co-founder of the Platinum Rule Group, Dr. Tony Alessandra, explains the four behavioral styles of the DISC Platinum Rule and how to distinguish one style from another. Most importantly, he discusses how to adapt your style as a leader, manager, or salesperson to the styles of people you work with.

Listen to the Podcast: The DISC Platinum Rule on BlogTalkRadio with Dr. Tony Alessandra (fast forward 3:00 minutes to begin)

The DISC Platinum Rule

Helpful Resource

10 Applications for Your Facebook Event Page
from Event Manager Blog

Do you use Facebook in your event marketing? A Facebook Page for your event can be used for planning as well as for marketing your event.

Check out 10 Facebook Applications for Your Facebook Event Page from Event Manager Blog


Rave Reviews

Scott Klososky
"Scott was the keynote speaker to a group of small business owners and executives at our 2011 executive retreat. His timeslot was not ideal, after an afternoon of golf, cocktails and dinner! He did a superb job of modifying his message to create interest, captivate their imagination while educating our group on the trends in social technology. As a result of this event, we engaged Scott for a Social Technology Boot Camp that provided attendees with a 'deep-dive' into his world. Both events exceeded our expectation and were right on target. Scott’s delivery style has just the right combination of style, personality and the subjects covered were immediately applicable! We will likely engage Scott again in the future!"
~ Mid-States Distributing Company, Inc.

Rick Barrera
“Rick Barrera was both a general session and breakout speaker for our annual conference. Not only was it a pleasure working with SpeakersOffice, the Society was extremely pleased with Rick’s presentation, the value of his message, his professionalism and great warmth that he brought to the program.”
~ Society for Collegiate Travel and Expense Management
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