December 15,  2018
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Release of Who Saved Who (Jack's Song) both Audio and Video
Release of A Tribute to the Bakersfield Sound Live! performed on The Country Music Cruise 2018
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January 11 - Houston Stampede, Houston, TX
January 27 - 2018 The Country Music Cruise, Ft. Lauderdale, FL - SOLD OUT
February 22 - The New Granbury Live, Granbury, TX
For appearance details, go to the Tour page of wadehayes-woww.com. You can even get a map link. Enter your starting point and it will guide you to the venue. There are  ticket links when they are available.
January 10 - Wade to appear on one of the top rated shows in the country. Don’t miss it on January 10th. 
Home and Family is a two hour daily talk show  on the Hallmark Channel. This is one of the top rated shows in the country with a 9.6 million viewership. They are interested in the back story of "Who Saved Who (Jack’s song). "
Wade will be on the show airing on January 10. In CST time, we will see it at 9 - 11 am. It repeats on January 11 in the 11-1 time slot. And it will be available On Demand. 

Talking with Wade
Helen - Let's talk about some Christmas memories.
Wade - I have two Christmases that stick out in my mind.  You know, to every young boy who lives out in the country, having a bb  gun is a very big deal.  Just like that movie, when I got that Red Ryder bb gun that was a big one for me. I loved it.  And, also, my 11th year, I got my very first guitar.  I still have that guitar. That's the guitar  I played on "Just As I Am" two albums ago, the instrumental. (hidden track at the end). It's very old now, but it still plays great. It's a treasure of mine.That's probably the  Christmas that changed everything, having my own guitar and learning how to play.  It was a good one.
Helen - What's keeping you busy these days? I know the release of the video for Who Saved Who has made for a busy time.
Wade - There have been a lot of things going on.  This year has been a very busy, busy stressful year in a lot of ways. You know I mess around with houses.  I was going to sell my house and decided not to. I had this other house, that I tore the insides out, and just got it sold. It was a lot of work.
And trying to write songs during that time and tour and shoot the video for "Who Saved Who."  It's been crazy! I've been writing with a couple of young fellows from Texas that I expect we will hear big things from. They're nice, talented young guys and I look forward to those guys getting their shot.  They're really good. A friend of mine, named Roger Springer, that I've written a lot of songs with, the most recent one being "Blue Bonnet Blues," introduced me to them.
This year has flown by. I've never felt so unrested in a year as this one.  There is something to do every day. And today is no exception. Everything is crazy. And I should mention, the biggest thing that happened this year, I got engaged. And that is something I thought would never happen again. I'm very thankful. Things are going really well. 
Helen - Thanks for talking with us.  I know you have a busy day.
Wade and his lovely lady, Lea Bayer


Release of Who Saved Who (Jack's Song) both Audio and Video
More on the News page about this. Links to the video and the audio.

Release of A Tribute to the Bakersfield Sound Live! performed on The Country Music Cruise 2018
You not only get all  the music from the show, but you hear the banter and onstage comments by the the musicians. The album is available for download from iTunes and Amazon.com
1 Intro
2 Buckaroo (Instrumental)
3 Streets of Bakersfield - Duet: Wade Hayes and Chuck Mead
4 I've Got a Tiger by the Tail - Chuck, Wade on backgrounds
5 Swingin Doors - Wade
6 Above & Beyond - Duet: Wade and Chuck
7 Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down - Wade
8 Close Up HonkyTonks - Chuck, Wade on Backgrounds
9 Big, Big Love - Chuck
10 Big City - Wade
11 Hello Trouble - Tim Atwood
12 Together Again - Emily West
13 Carolyn - Johnnie Lee
14 Misery & Gin - Ray Benson
15 Cryin' Time - Ray Benson
16, Dim Lights, Thick Smoke - Wade

Updates to the wadehayes-WOWW.com site
 * Links
Lanham Brothers Jamboree - Christmas Show 2018
Links to Videos for Go Live Your Life and Who Saved Who
9-28-2018  Terri Clark interviews 90s country star Wade Hayes, who had hits with Old Enough To Know Better and I'm Still Dancing With You.  He just released a new album called "Old Country Song."  
10-28-2018 Throwback Country Music with Jack Britt. This one is close to 32 minutes long, begin with a commercial, and it's at the 10 minute point before Wade enters.
 * News
Live Stream of interview and music with Wade by Center Stage Magazine
Link to Billboard.com article by Deborah Evans Price 
Deborah Evans Price comments on Bell Buckle show

Wade was there on these 2018 dates:    Grand Ole Opry Archives
February 13 Tuesday - Track Location 1:03- 1:15
 Old Enough to Know Better, God Made Me to Love You, I Wish I Still Drank
March 17 Saturday - Track Location: 0:07-0:15
 Old Enough to Know Better, I Wish I Still Drank
July 4 Wednesday - Track Location 1:15-1;28
 Old Enough to Know Better, I Wish I Still Drank, Who Saved Who? (Jack's song) (standing ovation)
August 3 Friday - Track Location 1:06 -1:16
 Old Enough to Know Better, Who Saved Who?(Comments from Bill Anderson)
October 9, Tuesday (newest) - Track Location 07:14 - 21:00
On a Good Night, Who Saved Who, Old Enough to Know better
April 19 Thursday - Track Location 06:25 - 19:20
Big City, Luchenbach Texas, Wichita Linman (Comments from Larry Gatlin)
October 25 Thursday (newest) -  Thursday Track Location 11:00 - 27:14
Yesterday's Wine (duet with William Michael Morgan)
Luchenbach, She's Acting Single, Old Flame
 Scroll down to to locate the date you're looking for. Click for Sound Cloud tracks. To hear Wade's performance, move to the track location. 


About those Wade imposters on Facebook and Twitter
Wade fans - Heads up - Recognize those who are imitating Wade on Facebook and TWITTER.  Wade doesn’t reach out personally to anyone from his official facebook page. He doesn’t ask for money for any reason. It seems when one pretender is taken down and another pops up. Their copycat sites look real. Beware. Notify facebook and Wade’s management team if someone is trying to scam you. Wade's official Twitter account name is @wadehayes1.  Any variation on that is an illegal copycat. Don't be fooled.

Be Kind!
I’ve been asked to remind the members of this group that Private lives are PRIVATE, including Wade’s and anyone else’s. Persistent questioning of someone about private issues amounts to harassment. I’m asking those who feel they are being targeted with out of order questions and comments to send me names.

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