RELEASE DATE: 1st November 2010
KAREN ELSON The Truth is in the Dirt in the Ground / Season of The Witch 7inch
THE SECRET SISTERS  Big River b/w Wabash Cannonball 7inch
PUJOL Too Safe/ Black Rabbit  7inch
THE GREENHORNES Saying Goodbye / Song 13/ Stay Together 7inch

RELEASE DATE: 15th November 2010
JON WAYNE Texas Funeral  LP only

The Truth is in the Dirt in the Ground b/w Season of The Witch

Karen Elson’s second single, “The Truth Is In The Dirt,” from her critically acclaimed album The Ghost Who Walks will be released on November 1st and backed with a previously unreleased cover of Donovan’s “Season Of The Witch,”
In other Karen news, she will be joining T Bone Burnett in the just announced premiere of The Speaking Clock Revue – a multi-artist concert extravaganza – on October 16th at the Wang Center in Boston and October 20th at the Beacon Theater in New York City.  In addition to Burnett and Elson, both evenings of the Revue will feature performances by Elton John & Leon Russell, John Mellencamp, Elvis Costello, Gregg Allman, Ralph Stanley, Jeff Bridges, Punch Brothers and newcomers The Secret Sisters.  In addition, Neko Case and Jim James from My Morning Jacket will join the lineup in Boston and New York respectively.
Big River b/w Wabash Cannonball

The Secret Sisters, Laura and Lydia Rogers were born and raised in a musical family (their grandfather and great uncles had a group called ‘The Happy Valley Boys’) and they absorbed their distinctive vocal style the old fashioned way, from singing at family picnics and Sunday church services. There’s a timeless sound in their voices. You can hear the history of rural American music from the 1920’s and a reverence for every musical genre the country has produced. Their voices are honest, direct, traditional, and needless to say beautiful.
Jack White turns his production hand to their debut 45, featuring two songs that more than adeptly show of the girls versatility and familial sense of musical tradition by connecting the dots between Johnny Cash, The Carter Family, riverboat songs, train songs and the long tradition of gathering round the piano in the family parlour to belt out some traditional hymns. Not to mention once again re-defining the perimeters of what folk music is all about.
The A side, a cover of Johnny Cash’s Big River, has all the bombast and swagger of a late night Saturday jam session in an old deserted barn. The vocals of the sisters Rogers are a firm lynchpin in the center holding the band to the ground as they threaten to float into abandon. The flip is their take on the traditional folk song The Wabash Cannonball, popularized by The Carter Family. Musically and vocally we’re in 1930’s Big Band territory  - all banjo trombones and trumpets with the girls coming off like The Andrew’s Sisters southern gothic cousins.
The Secret Sisters are Laura Rogers and Lydia Rogers Produced by Jack White III
Big River
Laura and Lydia Rogers – Vocals                                     Carl Broemmel – Pedal Steel
Patrick Keeler – Drums                                                         Jack Lawrence – Upright Bass
Jack White – Lead Guitar
Wabash Cannonball
Laura and Lydia Rogers – Vocals                                    Carl Broemmel – Pedal Steel
Justin Carpenter – Trombone                                          Dominic Davis – Banjo
Joe Gillis – Autoharp, Cell Phone-Train                      Olivia Jean – Electric Bass
Patrick Keeler – Drums                                                      Jack Lawrence – Upright Bass
Leif Shires – Trumpet                                                        Jackson Smith – Acoustic Guitar
Craig Swift – Saxophone                                                 Jack White – Mandolin
Too Safe b/w Black Rabbit

Pujol was raised in Tullahoma, TN where he lived in a haunted house sitting one block away from the wrong side of the tracks.  He spent his formative years scribbling on walls, shredding behind closed doors, and riding around in cars with older kids.  He took his first communion at 13 and secretly drank his first beer shortly thereafter in St. Cecilia's bathroom, emerging an identity-inclusive Peter Panentheist.

When asked at the tender age of 4 what he wanted to be when he grew up, he responded, "Naked."  While
Pujol has yet to achieve this particular goal he has made good on several other promises, becoming an accomplished musician, author, and songwriter.  He has even dabbled in theatre, playing The Robot in a high school production of The Canterbury Tales. He is also a prominent social critic, shreditorialist, unlicensed metaphysician, and polymath-magician. Some journalists have called Pujol the Philosopher King of the Nashville scene, and while he shies away from such lofty titles and burning windmills, he totally digs the literary allusion, as does his moms. 

Evidence continues to mount that he is slowly becoming his father. In addition to placing himself on a strict budget, he really thinks that contemporary science should look into why the van keeps making that strange sound, due to recent data suggesting that tomorrow truly never knows. 
Pujol and his sister at one point frankensteined a werewolf Barbie. Aside from his former weird science and current solo work, Pujol has embarked on other collaborative art and music projects such as MEEMAW, WIZARDZ, the book Meta Motor Speedway, and Skunkape. 

In other fields of sexpertise, the Puj graduated college with a 3.8, as a direct result of his inability to play Halo due to severe left-handedness, however, he is as good, if not better than, Bishop from Aliens at the knife-game. He routinely contributes to in the form of Shreditorial, is into deconstructionist media theory, and has been recently certified by committee as double-jointed enough to fit inside the box. Pujol has a girlfriend that's Scully from X Files, three tattoos, a healthy fascination with Sylvester Stallone, and thinks Jiddu Krishnamurti is a total bad ass.

Third Man Records is excited to release The Greenhornes’ first full length LP of new material, ****, since 2002. Their strongest collection of songs yet, **** is both diverse and concise - from the dark pop of lead single “Saying Goodbye”, the glam bubble of “Song 13”, to the moody psych “Cave Drawings”. Produced by The Greenhornes and John Curley, it’s an eclectic and mature work and very much band’s own.
The band- Craig Fox (vocals & guitar), Jack Lawrence (bass & vocals), Patrick Keeler (drums) – also, variously members of The Raconteurs and the Dead Weather- have been producing the highest quality rock n roll for well over a decade.
Formed  in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Greenhornes have toured the world over and over (and over), released 3 full length albums, an EP and a shed load of singles. They’re pure, straight up Nuggets inspired rock and roll, and by straight-up we mean sans revisionist new wave of snotty garage rock posturing. These guys have been weened on a diet almost solely consisting of the finest r&b and rock innovators: from the The Kinks to The Zombies and The Easybeat - this isn't a hobby or something these guys are doing between projects--it's their life. Good, old-fashioned rock'n'roll, plain and simple.
**** will feature liner notes by Jim Jarmusch (The Greenhornes track, “There Is An End”, was featured throughout Jarmusch’s film, Broken Flowers (2005) and the limited edition LP will be pressed on four different colours of vinyl.
Its good to have them back, now, lets cut some rug!
UK Dates
19-Nov London Cargo
20-Nov Birmingham Institute
21-Nov Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
22-Nov York Duchess
23-Nov Glasgow Stereo
24-Nov Manchester Ruby Lounge



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