Chemtrails & HAARP Are Being Used For Societal Control Purposes To Weaken Us....Protect Your Health With Sulfur
IAHF List: I excerpted the following information from Chemtrails: Frightening Lesser-Known Facts
When I'm in public places, anywhere I go I alert people to the danger we're all in from the toxic aerosols being sprayed on us, and to the fact that we're not powerless to protect our health.
Please join me in doing the same! In the past 10 years, respiratory disease has moved from the 8th to the 3rd leading cause of death, asthma rates have more than doubled, and Alzheimer's is skyrocketing along with cancer. Chemtrails contain "nano technological weapons" intended to trigger disease, to weaken and kill us.
Please read this whole article to fully realize the danger we're all in, and please alert family and friends. I talk about this in the sauna at the gym, to strangers in lines in stores, to people I meet anywhere... Please help me get the word out! 
We can detox all the toxic heavy metals and other crap being sprayed on us by ingesting sulfur water twice a day, and by utilizing the other detox strategies discussed here.

Chemtrails are a ‘soft kill’ operation – Soft kill attacks primarily aim to disable and weaken the enemy, not kill him. As Dr. Len Horowitz has explained, wars are an inefficient way to lower population numbers because they destroy infrastructure. The preferable scenario is to create a sick population dependent on the military-medical-industrial complex for their health. In this way, you have population control, make vast fortunes doing it and keep the infrastructure intact.
Chemtrails are a Multi-Pronged Attack
Firstly, the metallic salts used in the aerosols are highly toxic and require our bodies to waste tremendous amounts of energy removing them. Millions of people cannot do it.
(Which is why we need sulfur to help chelate these heavy metals and safely remove them!!)
In the last ten years, respiratory disease in the US has moved from 8th to 3rd highest cause of death. Asthma rates have more than doubled in the western world and Alzheimer’s’ disease, a condition that is caused by aluminum poisoning, has also skyrocketed.
The second thing is the release of diseases. A high placed military insider claims that bacteria and viruses are freeze-dried and placed on fine filaments for release. The metals released along with the diseases heat up from the sun, creating a perfect environment for the bacteria and viruses to thrive in the air supply.
Third, chemtrails contain nano technological weapons. Surprisingly, this fact has remained so low-key in the alternative media. It is well proven by researchers like Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and former government scientist Clifford Carnicom.
The nanotech consists of genetically modified organisms that are basically bio-robots. When we inhale them, they take up residence in our bodies and live as parasites. When the infestation becomes advanced, the individual develops what is termed Morgellons disease. He is so weak that he can barely do anything and suffers an array of bizarre and ghastly symptoms: scabs that don’t heal, hair that falls out and is replaced by pseudo hair and unceasing crawling sensations beneath the skin.
Morgellons is a new condition that has appeared in the last decade – the same time the heavy spraying kicked in! There are an estimated 60,000+ sufferers in the US alone, and their symptoms are chronicled by the Morgellons Research Foundation.
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