Stitchin', Bitchin' and Looking Fahhh-bu-lous Dahleeenk 12th April 2007

Chocolate egg detox-style greetings to you People of the Knit

We hope that this newsletter finds you well and that your bank holiday weekend was spent knitting in the sunshine and stuffing your face full of the Easter goodness that the bunny (or Bilby if you are from Oz) brought.

This week’s meeting in the fabulous Retro Bar was a sweet-toothed affair. It seemed to involve much chocolate cake to celebrate an S&BLers birthday which was nice. Also a few newbies crept from the wings and were very welcome, and even the barman got in on the knitting action.

So, on with the newsletter. Here is another ball of yarn-flavoured goodness for you to get your circulars stuck into…

Stitch and Busking with Bach

Details of the meeting after next:

Next meeting we will be descending into the middle of Covent Garden for a bit of wine and culture. The Crusting Pipe is down some stairs smack bang in the middle of the one of London’s most tourist-infested areas. It is vaguely famous for the fact that it boasts a bevy of the most upper-class buskers you may ever lay ears on. We will try and snaffle the outside tables, but if all else fails find us inside. Sip a Shiraz, purl peacefully and listen to the strings and sirens of London’s finest street serenaders.

WEDNESDAY 18th April
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: The Crusting Pipe (outside if we’re lucky)
27 The Market
Covent Garden

Tel: 020 7836 1415


Nearest tube: Covent Garden, Leicester Square

Stitch and Tales of the Riverbank

Details of the meeting after next:

WEDNESDAY 25th April
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hall Level 2 Terrace Bar
Queen Elizabeth Hall
Belvedere Road

Tel: 020 7921 0758


Nearest tube:  Waterloo, Embankment

Stitch and Still Stylish

Knitting Fashions of the 1940s (A knitting book review by Laura P)
Knitting Patterns of the 1940s Laura and Jane Waller

Laura (in one of Jane's creations) with Jane

During the Olympia Stitch and Craft Show we bumped into our favourite vintage knitter (she knits vintage stuff, we don’t mean she is vintage) Jane Waller (whose book we featured in a previous newsletter). Due to problems at the publishers its release was delayed when we met her at Ali Pali last year. So when we just had to nab a few copies when she reappeared at Olympia.

Knitting Fashions of the 1940s is more than worth the RRP of £19.95 (you can get it from second hand for cheaper if you are poor). It features nearly 60 fabulous vintage patterns that have been updated for today’s knitters. All are presented in a gorgeously glossy designed-to-stay-open-as-you-knit hardback book.

Our favourite patterns include a men’s Pull-On Vest, that wouldn’t look out of place on the coolest of Emo boys, and for the ladies the cover pattern of the Evening Ladies Jumper is almost too good to be true. The Sea Waves Jumper is like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and for kids there are cute aeroplane emblazoned jumpers, the finest tiger toy in existence, and WW2 service men toys for a bit of a history lesson.

This book isn’t just about a kooky new look for the retro in you; it gives a thorough and fascinating history of knitting from the beginning of the 40s through to the start of the 50s. It also provides an overview of the design, style and practicality of the garments.

Author Jane Waller told us she wants to "encourage today’s knitters to work on the vintage patterns over time". You can knit them alongside your quick-fix arm warmers/scarves/socks, and create well-crafted pieces of fashion. Something that will last much longer than that quick chunky knit shawl, and give you that retro-stylish look.

The creations you conjure from this stylish book will win you more “where did you get that?”s than you can possibly imagine. And they’ll bring out the Betty Grable or Errol Flynn in you.

Other retro stuff we love:

The history and the present: The Victoria and Albert Museum
This sites kicks vintage heinie when it comes to the rest, with its free, free, free vintage patterns (music to our knitted ears), its knitting photo database for you to proudly upload what you have fashioned onto and show the world, websites, blogs, and general knitting-history fabulousness. Ahhhhhhhhh, heaven.

Turning old into new: Vintage Knits

With a Yarn Converter and patterns older than the hills, this site is amazing. Not only does it flog ye olde patterns from way back, but it also has a ultra-handy discontinued yarn page so you can find a modern equivalent, free patterns for you to gobble up, AND a pattern search request form. It really doesn't get much better. So start knitting those sweater dresses, shells and hot pants! (I have no idea what a shell is...)

The Shop: Retro L'Amour
If you just can't be bothered to make your own, but love it, then this site sells fabulous retro-inspired goodies all knitted just for you. You can even pretend you made it yourself if you like. We won't tell. ;)


That is all we can possibly squeeze into this week’s newsletter. Feel free to come along and join us at Covent Garden, learners: we still teach anyone all knitting knowledge for absolutely free (and if none of us know how we can put our heads together and work it out), master knitters: come and share your wisdom, and everyone in-between come outside knit in public (you’ll love it).

Happy knitting and stay glamorous

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