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IAHF List:
Nothing in this alert should be misconstrued to be about partisan politics. Its not. I don't belong to either major party, distrusting them both due to pharma/CFR/Bilderberg infiltration of both parties. What follows is about our sheer survival, so please pay close attention!
So far we've got 44 activists participating in the new, interactive Health Freedom group launched on Resist Net and I encourage you to join this group where you can help stop the planned destruction of America along with the planned destruction of health freedom. As KGB defector Yuri Beznenov warns us, we better fight back, because if we don't, there won't be anywhere we can run to. America is the last bastion of freedom in the world.
Please watch this video before its pulled from cyberspace. When you watch it, you will instantly grasp the level of danger we are all in right now. In this video, Barack Obama openly admits before a large audience that he is not an American, that he was not born in Hawaii, that he was born in Kenya. From this we see the degree to which the shadow government is manipulating us all. Obama would not have publicly admitted all of this if he didn't think he could get away with it. He knows he has the direct backing of the Bilderberg group. Please join me in downloading this in case it ever disappears. Please join me in emailing it to your Congressman and Senators and demand that they do their job and remove this man from office.Email it to theSupreme Court, demand that they do THEIR job.
Get armed, both with information and otherwise. Join Gun Owners of America to defend the second amendment, this is becoming increasingly important as you will see. Use their action alerts page to contact your Senators to oppose Kagan's supreme court nomination- she wants to strip us of our second amendment rights.
View this candid statement about Obama by former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes. Obama is a man who advocates infanticide. That means that if a baby escapes he abortionists effort to kill him, that the doctor should kill the baby. Keyes, a black man, flat out calls Obama what he in fact is: a radical communist. I agree with Keyes when he says this country is in the midst of the greatest crisis we've ever seen and if we fail to address this threat, we will witness the total destruction of our country and that includes the destruction of our health freedom. Keyes asks good questions such as how can a bankrupt country bail out a collapsing banking system without our country being destroyed? He correctly states that its as if the laws of economics are being ignored and that only disaster can follow if we don't stop this fiscal madness immediately.

To fully grasp the level of danger we are all in from this situation, please go here  View this video of Yuri Beznenov, a former Soviet spy discussing how a communist takeover of a country happens. In this interview which took place 25 years ago, he discusses the process by which the KGB has successfully infiltrated the minds of Americans. He identifies the 4 stages by which these takeovers are orchestrated: 1) Demoralization  2) Crisis 3) Normalization (about to happen?) 4) Destabilization. 
Beznenov says that the KBG compiled huge dossiers on people who were instrumental in creating public opinion: publishers, editors, journalists, actors, educators, professors, members of Congress, members of Parliament, representatives of business circles. Beznenov was urged to recruit people who lack moral principles, people who can look into your eyes and lie.
He explains how the KGB has been pumping Marxist ideology into the soft brains of Americans for 3 generations over a long period of time. He explains that the demoralization process is now complete- that we are stuck with programmed people in our media and government- people who have been brainwashed into acting in a certain way. He says we will have dictators who will promise us the world then not deliver and that this will create financial crisis. (This interview took place 25 years ago and we clearly see Obama who was presaged by his words.) He talks about how our leftists are useful for the purpose of destabilizing the country, but that once the takeover has been completed, they will be lined up against the wall and shot because they will become disillusioned when they're not given any power. Beznenov says that if we allow this communist takeover to occur, there will be "no place left to escape to."
WHATS THE END GOAL? 25 Million Americans Dead
Watch this interview with FBI agent Larry Grathwohl who penetrated the Weather Underground during the 1960s during the time when Obama mentor Bill Ayers was running it.In this interview, Grathwohl candidly discusses sitting in a room full of people with advanced degrees from places like Columbia University matter of factly talking about the fact that the communists intend to round up and kill anyone who refuses to go along with the New World Order. He talks about how they intended to set up brainwashing centers in the Southwestern US and anyone who did not "get with the program" would be killed. He talks about how different parts of the US are to be occupied by different foreign troops.
IAHF List: I hope from this that you can see that this battle isn't just about our access to dietary supplements. Its true that FDA has set us up for the complete destruction of our health freedom via their Trilateral Cooperation Charter which I've already discussed in great depth, but this is a lot deeper than just that.
We're in the fight of our lives right now, and we can't give up! We have a pivotal election coming in the fall, and we must do our best to awaken sleeping people to the extreme importance of standing behind our constitution right NOW before its TOO LATE!! We have to pay attention to the warning Beznenov has issued. He is not BSing us. He was a KGB spy, actively involved in efforts to subvert and destroy America before defecting because his conscience bothered him.

Everything he talked about 25 years ago in this interview is being played out right now right before our eyes.

Please join the new Health Freedom group I created on Resist Net. You don't have to use your real name, you can use an alias, you don't have to use your real picture, you can use a generic icon available on the site, but please help in this new group! Its very important! Our lives and all of our most deeply cherished freedoms are literally at stake! On Resist Net you will see several other groups that are all addressing important issues that must be addressed if we are to save America from its planned destruction. Please get involved with them and urge friends and family to also.
In recent alerts I've told you that unless we oppose all nation destroying legislation arrayed against us including "Healthcare", Amnesty, and Cap and Trade- we will witness the total planned destruction of America. You'll be glad to know that the Thomas More Law Center has received a court date for their lawsuit against so called "Obamacare". You'll also be glad to know that Van Irion's lawsuitagainst Obamacare which I told you about previously has been filed. You can still become a plaintiff in this suit on his site.
I started this new group on Resist Net over a week ago now, and only 3 people from the IAHF list took me seriously enough to join. That has to change, because I am not wrong in what I'm saying. Don't stick your head in the sand unless you really want to be enslaved, microchipped and or executed. None of what I'm saying is inaccurate. I am not being an "alarmist". I am not "crying wolf". We are witnessing the planned destruction of America, a communist takeover, and if we allow it to happen, we're not going to have anywhere to run to. Please don't stick your head in the sand. There are a lot of things you CAN DO to help fight back, no matter who you are, no matter what your economic situation is you can always help awaken more people to the truth, and you can join me in prayer.
If you join my new group on Resist Net, you will feel empowered, and you won't be alone. There is safety in numbers. Never take the view that theres "nothing" you can do. There is a LOT you CAN do!!

If you value this life saving information which you can use to defend all of your most deeply cherished freedoms, please send a donation to IAHF. I am sticking my neck out in a huge way for all of you. You can donate via the paypal account at this link or by sending a check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA
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