Killer Tornados in Oklahama Were Tweaked Via Chemtrails and HAARP to Kill Us Dead!! Abolish IRS Here!!
IAHF List: Yesterday I took a break from shippin' sulfur globally to help ya'll to get from bein' expunged by billions of tons of toxic aerosols bein' sprayed via chemtrails via the genocidal Arrogant Bastards of the Bilderberg Group who are meeting right now in Watford UK. 
They can somehow walk on the same planet as me with impunity, eluding my sulfur enhanced finely tuned powers of observation... With all the oxygen that sulfur helps you pump into your brain, even someone with beginning stage Alzheimer's can soon have a memory like a steel trap once they use sulfur to chelate all the aluminum bein' sprayed on us by aircraft. (See this article by Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock MD if you're not aware of the gigantic increase in Alzheimer's caused by chemtrails.)
I was sittin' on South Beach here in Point Roberts, my back up against a log while sippin' Arrogant Bastard Ale, the antidote to all this NSA spyin' misery. My Laser was rigged and actin' like she wanted to take off like a bat out of hell across the Georgia Straight all the way over to Galiano Island and I hadn't even launched her. She was sittin' on the dolly with the southwesterly wind causin' her sail to shake so hard bow to wind that I thought the battens would shake loose before I could launch.
Out on the straight I was planing as dramatically as Will Spencer who got this Laser up to hull speed at 18 knots in similar 25 knot conditions. I got hungry after sailing, so headed over to the Point Roberts Community Center where they have the "Seniors Lunch" on Fridays.
They let me in because I'm over age 50, and I decided to goof on 'em, so I brought an empty bottle of Arrogant Bastard Ale in and pretended to be drunk, slurring my words, sayin' stuff like "Arrrr!!! Breakfast of Champions!" and pointing to the bottle which was empty but since its dark brown glass you can't tell that. (Best thing about sulfur is that it makes you feel very happy from all the oxygenation, so you smile and joke around a lot more like this, and the more you smile, the more serotonin your body produces.) (Serotonin is the "feel good" neurotransmitter.)
Well, I started catchin' some flack from a few of the Gestapo element inside the seniors lunch who started comin' up to me sayin' "you can't bring that bottle in here" (I said "Why not? Its empty!!") They said "Theres no alcohol allowed!" I said "Well I never brought any in here, so whats the problem, eh?" (Wasn't a lie, the bottle hadn't had any ale in it in about 3 months!)
I really only brought the Arrogant Bastard Ale bottle in to get a laugh out of people! Lord knows they need a laugh in the senior's lunch!Naturally they sicked the Whatcom County Sheriff's on me, and they were gonna put me on the coastguard boat to Bellingham Jail til they realized I'd "punked" 'em with my nefarious stunt, whereupon the cops had a hard time keepin' a straight face, and even THEY began to laugh! (Of course, I have these sheriffs drinkin' sulfur! Had to put 'em on it after they almost threw me in jail for what happened over at the APA Road Marxist Social Club, aka, the Trinity Lutheran church which had me trespassed for givin' that "politically incorrect" prayer!  Cool
Too many overly serious people who would be much HAPPIER if they only drank sulfur twice a day, then they'd be matching my high energy level! If they were drinking sulfur, they wouldn't have been so wicked uptight, because they'd be neutralizing the acid caused by stress thats dumped into the small intestine.
Hell, if more of 'em would only drink sulfur, I bet I could get a few 90 year olds to start livin' on the edge like these capsizing sailors! These boats are 470s and Lasers. Both are Olympic classes. We could end war on planet earth if we got more people drinkin' sulfur, because they'd be way too busy havin' fun to be interested in war!
Do you need to lose that spare tire to squeeze into a bathing suit this summer? Sulfur can help you lose weight, because it helps you burn fat by pumping more oxygen into those fat cells to burn them up! You'll need to exercise more, but sulfur helps you FEEL like exercising more because it just puts you in a good mood, and when you exercise, it helps you stay out of oxygen debt!
I'm a 200 meter breast stroker. Thats one of the most grueling races in swimming. In a meet, when I swim 4 previous races, the 200 meter breast is often my last race, and I destroy my competition with my kick at the end because sulfur helps me oxygenate so much that its like having a reserve gas tank full of nitroglycerine on a race car to draw on! It gives any competitive athlete an almost unfair advantage! I sell lots to triathletes, marathoners, competitive swimmers, weight lifters, martial artists, all kinds of active people as well as folks who want to BE more active!
So, in summary, this summer to really live large ya gotta drink sulfur , and some Arrogant Bastard Ale! If ya have allergies, you need sulfur to breath better! If have arthritis, you need sulfur to reduce the pain caused by inflammation! If yer significant other ain't bein' frisky enough to suit ya, get 'em on sulfur, the ultimate aphrodisiac and start livin' large fer a change!
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(Don't worry that it says "donate" on the IAHF paypal button, I use it for all international orders and for 10 lb orders all the time.) If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time, and have a GREAT and ENJOYABLE summer! I know I will here in good ol' Point Roberts by the Sea....If any of you on the IAHF would like to visit, just let me know, you're all always welcome here. Come and hang at the beach, eh?
Please forward this widely, your help is needed to totally DESTROY Big Pharma!! I have gotten people off every single Rx drug you can name just by having 'em reeestablish the sulfur cycle in their own body!