"What luck for rulers, that men do not think." - Adolph Hitler

"They that give up liberty for security deserve neither" - Benjamin Franklin

"He who would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself." -Thomas Paine

High treason is being committed before our eyes by the Neocon cabal of collectivists currently driving America into the ground, and I'm calling on the vitamin consumers of America to band together against this outrage.

In the name of "protecting us from terrorists", with zero input from the citizens of Canada, the USA, or Mexico, Prime Minister Martin, President Bush, and President Fox have unilaterally set into motion the destruction of America's northern and southern borders via an illegal pact called The Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America . This "partnership" is being foisted off on us in the name of "providing a common security perimeter" intended to form a "North American Union" as a stepping stone beyond CAFTA, to usher in the total enslavement of our hemisphere via the Free Trade Area of the Americas.

Very few mainstream news reporters have had the courage to speak out against this outrage, but one who has spoken out against it is Lou Dobbs, who had Congressman Ron Paul on his June 9th show when he expressed total OUTRAGE at this act of obvious treason. The SPP is in line with Article 52 of the UN Charter which encourages regional organizations over national sovereignty.

"Good evening, everybody. Tonight, an astonishing proposal to expand our borders to incorporate Mexico and Canada and simultaneously further diminish U.S. sovereignty. Have our political elites gone mad?" … Lou Dobbs June 9, 2005

Lou Dobbs has been the lone voice in the Establishment media cartel opposing the bipartisan immigration and trade policies that are destroying our borders and national sovereignty. In the same broadcast, Lou Dobbs reported on the boarder problems we are experiencing, especially with our southern boarder.

"Border violence raging in Mexico. Assassins murder a Mexican police chief in cold blood. Yet, incredibly, the Mexican government declares U.S. warnings about border violence unnecessary.

"And massive population growth in our western states is straining already short water supplies. Twenty-six western states are in the grip of the worst drought ever…" June 9, 2005

Is this the end of the United States as we know that our Founding Fathers established in 1775? Are we witnessing the planned destruction of our nation, and with it, the end of the protections vitamin consumers have had against FDA tyranny since passage of the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994? Are we witnessing the forced harmonization of our dietary supplement laws to genocidal standards under "development" by the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission, and if so, what can we, as ordinary citizens do in our own defense?

Until April of 2005 when IAHF banded together with several allied groups at a summit meeting in Washington DC to form The Coalition for Health Freedom , we were the loan voice crying in the wilderness about the immense dangers of CODEX which we recognized as an immense threat to destroy consumer access to dietary supplements.

Despite five years of pushing for congressional oversight on the Codex issue having witnessed highly questionable acts committed by US Codex delegate Dr.Beth Yetley at Codex meetings in Germany, on March 20, 2001 a hearing on this issue was whitewashed, and we've been plunging down a slippery slope ever since.

On July 4th, 2005, the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission ratified a framework for a highly restrictive Codex vitamin and mineral guideline which the USA is being forced to accept via the duel threats of membership in the WTO combined with globalization of which the CAFTA, the SPP, and the FTAA are a part.

Despite our best efforts to kill CAFTA based in part on the fact that it forces us to form a Sanitary Phytosanitary Measures Committee intended to pressure congress into changing our dietary supplement laws so as to come into comformity with Codex, on July 28th CAFTA was passed into law by just two votes following a highly irregular scene on the House floor in which the voting was left open for an additional hour beyond when time had run out on the clock (after the measure had SEEMINGLY been defeated.)

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) went to bat for dietary supplement consumers by disseminating a "Dear Colleague" letter to every member of the House reflecting the concerns of dietary supplement consumers, but he was countered by another "Dear Colleague" letter generated by Chris Cannon (R-UT), who had been pressured into writing it by the Pharma dominated vitamin trade associations who have been doing spin against our anti Codex message.


Despite having to overcome spin against our message stemming from the FDA and the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations which WANT Codex because they want one set of regulations for the world REGARDLESS of the negative impact this would have on consumers, we CAN fight back.


The pen is mightier than the sword. I need all of you to get one more more copies of the hard hitting DVD documentary "We Become Silent" which in just 28 minutes provides an overview of the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom.

Supplementing this, I'd like you to get the hour long audio tape of the talk I did at the PANLA conference in PA in August, and the Special Codex issue of The Health Crusador Magazine. (See resource list at end)

What I'd like you to do THEN is to log on to the IAHF email distribution list at for updates on this issue, and I'd like you to organize meetings in your local area of all the vitamin consumers and other concerned people that you can round up in order to educate them by showing them "We Become Silent"

In November we must REMOVE FROM OFFICE any member of Congress that voted violated their oath by voting for CAFTA:

We must also combine with like minded organizations to impeach our treasonous President, and to send Congress the strongest possible message that the CAFTA, the SPP, and FTAA are unacceptable.

We must be ready to defeat the FTAA the moment Congress drops a bill that would shove it down our throats, and to do that, massive grass roots action is required.

Leaders are needed to stop forward immediately to proactively organize people in your area. If you would like me to come to speak before your group, I stand ready and able to do so, and also to educate anyone who would like to do it all themselves. Armed with the DVD "We Become Silent", the Audio Tape of my talk, and the Special anti Codex issue of The Health Crusader Magazine, some of you who have public speaking and organizing experience will be able to hold meetings without my assistance, but in the name of LIBERTY I stand ready to assist.

On an immediate basis, to send a form letter to congress with one mouse click that opposes several bad domestic bills intended to repeal DSHEA (the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) and to support some good bills that protect us, go here:

End Notes and Resources

Get the 28 Min DVD "We Become Silent", the Hour Long Audio Tape "John Hammell on Codex" + The Special Anti Codex issue of The Health Crusador Magazine by sending $30. (inc shipping) to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA (foreign orders add $5. shipping)
or pay via paypal at (Paypal link is on the scrollbar inside the site)

Donations are badly needed to assist IAHF in doing the public speaking needed to sound this urgent alarm as far and wide and as FAST as possible!


1. Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America

Canadian: Mexican:

2. Codex, CAFTA, FTAA Special Anti Codex Issue of The Health Crusader Magazine

3. Analysis of Harmonization language in FTAA posing threat to vitamin consumers: The Growing Threats to DSHEA

Although the courts are heavily controlled, we need to somehow launch a lawsuit or prevail upon some larger group to launch one which would garner at least some media attention in an effort to stop the unilateral effort to force us into the SPP. Bush is being scripted totally on this treasonous act by this Council on Foreign Relations White Paper: "BUILDING A NORTH AMERICAN COMMUNITY"

We need to RAPIDLY educate friends and family so they can help. We need to educate people to the interconnectedness of CAFTA, FTAA, SPP and CODEX- or we won't be able to save America from its planned destruction.

Please FORWARD this urgent alert widely, and urge your friends to join with you in organizing meetings to be held in your area to better call attention to whats going on. We need to drive everyone who voted for CAFTA and who won't do anything to oppose the TREASON we see in the form of the SPP and FTAA from office!