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eFlightPlan - April 2015
Vol 3 Issue 4 April 2015

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Bentonville, Ark. — Bentonville is the headquarters of the world's largest employer, Walmart. So for years this small town in northwest Arkansas was primarily a business destination for Walmart vendors. But Walmart heiress Alice Walton decided to build an art museum to house her incredible collection of American art in the middle of America to help make artwork accessible to all.

Pilot Getaways Magazine

About $800 million of Walton Family Foundation funding later, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art opened and ushered in a new era of travel to Bentonville. Author MeLinda Schnyder takes you to this incredible museum, so close to downtown yet surrounded by a 120-acre wooded forest with walking art trails and sculptures.


At the museum, you’ll walk across the water inside bridges with floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Light comes through glass ceilings that are accented by great rows of curved wooden beams. Its permanent collection showcases both the art and the history of America, with five centuries of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, and installation art in chronological order.

With Crystal Bridges as the catalyst, fine hotels and restaurants are streaming in to the area. Parks, hiking and mountain biking trails, boutiques, art galleries, and cultural events provide plenty more to do after visiting the museum. One of these is a visit to the Walmart Museum, where you can see how Sam Walton got his start, including how he would fly his Ercoupe over competitors to count the cars in their parking lots.

For lodging, you can choose from a modern luxury boutique hotel or budget alternatives. When it's time to dine, you can try old Southern favorites or explore what's called High South Cuisine, the edible culture of the Ozark region of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. The freshest local ingredients are prepared in such manner as to emphasize their earthy, rustic flavors and textures. Food trucks have made their way into Bentonville, too, and you can always find a selection of unique food truck around the downtown square.

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Flying Thru Life

San Diego, Cali.— Circumnavigating the globe for three months in a 1997 Piper Malibu Mirage airplane is an ambitious endeavor. But the ground-breaking solo trip, which will raise money for the AOPA Scholarship Fund, is well planned for by pilot, Robert DeLaurentis, who is the founder of Flying Thru Life in San Diego, California.

The young or old, male or female interested in aviation will soon find out that it is possible to fly between countries and continents in a small aircraft. DeLaurentis, an experienced pilot who has flown solo to many places around the world with another 25 country trip starting on May 17, 2015, believes that with the proper training, preparation and gear this type of travel adventure can be both fun and safe.

The Piper Malibu Mirage aircraft will be on its first worldwide trip, which according to statistics on the Earthrounders website, is the first attempt by a pilot flying alone. The plane will be equipped with a "Blue Tech" incubator and demonstration platform for Innovative Aviation Technology in San Diego, California. The features include:

  • Nanoceramic coating called "Flight Shield" installed by Clean Wings Aviation on the plane to improve range and fuel efficiency by making the skin of the plane more slippery.
  • Four bladed composite MT Propeller with symitar blades and nickel tips, which is the first time this has ever been installed on a Piper Malibu Mirage airplane in the United States by Advanced Aircraft.
  • The Plane's engine is being used to build the first Electroair electronic ignition ever put on a Piper Malibu Mirage with a Lycoming engine installed by High Performance Aircraft.
  • The aircraft will be using the Garmin Flightstream 210 for a Bluetooth connection between the Garmin GTN 750 and an Apple iPad installed by Neal Avionics.
  • Aviation Technology's, Alt Alert cabin pressurization sensor will be used as a backup for the onboard system.

"It's just fun and a lifetime dream fulfilled," DeLaurentis states. "I am looking forward to becoming the first Piper Malibu Mirage pilot to fly solo across the mid Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, especially as this raises money for a great organization, AOPA."

According to an article on flying around the world on the pilot website, Solo Flights Around the World, "thorough preparations are the key to a successful flight, and time spent in preparation is an investment that will bear fruit throughout the flight." The article points out that experience matters more than the number of flight hours logged along with the proper planning.

Robert DeLaurentis will release his book, Flying Thru Life, after his return from his solo trip, circumnavigating the world. He is a sought after speaker, pilot, and entrepreneur who brings encouragement and wisdom through his writings and talks. Flying Thru Life has quickly become a premier resource for private pilots and businesses and is recommended by clients at MMOPA, AirVentures, MOAA, and Big Bear Airport Pilots Association.

For more information, please contact Robert@FlyingThruLife.com.





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Fly Idaho! Third Edition
The Backcountry "Bible"—Even Better
by Crista V. Worthy

It could be argued that Galen L. Hanselman has done more to promote backcountry aviation in Idaho than any other living person. His books, articles, and aeronautical charts are used by thousands of pilots across America and the world. Nearly every pilot in Idaho who flies the backcountry carries a copy of Hanselman's book, Fly Idaho!, to the point where most simply refer to it as "the backcountry pilot's bible" The big news is that, after five years of painstaking labor, the all-new third edition of this indispensable guide is now being printed and is ready for pre-orders.

After the initial 1994 publication of Fly Idaho!, Hanselman turned his attention to other areas with backcountry airstrips. He spent four years researching and writing his follow-up work, Air Baja!. He then published Fly the Big Sky!, a complete guide to Montana’s airstrips. His next project, Fly Utah!, suffered a one-year delay as a result of an aircraft accident. Since the initial publication of Fly Idaho! in 1994, the books have accomplished what their author intended:

  1. To provide accurate, easy-to-use data about backcountry airstrips, many of which are not shown on standard aeronautical charts. This helps pilots determine whether they have the necessary skills and equipment to safely operate at a given airstrip.
  2. To increase public awareness of irreplaceable backcountry airstrips, and the organizations that are dedicated to preserving them, the Idaho Aviation Association being one of the most prominent. Increased interest in backcountry aviation helped spur the creation of the Recreational Aviation Foundation, too.
  3. To bring dollars to nearby FBOs, mountain-flying CFIs, outfitters, guides, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses as pilots explore the backcountry destinations in the books.

By 2010 however, some of the information in Fly Idaho! had become outdated. Trees had grown, lodges had opened or closed, and runways had lengthened or shortened. Hanselman decided it was time for a completely new, updated version of Fly Idaho!, his biggest project by far.

(read the full article)

Bahamas Launches "Take Flight – Trip Giveaway"
Social Media Contest

Lakeland, Fla. — The game of flying just got more interesting, rewarding and easier. Pilots, aviation enthusiasts and anyone who have had or wish to have a fantastic, exotic vacation to the Islands of The Bahamas are in for a real treat today. Thanks to the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (BMOT) and its new social media promotion #BahamasTakesFlight, which launched April 21, 2015, their wish can now become a reality.

According to Andre Miller, General Manager, Global Communications and Social Media, for BMOT, "the social media contest was designed to heighten awareness of the Bahamas' multiple islands in the aviation community, build its creative videos and image banks by showing the visual experiences of pilots who have visited the destination and simultaneously, showcase and differentiate the marketing methods of the past for the aviation market with this new social media twist."

Open to past visitors and also those wishing to visit The Bahamas, persons can log on to Bahamas.com/TakesFlight and simply submit their creative photo and videos, depicting great aviation experiences and stating how much they love The Bahamas, #BahamasTakesFlight. For example, a past visitor can easily show great photos or videos from their visits to the destination but is that an advantage? A visitor who has not been to The Bahamas before will have to work a little harder to either transform their plane, or some sort of scene to show how eager they are to visit The Bahamas but at the same time, elevating more interest to The Bahamas. Mr. Miller said that in "the BMOT’s 'Winter' social media contest, persons who had never been to The Bahamas before were transforming their houses into beach scenes and going above and beyond to win the trip. All we want contestants to do is infuse a photo or video that is clearly from a private pilot, with a Bahamian twist. It could be as simple as a pilot in Pittsburgh taking a photo in a cockpit with a Bahamas flag telling us why they deserve to win the trip."


All photos should be accompanied by a short story saying why they deserve a trip to The Bahamas, and those on video should do the same in video format. There are no limits on the amounts of videos and photos each person can submit. However, deadline for submission is May 29, 2015. From May 30 through June 13, 2015 family and friends will be able to vote for their favorite applicant via social media. A panel of judges will decide on the final winner, which will be announced on June 22, 2015 via the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as traditional electronic and print media. The lucky winners can expect to win fabulous prizes including four days, three nights, stay for two, to South Andros, at the Tiamo Resort, The Bahamas' quintessential, luxury, beach front hideaway.

The Islands Of The Bahamas have a place in the sun for everyone from Nassau and Paradise Island to Grand Bahama to The Abaco Islands, The Exuma Islands, Harbour Island, Long Island and others. Each island has its own personality and attractions for a variety of vacation styles with some of the world's best golf, scuba diving, fishing, sailing, boating, as well as, shopping and dining. The destination offers an easily accessible tropical getaway and the Bahamian dollar at par with the U.S. dollar. Do everything or do nothing, just remember It's Better in The Bahamas. For more information on travel packages, activities and accommodations, call 1-800-Bahamas or visit www.Bahamas.com. Look for The Bahamas on the web on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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