Temple Beth Am Library Minyan May 2015
 Special Bulletin from Library Minyan
Library Minyan wants more prayer leaders, and here are two great opportunities to improve your prayer leadership skills, daily or High Holy Days.  See details below. 
Reminder of Upcoming events:
  • May 23: Torah Club shabbat
  • May 30: Middle School grad shabbat
  • June 6: High School grad shabbat
  • June 20: Rembaum anniversary shabbat

Dear TBA community members,
I’m excited to invite you to participate in two davening leadership seminars that I’ll be running in the coming weeks, one for daily davening and the other for High Holy Day service leadership. You’re invited to come for practical skills learning and/or as an opportunity to learn just for fun.
The daily davening course is all set up for registration. Click here tbala.org/page.cfm?p=68 or on the link below to sign up under “Opportunity #1”. The course costs $18 and includes brunch. Please email me directly at hchorny@tbala.org with specific questions.
The High Holy Day service leadership course is under construction – and I’m turning to you to help decide the direction this course might take. Please click here surveymonkey.com/s/LearntoLeadHHD or on the link below under “Opportunity #2” to take a very short, 7-question survey that will shape what the course looks like, and when it will meet. With your small contribution, you can help make this course what you’d like it to be.
Please feel free to be in touch by phone or email anytime. I’m hopeful that I’ll have an opportunity to learn with some of you in the coming months and years!
Kol tuv,
Rabbi Hillary Chorny

Opportunity #1:
Advanced Davening Academy:
Part I: A Black-belt Mini-Course in Leading Daily Services
Join our cantor, Rabbi Hillary Chorny, for this four-part weekly class focused on the leadership of weekday services. We’ll pinpoint frequently mispronounced phrases; learn the choreography for special occasions; and explore the answers and history behind questions like:
• Where’s the third bow in the weekday Amidah?
• Does the weekday Torah service have its own nusach (melody)?
• When do I remove my tefillin on days when we chant weekday Musaf?
Intended for both experienced and novice davening leaders.
Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. – Includes brunch!
May 31 & June 7, 14, 28
Cost for Mini-Course (incl. brunch): $18; Register Below
Opportunity #2:
Advanced Davening Academy:
Part II: A Black-belt Mini-Course in High Holy Day Service Leadership
This course is under construction. Please click here (surveymonkey.com/s/LearntoLeadHHD) to fill out a very short, 7-question survey to help decide the content and meeting times for the course.
The Library Minyan of Temple Beth Am, 1039 S. La Cienega Blvd 90035  www.libraryminyan.org