Richard Herring Newsletter
October 2016
Re-elected with a huge mandate
Firstly, thanks so much to all of you who backed the RHLSTP kickstarter. We hit our total with 3 days to go and it means that we can pay for the filming we've already done and also get the team back to film the upcoming series 10.
You can still get the rewards if you donate before the end of the month. The money will rollover and start to pay for series 11.
Hey look, I had a third crack at Pointless last week. I wonder if I finally won. I don't yet know when it will be broadcast.
The last episode of series 9 has just gone out, but we start recording series 10 on Monday and it will start going up as a podcast from 12th October. The first guest is Armando Iannucci.
But you won't be without podcasts in that interim week. In fact I will be releasing 3 audio specials: two from the Great Yorkshire Fringe with Lord Mayor Dave Taylor and Mark Addy and one from the London Podcast festival with Dan Schreiber.
And of course you can come and see the new series of RHLSTP being recorded (the audio will continue even if the video does not) every Monday in October and November.
Here are the confirmed guests
3rd October Armando Iannucci and Hans Teeuwen (SOLD OUT, but worth putting your name down for returns)
10th October Dane Baptiste
17th October Chris Addison
31st October looking very likely to be someone really good who I've been trying to get on for ages
28th November David Baddiel
Lots more cool possibilities too. Monthly badge subscribers get advance notice
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
Oh shoot, that's coming up again. I've got nothing. 
But episode one went really well. We recorded a special bonus audio extra which you can listen to on  the British Comedy Guide and iTunes as well as loads of good stuff for episode 1 proper (which won't be released until 2017).
It's lots of fun to watch it being recorded and all the door money goes into the budget to make more stuff. Also if there's lots of people there it goes a lot better. So if you can come down and see one or more of them then that would be lovely -buy tickets to the live shows here.
The next one is on October 16th at the Leicester Square Theatre.
The Best
My next tour which will be a Best Of... called Richard Herring: The Best.
We now have a pretty firm list of all the places we're coming to. You can see them here. Most of them are already on sale, but check with the venues if they're not.
The upcoming gigs are
6th October Sheffield
2nd November Manchester
8th December Bridgwater
I am very flattered and delighted by the support you have shown my projects this year. Thanks for helping to keep them free for people who can't afford to pay, and also entitled dinks who don't think they should have to. I do it mainly for them.
Richard Herring