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Sir Winston Churchill: October 29, 1941:

"Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.''

After reading everything Ralph Pike and Ron Law have both said about the NAHS's KAVA Challenge, I realize it is indeed necessary. I also see now that there was no choice but to file it or the MCA would be able to ban anything, at any time, on a whim REGARDLESS of what happens with the THMPD or the PD. I also now clearly see that if the Kava Challenge succeeds, it will help with the legal effort that ANH is making to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.

In the interest of solidarity, I hope Ralph Pike will join Sue Croft at the health freedom march tomorrow in London. I hope Ralph will make a speech about the Kava challenge to the crowd, and hope he will solicit donations for it because the last thing this movement needs is a plane that crashes on the runway- I am concerned that the NAHS plane could crash unless Ralph attends this march, and exercises improved leadership across the board from here on in, especially by adopting a badly needed conflict of interest bylaw both within NAHS and CHC. Ralph has expressed a serious lack of enthusiasm for the London march, in part due to how the ruling Labor Party turned their backs on the large number of consumers who signed the anti EU FSD petition in the health food stores.

I hope Ralph will read the immortal words of the great Churchill (above) and feel inspired enough by them to make the long drive from Manchester to London for tomorrow's march. What would have happened to England if Churchill had ever shown a lack of resolve to fight on? The man had heart. He had "the right stuff."

QUESTION: Why should any UK consumers have any faith in Ralph's leadership if he fails to attend the march in London tomorrow? Won't it appear as though he has given up if he fails to take it to the street? Appearances are important. Winston Churchill never gave up. The best way to motivate the people in England and Europe is to be out there in public demonstrating an unwillingness to ever, ever, ever, ever give up!

IAHF will never fully trust ANY organization in ANY country that has amongst its membership ANY company that is a member of the pharmaceutically dominated Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), and Nature's Bounty is a member. (Nature's Bounty is a member of NAHS and CHC) Worse, Nature's Bounty is on the TABD Dietary Supplement Working group, a group which has openly declared their intention to SCREW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE by harmonizing the US to the EU. I have sent evidence of both assertions in my previous emails about this.

To illustrate IAHF's views along these lines, IAHF ceased communications with American Association for Health Freedom some months ago because they were receiving donations from Capsugel (Pfizer.) Although that has since stopped, it will be very hard for IAHF to ever trust AAHF again unless AAHF formally adopts a conflict of interest bylaw and then actively enforces it. This message has been delivered to everyone on AAHF's Board of Directors.

Recently the accusation was made by Josef Hasslberger and by Ron Law that I am a "wedge driver". Hasslberger has removed me from his email list and recommended that everyone in Europe do the same. He views me as a loose cannon and as a serious liability to the movement on a whole.

I do not accept his, Law's, or Pike's attitude, and will have them know that the IAHF email distribution list, now reactivated [Sign on at http://www.iahf.com, and see most recent archived message (send today) at https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive.php?jham+6 remains the largest health freedom distribution list in the world, reaching people in over 40 nations. The IAHF website currently has an Alexa rating of 245,019 compared with La Leva di Archimedes Alexa rating of 327,665 IAHF applauds La Leva for all they have been doing to improve their site traffic, but submits that La Leva's traffic will never overtake IAHF's if you continue attacking the person who has done more than anyone else in the world to build the global health freedom network. You want to slag me for being a hardliner? You should JOIN me in insisting that no group in our midst allow pharmaceutical companies or sold out vitamin companies in under our tent- it breeds distrust and creates conflicts within our ranks as you have just observed.

The health freedom site that has improved its site traffic the most in recent months has been http://www.healthfreedommovement.com whose Alexa rating has improved dramatically from around 3 million to its current level of 605,929. Kudos to Lynne McTaggert for her stellar work in putting on this march tomorrow. Regardless of how big the turn out is, no one can fault Lynne for not giving this effort her all.

At present, people from Australia and New Zealand are signing on to the IAHF list faster than from other parts of the world, perhaps because they best appreciate the fact that IAHF will never sell out or tolerate anyone else who does not toe the line when it comes to refusing entry to pharmaceutical companies or to vitamin companies that have sold out and which are working against consumer interests.

I have a number of serious questions for Harvey Kamil, President of Nature's Bounty. Ongoing efforts to communicate directly with him will be made next week. Thus far, he has not returned my calls. Why is Nature's Bounty on the TABD Dietary Supplement Working Group? Why are they trying to harmonize the USA to the EU at the expense of consumers? Why do CHC and NAHS tolerate them in their midst? Inquring minds demand honest answers, and we can't win down the stretch unless we demand that all health freedom organizations toe the line and adhere to very strict standards when it comes to conflicts of interest.

After his dismal experience as a member of IADSA, I would think Ron Law would have learned something about this by now, but he obviously has not learned from his mistakes of the past. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. Its never too late to change.

On the eve of tomorrow's health freedom march in London, from here on in I wish for nothing less than the best possibly communications between ANH and NAHS.

As long as NAHS does the right thing and adopts a conflict of interest bylaw and kicks NBTY out, IAHF will never be able to fully support or endorse the organization, but does now acknowledge the importance of the Kava Challenge within the UK- our only concern is that it could crash on the runway unless Ralph adopts a more Churchillian die hard attitude---- one of "We will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER----- GIVE UP!"

Please go to London tomorrow, Ralph- this is going out to a huge number of people in the UK who are all forwarding it widely. Many will be at the march. Please go there to give them leadership. Rob will be there. If you aren't there too, guess who will be perceived as the leader who cares the most?

Josef- you're right- we need unity. We need unity...... but we also need to adhere to the highest standards when it comes to this issue of conflict of interest.

The way forward for NAHS and CHC should be clear by now. They must institute a conflict of interest bylaw, and begin enforcing it.This also holds true for ALL health freedom organizations, world wide. Members of NNFA USA, please take note----- ponder the info at

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