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22nd September 2008

Stitchin’, Bitchin’ and Throwing the Bouquet

New Stitchette... New Knitty... Not Really New News... Yarn Harlot... Help Teach

By ‘eck it’s a bit parky out greetings to you

We hope this newsletter finds you well, enjoying the last dregs of the summer stitching (we choose to call it summer, even though it lacked sun), breathing in that crisp autumn air, and stamping on a few crunchy leaves on your way to work.

Giant hulking fantabulous news abounds this week when it comes to the girls who keep this group going:

Laura ‘Purl Princess’ Parkinson is getting hitched (and, no she is not wearing a knitted wedding dress, though she has knit a purty shawl). Join us to celebrate her casting on to married life at our Stitch and Bride meeting coming up. 

Lauren ‘Deadly Knitshade’ O’Farrell is leaving us (yes, again. We know. Itchy feet and needles) to don a backpack and go knit socks in deepest India (bring back sari yarn!) for a few months. 

And Jenny ‘Startitis’ Steere is joining the team as a brand new shiny Stitchette. Woo hoo! The lovely Jenny has already made her mark by bestowing Stephanie ‘Yarn Harlot’ Purl McPhee with one of our S&B London badges and waving a freshly knitted sock at her, which ended up on the celebrated Yarn Harlot blog.  

So congrats Laura, farewell Lauren, and helllllooooooo Jenny. We hope to keep S&B London running smooth as a baby alpaca’s backside despite all this upheaval.  

We also have a special meeting coming up where you can pass on your knitting know-how, and get cheap booze for doing so…

Our last couple of meetings have seen us culturing it up at the National Theatre’s Long Bar, to the usual cries of “By george, Mildred! They’re knitting!”.

We were also lucky enough to help out in a bit of documentary making as cameras rolled to promote cool free stuff in London (that would be us then?). 

At Leon we couldn’t resist the Sweet Potato Falafel (when can we?), and some passionate yarn discussion may have caused fledging knitters to worry a little. Fear not, you’ll be as bad as the rest of us soon.

Stitch and Bride 

One of the founding mothers of S&B London, Laura ‘Purl Princess’, is off to get married. To celebrate this momentous occasion (and a perfect excuse to eat cake), we will be holding our Stitch and Bride meeting, at our very popular venue on the South Bank. Please feel free to bring along cake and anything you feel appropriate for a ‘wedding’ themed meet up.  

From 6pm
Venue: The Royal Festival Hall (ground floor, the right of the bookshop)
Address: South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road

Map Website Nearest Tube: Waterloo, Embankment

Stitch and Spreading the Knitty Art

Join us for an evening of showing London’s art students the way of the knit. As part of the Pathfinding week at the University of Arts London, S&B London will be taking over the Student Union Bar and offering to teach art students how wonderful knitting is. Newbies are welcome (art student or not) and experienced knitters, please feel free to bring your expertise. What better opportunity to pass on the skill we know and love, to our future generation of artists. 

There will be other ‘craft’ events going on at the same time, including sewing, painting, cake stands (our favourite) and more! So come along for the fun, even if you don’t want to teach. 

From 7pm until 11pm
Venue: Camberwell College of Art
Student Union Bar
45 Peckham Road

Map Website Nearest Tube: Elephant & Castle. Nearest Train Stations: Denmark Hill, Peckham Rye

Stitch and New Venue!

From 6pm
Venue: The Clarence
53 Whitehall

Map Nearest Tube: Charing Cross, Embankment, Leicester Square

Stitch and the Harlot

Ah the Yarn Harlot. Another US knitting celebrity graces our shores.

We spotted a few S&B London badges in the 700-strong audience that gathered to see the Yarn Harlot (aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) speak earlier this month. For those who didn’t get to see what went on behind those doors we’re not telling. Well, ok we’ll tell. But only because we like your face. She treated us to plenty of knitting-themed laughs (someone actually told her friend they hoped they were never bored enough to start knitting! The cheek!), and some fascinating knitting facts - who’d have thought that knitters and Buddhist monks are working on the same mental plane?

After three whole hours of book signing, Stephanie was still good humoured enough to agree to a photo with a couple of familiar faces – and we managed to foist a shiny new S&B London badge on her too. Yes, that’s right – we’re spreading the message all the way to Canada!

The Yarn Harlot was a pleasure to listen to, and ever so nice (and not harlotish in the least) in person. Us knitters are just lovely folks, no? We suggest you run along and read her blog, to confirm to yourself that knitters truly are taking over the world.

Stitch and Aunty Beeb

Knitting is apparently quite cool. Yes, we know you know. We know you are well aware of this fact. Thing is it takes the non-knitting world a little while to catch on, bless their little non-handknitted cotton socks.  

So we are always pleased to see the rest of the world sit up and pay attention, and this week BBC Radio 4’s Today Show did just that. Knitting talk was all over the place, and they turned to S&B London for a few words on why everyone was falling over themselves to get their knit on all of a sudden (not sudden to any of us though, really). 

You can catch Stitchette Lauren ‘Deadly Knitshade’ O’Farrell’s Today show interview here if you missed it. There’s also a pattern for a Today Show jumper. Mmm media themed…

Stitch and Knitty for All

Seeing the summer vanish into autumn may suck, but there is always a silver lining. Apart from being able to wear your Cashmere hand-knit socks, a new season means a new YAY!  

This Autumn’s issue has a little something for every knitter. It’s packed with more new designs than you can shake your knit sticks at it, and even features cover girl Robynn from Purlescence with her fabulous Twist and Shout design (we truly love your hat, Robynn). 

For guys there’s the retro cool of Mangyle; for sock lovers there are no less than three different designs to choose from, including the beautiful Interlocking Leaves; and for those of you that are looking for an impressive baby knit check out the OpArt blanket. 

So forget the dull weather, chuck on your favourite knitted item, and cast on something new, fabulous, and free from Knitty.

We’ll that is about all the woolly hanks of good stuff we can spin for you this week. We’d hope you make it along to celebrate with cake, cake, and why not more cake, or pass on your knitty love to the young at our next few meetings. We’d also like to give a yarn-smelling wave to Urban Junkies, who send new knitters our way constantly (sign up with them and see a side to London you never knew was there).

The S&B London Stitchettes x


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