Chiron Corp Holds the PATENT on the Coronavirus!...... Below learn how to Strengthen Your Immune System in many ways!
IAHF List:  Below these comments about how we can Counteract the Deep State's FEAR PORN  please see my advice on how you can have the strongest possible immune system!
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The Patriots on Twitter are vastly outnumbering the mind controlled bleeting sheep ("pod people") who would follow Bill Gates and Company straight over a cliff via a forced vaccine/microchip!
The purpose of this newsletter is to totally expose and counteract , the Fear Porn driven "Plandemic" (Planned Epidemic) arrayed against us by secret combinations of men, acting clandestinely, but the TRUTH is NOT in them!! (Event 201)
After that, you'll learn the BEST ways to boost your immune system since vaccines are predicated on Louis Pasteur's Germ Theory of Disease which even Pasteur himself recanted, on his death bed when he capitulated to Antoine Beuchamp, his biggest critic!
Vaccines are no answer- they are a DEADLY SCAM SEE VAXXED 2 DOCUMENTARY
Intravenous vitamin C  and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation With Ozone are two of many (suppressed) answers! See more below!
Combine the TRUTH about the Fake news spin regarding all of this with simple, inexpensive immune boosting information using non toxic, natural, unpatentable, inexpensive substances that directly cut into the sale of patented Pharmaceutical drugs such as the vaccines they're in a process of creating now to supposedly "help" us!!
As you will see, the plan is to attempt to "control the narrative" by pretending intravenous Vitamin C, and also Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UVBI) plus ozone don't kill COVID19 or EBOLA, they're attempting to use fear and manipulation to force a vaccine on us that will microchip us simultaneously!
However we're exposing them so thoroughly I predict we'll succeed in countering this Globalist plan, Trump's efforts to reopen the economy will enable him to keep the Whitehouse via a landslide victory that will also enable the Patriots to regain control of the House! 
Please sign this Whitehouse Petition to oppose forced vaccines/microchips, and urge everyone within your sphere of influence to also sign! Refuse to be Bill Gates microchipped, tracked, robotic slave!
Refuse to become the property of the 13 Satanic Families identified by Fritz Springmaier in "Bloodlines of the Illuminati"
Sign Dr.Shiva's Petition To Get Dr. Fauci Fired for Gross Conflicts of Interest!
(Listen to the X-22 Report every day and on weekends "X22 Digest" or "X22 Spotlight") to hear the REAL news that you won't hear via the CIA controlled mass media! The X-22 counteracts and helps neutralize the fear porn so it won't depress you and weaken your immune system!) (Today's episode is called "Times Up! Be Ready! All the Walls Are Falling Down on the DS!"
Proof that we were set up for this "Plandemic" during Obama's reign of terror in 2014 when Fauci gave the Chinese Virology lab in Wuhan
(See this article and video about EVENT 201 which was a "SIMULATION" of the actual Coronavirus outbreak!
Event 201  (hosted by the John's Hopkins Center for Health Security) was  held on October 28, 2019- 6 weeks before the ACTUAL first deaths were report in Wuhan China!  (Coincidence??? What do YOU think?)
 Event 201 featured participation bythe World Economic Forum, (which has a partnership with the United Nations)  and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 
In the video which excerpts footage from the Event 201 Conference, hear Spiro Skouras chilling comments about "section 4" of the  Conference in which the participants discussed " the need to suppress disinformation in the event of an outbreak" (eg Spiros article, this article of mine, anything from any "Anti Vax" organization, anything from the Orthomolecular News service, or any other entity questioning the REAL fake news of the Pharma dominated mainstream media such as the TRUTH about the World Economics Forum/ Bill Gates Foundation's "Event 201"!)
Event 21 spawned the first (FAKE) news reports "warning us" of the pending pandemic in order to get the FEAR MACHINE ginned up and running!
The Bill Gates Foundation (which participated in "Event 21" helped FUND the CHIRON CORPORATION which holds the PATENT on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (!)
Johnson and Johnson also participated in this Pandemic Simulation at Event 21, and now they stand to BENEFIT by work underway NOW to CREATE A VACCINE!
Eugenicist Bill Gates gave this TED TALK in which he openly enthused about how Vaccines can be used to REDUCE WORLD POPULATION! (see notes re what he said at the 4:29 mark) (Given Gates direct participation in "Event 21" how much can anyone TRUST anything they said?)
Watch This Video   which is found in this article "Follow the Money" by Spira Skouras of Activist Pos we're shown a paper trail that clearly shows the Coronavirus Outbreak was planned, and executed.
Jon Rapopport of No More Fake News, and  and others have been doing a good job of following the money to expose the Corona Virus Scam!
The Orthomolecular News service reported on February 23rd that 50 Tons of vitamin C donated by a Dutch manufacturer was trucked into Wuhan China where it is being successfully administered intravenously to stop the Coronavirus!  
On March 3 the Orthomolecular News Service reported that
the Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C  for COVID 19.
On March 5th the Orthomolecular News Service Reported that 
"VITAMIN C SAVES WUHAN FAMILY FROM COVID 19"  There is a youtube video embedded in this article!
(This is EXACTLY the sort of ACCURATE NEWS that they talked about wanting to SUPPRESS in Section 4 of "Event 201"
"States of Emergency" have been declared in Washington, California, Utah, Maryland, New York. Illinois,Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon,and Utah.

By declaring a "State of Emergency" a state gets access to Federal Funding. They can also suspend civil liberties, impose quarantines, etc. Once a State has entered into this Agreement with the Fedstapo, to keep the money coming in, they have to agree to certain dictates emanating from branches of the Medical Mafia such as the CDC, FDA, etc. If the Quarantines should ever reach a point where the Fedstapo attempts to do the sorts of things they've been doing in Wuhan China, and lock people up in cities, forbidding domestic travel, clearly they must be opposed!
The CDC, FDA, etc are totally controlled by Big Pharma, by the Vaccine Makers who are in bed with the Mainstream Media which they control via Advertising Dollars. This is why you won't see anything from the Orthomolecular News service, or the other non mainstream news reports referenced here, and news such as this from Dr. Marc Sircus discussed on the evening news or in the NY Times or other papers!
The first thing is to REALIZE that Louis Pasteur (originator of the Germ Theory of Disease on which vaccines are predicated) capitulated on his DEATH BED to his NEMESIS, his BIGGEST CRITIC (Antoine Beauchamp) when the light bulb finally went off in his head and he realized vaccines are NOT the answer!
His last words were "Ahhh!!! Its NOT the GERM, its the TERRAIN!!"  (TERRAIN is a reference to simple, non toxic things we can do to have strong immune systems! More on this Below!)
Sadly, due to all the MONEY in vaccines, despite their numerous DANGERS which have been well documented, the WRONG PERSON got remembered by History because there is so much MONEY in vaccines, and people don't realize that Pasteur realized he was wrong on his death bed! See Gary Tunsky's book "The Battle for Health is Over Ph- Life and Death Hangs in the Balance"
How I know you can TRUST the Orthomolecular News Service:
Orthomolecular Medicine SAVED MY LIFE after mainstream medicine almost killed me more than 40 years ago.
At the top of this article I show this graphic illustration comparing and contrasting a small intestine (bowel) that is fouled with black, rubbery mucoid plaque (a bio film that blocks optimal absorption of nutrients from food we eat, and from supplements we use, into our bloodstream--- and a CLEAN BOWEL that is NOT FOULED with foul smelling mucoid plaque which blocks optimal absorption of immune enhancing nutrients from food and supplements::  
Given that we're up against an biological weapon patented by the Chiron Corporation called "COVID 19" , and given that a well oiled propaganda machine that controls the mainstream media first unleashed this on us at "Event 21".....
 Doesn't it make sense to proactively maintain OPTIMAL HEALTH in order to THWART their best efforts to kill us, (especially when the effort to counter them will help you have the energy level of a healthy 11 year old regardless of your current age?
I am 63 years young, eight years ago I was feeling sluggish and wasn't sure what was wrong! I erroneously thought having a colonic might help, and bartered some sulfur to a certified clinical nutritionist who owns all the high tech gear for flushing out people's large intestines (their colons)! My girlfriend rebuked me for what I came to realize wasn't a good decision!
She said "Which internal organ helps you absorb the nutrients from the food we eat and the supplements we use?" Suddenly I realized I'd been conned!
We don't absorb nutrients from the food we eat or the supplements we use in our colon (large intestine), this happens in our BOWEL (our SMALL intestine), but we ONLY do this efficiently if our BOWEL is not FOULED by a thick layer of putrid, rubbery, cement like mucoid plaque thats been building up on its walls our entire lives, holding within it residue from every toxin we've ever been exposed to, creating an acidic internal condition that SETS US UP for EVERY SORT of Degenerative Disease including cancer, the Corona Virus and it It looks like this in the toilet bowl: 
HERE is how to remove it! By removing it, you will be able to optimally absorb vitamin C, vitamins A and D, Sodium Bicarbonate, all other vitamins, all trace minerals, amino acids, probiotics, hormones, etc that you also need for optimal health and to protect yourself from the Corona Virus!
By REMOVING your Foul Smelling Mucoid Plaque you'll once again have the ENERGY of an 11 year old (even if you're in your retirement years!
By REMOVING it, you will sleep much better at night REGARDLESS of what does or doesn't happen with this evil, man made Bioweapon and you'll have the strongest immune system so you won't get the virus!
By REMOVING it, you will have BOUNDLESS ENERGY, you'll be the ENVY of everyone around you, and you'll be able to help THEM to LAUGH at all the fear porn being heaped on us via the mainstream media!
 To jettison your mucoid plaque, you will need:
1. Intestinal Formula #1 
2. Intestinal Formula #2
3. Super Food Plus 
You'll also need a high speed blender such as a Vitamix, and you'll need to get a variety of organic fruits such as Grapefruit, Apples, Kiwis, Mangos, Papayas to make smoothies with to which you will add the Super Food Plus which is a powder made from the world's best superfoods (click on the link to see the complete discription.
You'll need to read Dr. Schultz "Quick Start Guide"
Start by taking Formula #1, Start with one capsule. Your goal is to have at least one no strain bowel movement per day. If one capsule is enough to do that, stick with that number, if you need more, add one additional capsule per night until you are having a minimum of one non strain bowel movement per day, and keep using that number of capsules throughout the 5 Day Bowel Cleanse, and keep in mind that it could take longer than 5 Days, it took me two weeks the first time I did it.
Once you are having at least one no strain bowel movement per day, start taking Formula #2 per the instructions, and start making and drinking your smoothies to which you will add the Super Food Plus.
The idea is to stimulate Peristalsis (Muscular Contractions of the Bowel that start loosening up the tenacious Mucoid Plaque which takes some effort to get loose from the walls of your small intestine so you can purge it from the body. Intestinal Formula #1 contains Senna and Cascarasagrada which trigger Peristalsis, along with other herbs that work well for this purpose. Intestinal Formula #2 contains Bentonite Clay (and herbs that work well synergistically with it) to pull heavy metals out of the Bowel. Read the descriptions of the three products at the links above to have a complete understanding.
From the Quick Start Guide you will see that they have three levels at which you can do this cleanse. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with. I have done the Advanced one more than once, and can walk you through the process.
You will know when you finally eliminate your Mucoid Plaque because you will see it in the toilet, (It looks just like the photo above) and you will smell it! It contains residue from every toxin you were ever exposed to in your life from chemicals in your environment, presciption and over the counter drugs you may have been on, and other sources! In my case, because I'd once been a boatbuilder exposed to such chemicals as acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, fiberglass resins and hardeners! Many boatbuilders get CANCER due to this! My energy level shot up to what I remembered it being when I was 11 years old and had BOUNDLESS ENERGY! it is WELL WORTH the EFFORT to jettison your mucoid plaque!
Once you've cleaned your "SEWER" (Small intestine) I'll be glad to work with you to help you also systematically cleanse your LIVER & GALLBLADDER, then your KIDNEYS and your BLOOD!
I do one quarter of this Dr. Schulze program every change of seasons, and this adds QUALITY YEARS to anyone's life! It also helps you to get the FULL VALUE of your SULFUR because now you can FULLY ABSORB IT!
Questions? Please call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time.
For Optimal Health & Healing,
John Hammell, CEO
Sulfur for Health
President- International Advocates for Health Freedom (Free Double Opt In Newsletter)