Masonic Mssg Denver Airport.... FDIC UNABLE TO INSURE OUR DEPOSITS..... Biowar Against Us


Theres a talented guitarist on the IAHF list who I'd like to refer to all of you because he has CDs of some of the most relaxing music you could ever listen to- please listen to some of his sample tracks at  I mention Yves Vincent because he's been helping me to remain calm, and we've been comparing notes as we methodically go about our business of preparing for what we both think are likely to be very hard times on the near horizon. I think one reason Yves is able to stay in that really calm, grounded headspace that he's in is because of the healing power of music.

So I wanted to begin this possibly disturbing message on this very positive note, and encourage you to come back to this at any time as you're reading the rest of my message if it helps to calm you because my goal here is not to anger or frustrate you, its to help you to the best of my ability as a friend.

My goal in writing this is not to ruin your day, or your summer- its just that those who fail to LEARN from history are all too often condemned to REPEAT history and in this case it could cost us our lives.

I know, it seems surreal to even ponder the POSSABILITY that in a few short weeks or months America and the whole western world could be in chaos, paralyzed by a the impact of a financial melt down worse than anything within the memory of anyone on the IAHF list- but the writing is very clearly on the wall, and if we just ignore the signs, frankly, we'd have no right to complain if the bank we have an account in closes its doors forever, and the FDIC was not able to insure the money.

We'd have no right to complain if we failed to get our money out NOW and put it into gold, silver, dietary supplements, groceries, seeds, barterable items, bear spray, and other items that could give us each a chance to be among the survivors when martial law comes down and military troops are going door to door forcing us out of our homes and onto trains bound for the concentration camps that Kellogg Brown & Root have been busy building for all of us (allegedly) "useless eaters."


The ruling elite proved to the world just how ruthless they are when they executed 911 where they murdered thousands of people inside the World Trade Center in order to create the pretext for invading Iraq, a country that never did a damn thing to us. These evil people, this Illuminati, take fiendish glee in warning us in advance of the evil acts they intend to carry out. From their standpoint, they always give us what they consider "fair warning." I think its probably their way of assuaging the remnants of a conscience that any of them may theoretically have.

For example- they warned us of their intention to kill large numbers of us via the satanic murals in the Denver Airport where murals show dead children, all girls, of different races the ruling elite wish to exterminate in caskets 

You can see the Masonic emblem on a plaque dedicating the Denver Airport, so they're very much in our faces with this stuff just like they were when they made the White House the base of a Goat of Mendez satanic Pentagram and put other Masonic Symbols including the square and the compass directly into the Street Layout and within the configuration of several monuments in Washington DC: (scroll past the ads to see the article).

They warned us yet AGAIN of their intention to kill 9 out of 10 of us via the Georgia Guidestones where they carved their evil message into solid granite in 8 different languages: 

You gonna just let them DO this to you and your family?

I don't know about you, but when I couple this information with the evidence from the FDIC that 36 different Banks have failed, including the two most recent ones on July 25th: (17 in July, and one so far today, August 1st ) and I toss in the numbers I sent you in my last alert which proves that the FDIC doesn't even remotely have the ability to insure the trillions of dollars on deposit in US banks (

I'm at a serious loss to understand the rationale of some people on the IAHF list who have their heads planted like ostriches very deeply in the sand who say stuff like this to me: " At 01:46 AM 8/1/2008, you wrote:

"I know a lot of smart people who agree yet I also know a lot of smart people who believe it's both useful and possibly valid to be optimistic. Time will tell." (as he goes back to sitting on his hands)

"Time will tell"??? Time already IS telling us that the dollar is in FREE FALL, right NOW!!

WAKEY WAKEY & TAKE STEPS TO PROTECT YOURSELF! Remember that guy who went by the psuedonym Dr.Ian Revson? The guy who was working for a Defense Contrator and who was trying to help us as a whistleblower to reverse engineer the nano particles that are being sprayed on us via the chemtrails? I just really HOPE he's only on vacation right now and didn't tell me he was going, because he has not been responding to email now in two weeks.

Was he rubbed out? Don't laugh, theres a long trail of dead microbiologists who've been probing the chemtrail issue. Ian is (or was) a pharmacologist specializing in bioinformatics. He was working closely with Clifford Carnicom, Dr.Staninger, and all of us on an annonymous basis attempting to cover his tracks in cyberspace by utilizing software downloaded from He told me his email was being tampered with- that it would sometimes take him 2-3 days to receive something, and some emails weren't getting through at all. Lets hope he wasn't just the latest scientist to die trying to help us. Ian- are you ok???


This is a reality check for those of you who haven't lifted a finger yet to take steps to survive if the banks all crash, the FDIC can't insure them, and you haven't yet taken your money out to put into Gold, Silver, Groceries, Supplements, and other supplies you might need to survive. Don't think for ONE SECOND that this might not happen to all of us, I am quite sure most of the people in New Orleans probably thought it would never happen to THEM, but look at this news footage and SHOW it to any family member or friend who you've been trying to wake up who is telling you you're crazy or who is just ignoring you:

MSNBC: Police and others all looting a Walmart

Elderly lady being STOMPED by police who broke into her home

ABC World News: National Guard Patrolling the City, Forcing People From Their Homes (including people on High Ground), Entering Houses with Guns Drawn, People being arrested for trying to protect their houses

CNN- Martial Law in New Orleans

Military Troops in New Orleans Note: Posse Commatatus had not been suspended at this time, but it has been since then by Bush, so now the troops have been totally unleashed on us without any restrictions. 

CNN: Killer Cops in New Orleans shot and killed an unarmed mentally retarded man

Look, friends- I care about all of you, but I can only do so much for you. I can work very hard to compile information like this in an effort to help as many of you as possible take the steps that I think would be wise to take under the circumstances, and I can try to help you awaken sleeping people- but you've got to MOVE the BRICK!

Do you hear me? I know a guy who kept a brick on his desk to REMIND him that he had to MOVE the BRICK to get the job done, whatever it was. (He'd been a bricklayer before doing an office job, but he kept that brick on his desk to remind himself to just DO what he HAD to do.)

In my opinion, Katrina was either intentionally steered to its landfall in New Orleans (as a test of FEMA by the ruling elite), or at the very least it was intentionally INTENSIFIED as it approached the city. There is ample documentation that the US Military has the ability to use weather as a weapon- to steer hurricanes, to trigger off floods, earthquakes, and tidal waves using HAARP, by ceding clouds and via other means shown via articles like this

Remember- Bush and Cheney are NOT running America, they're just puppets of the Illuminati which installed them on us- but they do have all kinds of things they could do to put us under martial law in the near future. We're ALREADY at war with IRAN, most of you just don't realize it yet- see  Scott Ritter's article posted on July 31st

The Illuminati could be planning a sequel to 911, or more than one sequel to get as many of our troops off our soil as humanly possible so they won't be here to defend us when they declare Martial Law.

They could trigger off an Avian Flu pandemic, and give us Avian Flu via weaponized bird flu that they created, and also via vaccines laced with bird flu which unsuspecting people might take, not realizing whats going on.

See Lorraine Day, MDs information: and Watch Dr. Scott Johnson's presentation: Avian Flu- Killer of Millions: He presents useful information, in a very calm, proactive manner its a tour de force encompassing a variety of valuable information. Unlike NSF's self serving sensationalistic CRAP, his information is actually USEFUL

After Katrina, members of Congress who looked into it were surprised to see that most of FEMA's budget is classfied information, and only a few members of Congress know anything about the covert purposes of FEMA (which is to kill 9 out of 10 of us). We saw how they acted in New Orleans where they did things like turn back hundreds of volunteers who had boats who wanted to help save people in New Orleans who were clinging to rooftops, and starving to death in attics, often in need of medical care. How many might have been saved if FEMA didn't have a genocide agenda?

A few years ago, when I lived in Virginia, I had lunch with someone on the IAHF list who used to work in the top echelon of FEMA. He lived in Front Royal VA where he was the headmaster of a Boarding School. He took that job after quitting FEMA, and he quit because he was one of the people tasked with implementing martial law. After having a tour of the concentration camps they intend to put most of us in, he quit, and became a whistleblower. Thats when he learned from friends still at FEMA that his name had been added to the red list of people to be rounded up in the middle of the night 2 weeks before martial law and executed.

He told me there was a good chance that my name is on that list to due to my work of opposing the New World Order via IAHF, so if I ever stop writing, I want you to know right now it won't be due to my taking a vacation, it will be because I've been murdered.


Theres safety in numbers. Please forward this after first remembering to delete the unsub link at the bottom. Anyone can sign on to the IAHF list at

If enough of us forward this and take steps to prepare, the ruling elite might begin to realize we're ready for them and it might delay their timetable, but don't count on that- prepare anyway:

Close any bank account that you can. If you can afford it, put your money into physical gold or silver, junk silver coins from a company such as Camino Coin Company would be good for barter- if you can't afford to do that, at least lay in a stock of the most nutritious food you can afford, and supplements to to boost your immune system. Also procure items you could use for barter purposes.

Bear Spray would help you defend your home from intrudurs who might try to steal your food. You'll have to decide yourself if you feel comfortable having firearms in your home. Night vision goggles and a gas mask could come in handy. 

Keep in mind that in a martial law situation, having a weapon could get you killed by military troops who are trigger happy and scared as they conduct door to door weapons searches. Most of you are no match for a group of professionally trained soldiers intent on coming in to your house.

My advice is that unless you have special weapons training and have turned your home into a fortress that would be much harder for troops to break into to cache your weapons so they can't be easily found, but so you can dig them up if needed.

If you live in a city, my advice it to either leave, or at the very least take steps to protect yourself such as those mentioned above, I realize not everyone can leave where they are. Ask yourself what you would do if your electricity or water were shut off? Could you catch rain water in rain barrels off your roof? Are there any springs or other potable water sources nearby that you could get to? Would you need to filter the water without the aid of electricity? Consider a Berkey water filter If you live somewhere in the desert, consider building a solar still:

Don't forget what I said at the beginning of this message about the soothing music you can get from Yves on his website at Listening to it could help you stay focused and calm while you prepare in case we end up under martial law because the writing is very much on the wall. None of us can ever say we were never warned.

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