New single from Swedish experimental lush-pop stars Hey Elbow!
Hey Elbow consists of Julia Ringdahl (vocals/guitar), Ellen Petersson (horns/electronics), and Liam Amner (drums). With a background in jazz and an ear for distortion they create eccentric pop music with a big sound.
"Tell Me” carries the weight of the last album’s multi-textured production with a commanding horn layered atop echoey vocals and synth-wrapped instrumentation. The result is a lush bout of dream-pop tinged by deep synths and orchestral sounds.
Judging from the reaktions on the 2 first singles from Hey Elbow’s upcoming second album, the world is in for a treat. The first single arrived just before the 3-piece did 3 crowded shows on the festival Iceland Airwaves. And just like that, they where back on the floating wave where their debut album ”Every Other” placed them 2 years ago and more than 50 shows later. 
Artist: Hey Elbow
Single: Tell Me
Label: Adrian Recordings

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"A little more straight-ahead than the tracks from Every Other yet still filled with intrigue and mess (thanks to Petersson's synth and horn genius), "Quest" really comes alive through a gorgeous extended outro filled with soaring vocals, rattling percussion and a dreamy ambient wash.” 
The Line of Best Fit
"Beautifully adorned and immediate, the new track takes little hints of The Knife’s crunchier moments and channels it in to something powerful and unhinged, the whole thing gleaming with sumptuous energy as it pours forwards.”
"Kicking off with a drum beat that might sound like a military march were it not so drenched in reverb, the track hits its stride with a spindly, Grizzly Bear-esque guitar lick, gradually picking up steam as Julia Ringdahl’s angelic vocals enter the picture. The band’s quirkiest lineup feature may be the inclusion of a full-time flugelhorn player, and the way Ellen Petersson decorates “Quest” with her triumphant brass notes proves itself to be a masterclass in restraint and tonal coloring.” 
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Hey Elbow's second album is out March the 16th.
With their foundations in jazz and musical education, combined with an interest in noise, improvisation and freedom, Hey Elbow make oddly haunting pop music with a unique, big and personal expression. None and all of the three members are fronting the band, a democratic philosophy that gives the flugelhorn as much space as the singing, the electronics and the drums.
19 jan, Eurosonic, Groningen (NL)
6 april, Oceanen, Göteborg (S)
7 april, Ideal Bar, Köpenhamn (DK)
12 april, Glivelab, Helsinki (FI)
13 april, Doris, Tampere (FI)
28 april, Pokalen, Oslo (NO)
more dates TBA
PS: There are a few copies of their debut album still available on vinyl in our webbshop:

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