IAHF List:

Please help Kevin Miller test his site at http://www.welltv.com I hooked him up with a volunteer at a vitamin company who is streaming his documentary from his server, but we're passing people through Kevin's site to get to it in order to test it, so please help out and alert all your friends and family world wide.

Also, if you live in the USA, please join with me in calling your congressman's district office to get an appointment to meet with them to explain why CAFTA must be killed when it comes to the House Floor after July 4th recess when they reconvene on July 11th.

Several of us are trying to get meetings, or at the very least to button hole our congressmen when they hold town meetings because we need to get them to watch Kevins documentary and also to understand our concerns about CAFTA, FTAA and CODEX.

If you would like to help , please email me and I will send you a sheet with talking points so you can go into a meeting with your congressman being well prepared. You won't be alone, several of us are making this effort due to whats at stake. I am writing this at midnight so am too tired to put the talking points together now, but if anyone wants to help with this all important project, now is the time to step forward and be counted.

Please email me at jham @iahf.com and in the subject line put MEETING WITH CONGRESSMAN and I'll send you an email with talking points.