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- December 2000 - 

Volume 1, Issue 10; December 2000


EditorialHave a happy Christmas!

Christmas is but days away and many of us are looking forward to the peace and relaxation of this holiday time. Many more islanders are about at this time of the year, the carpark at Church Point is chock-a-block, the bins on the jetties are overflowing and there are some waterway ragers disturbing your quiet. In the true spirit of Christmas why not relax and just enjoy our corner of paradise and forget about the trivialities of day to day living! May 2001 see you and your family in great health and sufficient prosperity to enjoy all the benefits of living in our beautiful part of the world. 

Please Note: You will get two copies of this newsletter. One will be in full colour with all the bells and whistles. The other in plain text for those of you who prefer it that way, or have no choice :) 

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Water Supply - Council Determination

Pittwater Council has determined that Scotland Island will be provided with a back up water supply that will be established and managed by a trust to be established by our community. The new system will comply with Australian plumbing standards. Sewer disposal will remain as on site. During the next few months, residents will be invited to contribute their expertise to the trust so as to quickly bring the water supply, now in a parlous state, up to state quality standards.

It is important to note that these improvements to the water supply are only an interim measure and that the long term plan is for water and sewerage reticulation to be provided by Sydney Water. Don't hold your breath or your water!

Carols at Carols - a report

A happy group of residents and friends celebrated Christmas in the park adjacent to Carols Wharf last Sunday evening. It was the culmination of lots of hard work by Allyson Martin and we were all blessed with a perfect evening. Proceeds from the hamper raffle went to the pre-school funds. Santa made his appearance (ably played by one of the Scotland Island Players finest!) much to the delight of the crowd. Well done Allyson.

Unlicensed vehicles - Police inspection

The Water police are most concerned at the number of unlicensed vehicles on the island and are planning an unannounced visit in January. Well - it was unannounced, but you have now seen it here - so beware! There is an $800 fine for such vehicles and the police are prepared to grant an amnesty for the month of January 2001. Get in touch with the police to arrange an on-island inspection.

Planning a Burn-off?

An important reminder to all residents and visitors. Burning off rubbish is TOTALLY forbidden at this time of the year. Permission in writing may be granted in special circumstances - ring John Christie (02-9999-3313) or Bruce at the Fire Shed (02-9999-4404) to make enquiries. And one more note - if you are thinking that a little burn-off on the beach might be ok, you are mistaken. There is a $800 fine for unapproved burnings.

The local guide

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Government Organisations:

Local Transport:

  • Buses and Ferries: Sydney Buses and Ferries
  • Water Taxi: Pink Water Taxi
  • Church Point Ferries (02) 9999-3492
  • Scotland Island Community Vehicle 1800-069-592
  • Land Taxi Manly Warringah Cabs (02) 9997-9111

Airlines, Buses and Railways

Tides for this week and month:

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