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Please note that I have added two new pieces of information to this newsletter.  Most of the books we review are in hardcover; but we also review reprints and original paperbacks.  If the book is now available as a paperback, I've included the notation (PB);  if available in Kindle format, I have included the notation (K); and, if available as hardcover, then I've included an (HC). Most seem to have the indication of (HC,K) meaning it is in hardcover and Kindle format. It surprised me that nearly all of these books are  available in Kindle format. I hope this is helpful to you.

Speaking of the Kindle... Amazon announced the third generation Kindle this week... it's lighter, better contrast, improved design and the best news is that the Wi-Fi version is available for only $139.  I feel as I can finally advocate for this device.  I was an early adopter and bought the first generation when I still had to travel for my job.  It worked but I didn't feel strong enough about it to really push it.  I think this new size and price and design may be just the ticket... I'm putting my old Kindle up for sale on e-Bay and getting in queue for the new one. Can't wait!

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