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 December 2012
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Let's Talk Minyan: Library Minyan General Meeting February 2, 2013
The Library Minyan needs your input, ideas, advice and involvement. Please attend the next General Meeting of the Library Minyan on Shabbat, February 2, 2013, following services and a co-sponsored kiddush. All Library Members are welcome. If you have suggestions regarding agenda topics, please email Scott Taryle. If you would like to be a co-sponsor for the kiddush on that date, please contact Hospitality and Social Chair Carl Sunshine.
Shabbat Dinners In Neighborhood Homes
The Diaspora Potluck Committee is excited to announce the third annual Shabbat Dinners in Neighborhood Homes will take place on January 25, 2012. We received positive feedback from people who participated in last year’s dinners. One of the benefits of these potluck dinners is getting acquainted with people we see across the room, or even sit near to, but don’t really know. Both hosts and guests will have a chance to make new friends. and know that many of you have been hoping that we’d organize this program again. Both Minyan regulars and newcomers can sign up as guests. Guests will be enrolled on a first come, first served basis. So please sign up as soon as possible and by December 28 at the latest. Please contact event coordinator, Susan Grinel. You can also call her at 310 838-5366. Val Goldstein is also involved in the planning and available to answer questions.
Meetings With the Architects
A small group from the Library Minyan recently met with the architects handling the Main Sanctuary renovation, to convey and solicit suggestions for refurbishing the Dorff-Nelson Chapel. Although there are no definite plans for improving the Chapel at this point, the meeting was held to explore ideas. The participants and architects noted many good things about the room that they wanted to retain, like a central bimah, center-facing seating, good acoustics, and comfortable pews.
Some of the suggestions included refurbishish the upholstery, carpets, and wood finishes, addding art or colors to the walls, improving the lighting to reduce shadows, brightening the stained glass illumination, making the bimah wheelchair accessible, and adding an audio system for the hearing impaired.
The architects will return with some suggestions and maybe illustrations in mid-January. If you have ideas, or would like to attend the next meeting on this subject, please inform Larry Harris, Robert Pflug, or Carl Sunshine.
Yeshar Koach, Torah Fasters.
As most of you know, on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, a sefer Torah fell from the aron in the Library Minyan, breaking one of its etzei chaim. In response, Senior Rabbi Adam Kligfeld called upon members of the Temple Beth Am community to volunteer to fast in shifts for 40 days, excluding Fridays, Shabbatot, and holidays. Over 90 people from the Library Minyan, from the greater Temple Beth Am community, and from beyond our shul volunteered to take part in the experience.
At a December 6, 2012 siyum, the end of the fasting was marked by compilations of written thoughts and impressions contributed by the fast participants, divrei Torah presented by Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky of B'nai David-Judea and our own Joel Grossman, Rabbi Kligfeld, and Rabbi Ari Lucas, a break-the-fast meal, and the dancing of hakafot with the repaired sefer Torah. A big yeshar koach is in order for all who participated in the fast and helped to turn an unfortunate event into a community building experience.
Mishna study 9:20
Tefillot begin 9:45
Temple Beth Am
Dorff-Nelson Chapel
1039 S. La Cienega Blvd, 90035
Az Yashir ....
The Shabbat on which we read parashat Beshallach is known as "Shabbat Shirah," because it contains the song ("shir") sung by the Israelites at the Red Sea. In honor of this year's Shabbat Shirah, January 26, 2013, Lida Baker has arranged a very musical davening experience to be led by Lida, Joel Stern, Robert Pflug, and Bobbi Jacobsen.  Please come prepared for some beautiful singing.
Ashrei for Your Child's  Birthday
The Library Minyan would love to see your children on the bimah to lead Ashrei any time of year, but this can be a particularly meaningful way to mark your child's birthday.  The musaf psalm may be led by pre-bar mitzvah age children and is a great way for them to build confidence and feel involved in shul. For this or other ways for your child to participate in the Minyan, contact Youth Chairs Sandra Lepson and Paul Miller.  
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