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- August 2001 -

The newsletter of the Scotland Island Residents Association   Volume 2, Issue 18; August 2001








I hope you like the new masthead and footer. Nice to have a change occasionally... As we continue to enjoy some of the best winter weather I can remember in many years let us keep in mind the need for great vigilance in keeping the bush away from our homes and our gutters cleared of leaves. These dry conditions could easily spark a fire and winter is no excuse to relax our care in this matter. And try to keep that tank full, not just for your own domestic use but also in case of a major fire. The brigade will thank you!

In this Issue:

Learning music on the Internet

I am currently running a pilot which investigates the feasibility of teaching guitar (and ultimately other subjects) on the Internet. Anyone who would like to have some guitar lessons from a competent tutor without leaving the comfort of their home can apply for a (free) subscription.

This is not just about downloading some stuff from the net, it is an actual lesson where the students talk to the teacher live and in real time and get resources, help and advice when they are online. The system works via Instant Messaging such as ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger. There is no cost involved in the setup. Just a few technicalities to solve. This usually can be done in about 15 minutes.

To start the lessons please send email to and you will receive all instructions you need to get playing and learning. No age and proficiency limits at this stage.

Energy Smart Meeting

Did you know that the average household emits around twice as much greenhouse gas as the average family car - roughly 8 tonnes per year? Join us at the CEC to learn from energy experts >how to save $100's each year on your energy bills, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions - JUST BY LIVING ENERGY SMART! The "How To Live Energy Smart" Community Meeting will be held at the Coastal Environment Centre, Lake Park Road North Narrabeen from 6-8pm on Thursday, 30 August.  Enquiries: Jane Baxter, Tel: 9970 6905.  

Dogs Day Out

Woof!Its fun, it's informative, and it's the event of the year for dogs and their owners! There will games and competitions, stall and exhibitions, people to meet, food to eat, and prizes galore! So don't miss DOGS DAY OUT - DOG DAY BY THE BAY - at Rowland Reserve, Bayview, from 10am-3pm, Sunday 9 September. Enquiries: 9970 1144.

Commercial Boat Hire

Pittwater Council are preparing to call for Tenders for the Commercial Boat Hire of non-powered watercraft in Pittwater. This may be of interest to those of us that are of an entrepreneurial nature and live on the island. Watch for further information or contact Emily Craig on 9970 1355.  

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Scotland Island FairAll the fun of the fair!

The Scotland Island Fair is on again and this year the date is Sunday, 25 November 2001. Start planning your stall/display/activity NOW! The organising committee for the Fair is down to two people and we need help, so if you have any ideas or a little time to help with the planning, please telephone Jenny on 99793777 or email

Church Point Wharf

Having spent a huge amount of time designing a wharf that would more successfully meet the community’s  needs and the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act, the four Associations presented the results to our three area Councillors (Patricia Giles, Stuart Burley, Bob Dunbar), plus Lynne Czinner and Council executives Angus Gordon, Chris Hunt and David Lyall. The criticisms were minor, mainly aesthetic.  The community addressed the design as needing to fit in with the Church Point precinct – a longer term line of thinking. As usual, cost was raised, that is, whether the community preferred design was more expensive than the council preferred design. Council is carrying out a cost comparison and the two groups will meet again when these costs have been assessed

Mona Vale HospitalMona Vale Hospital is SICK! 

This Sunday the ‘Pub to Pub’ race is on (DY Hotel to the Newport Arms) – starting at 8.30 am. The Save Mona Vale Hospital Committee is taking the opportunity to gain good publicity through assisting in the conduct of the race under the theme ‘Keep our Hospitals Running’. The ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ night was a great success.  The film was excellent – a lot of fun.  And we raised around $1300.

We have now completed the major document ‘An Integrated Health Care System for the Northern Beaches Community’, a draft discussion paper which includes the preferred Options for the Hospital element of the Health Care system. This will be launched to a wide range of key people on Thursday 13th September at Manly Golf Club. 

Our research continues to show that MV Hospital is very near the Transport Centre of the Northern Beaches (approx. 5 minutes), and will get closer in the years ahead as the population centre moves North due to greater population density increases in the Pittwater area. We’ll report following the launch.

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