April 28, 2011  
SB 1656 has been placed on the Special Order Calendar for tomorrow.  If it is heard, then it should go to the floor for voting by the full Senate on Monday.
This bill will allow students with disabilities on a 504 Plan to access McKay Scholarship. 
We have opposition in the Senate to this bill.  We are not sure why a senator would resist a bill that allows children with disabilities to have more options when a school can't meet their needs, but so it is.
We must make our voice be heard by the senators.  Please do the following:
  1)  Have ALL of your parents call your  
   local senator.
It is easy to find your Senator.  When you click the link below, you will see the picture to the right.  Click on Find Your Representative and follow the directions. The senators' contact info will be under the representatives' info.

We Need Emails and Phone Calls NOW
Subject Line of Email:
   Please Vote for SB 1656– McKay Scholarships
   Phone and/or email should use the following points:
   1)  Identify yourself.  If you have a child with a disability, in one  
        sentence, describe the disability.  If you use the McKay Scholarship,
        in one sentence, tell how much of a difference it has made.  If  
        your child was ever on a 504 plan, make that point.
   2)  Ask your senator to vote for SB 1656 so that parents of
        children with disabilities may have more options for their child's
   3)  This bill  should be supported because:
           a)  Students on a 504 plan have disabilities;
           b)  Parents need options when the public school is not able
                to meet their child's needs;
           c)  There will be no fiscal impact to the state or district budget
                but the impact on children will be enormous.
   End with a plea for your senator to vote for children with disabilities.
   Sign your name and city.
The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools
drills@talstar.com   www.mckaycoalition.com
(850) 893-2216