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IAHF List:  This entire alert should be pondered against the backdrop of this article and cartoon: US Government Busts Monsanto for Bribery....
If you lack the time to read this entire alert, please at least scroll to the bottom where in RED you'll see a link to click on to TAKE ACTION against HR 875 which threatens to destroy organic farming in America and even to target backyward gardeners!!! (Please do so REPEATEDLY even if you already have!)
See this article "Obma Targets Food Safety"
See what he's saying about his daughter and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? He has no clue whats contained within the Monsanto driven language of HR 875, the so called "Food Safety Modernization Act" which has language so overly broad, and so dangerous it could drive every organic farmer in America out of business, and even be used to target backyard gardeners, ironically, even including his own wife who just created an organic "victory garden" on the South Lawn of the White House:
As I hope you can see from the Washington Post article above, there will be HUGE PRESSURE on Obama to sign a "Food Safety" bill into law, and all of us are going to have to work OVERTIME to get the dangerous language stripped out of these bills BEFORE they reach his desk, because if we DON'T, mark my words, he WILL SIGN this bill into law, his wife's organic garden notwithstanding, due to the enormous political pressure on him.
In an effort to apply pressure on DeLauro directly from Obama and his wife, today I contacted Alice Waters, owner of Chez Pannisse Restaurant in Berkeley, CA who directly influenced Michelle Obama to create her organic "victory garden" on the white house lawn. I learned from communicating with the restaurant that Waters is well aware of the dangers lurking within HR 875 and related so called "Food Safety" bills, but that she was grappling with exactly how to go about approaching Michelle Obama about this due to the sensitivity of the situation.
I'm trying to light a fire under her ass by telling her flat out what our political reality here is and why it would be a mistake to assume that just because his wife wouldn't want it that he won't sign this bill into law.
I'm also contacting all the organic gardening clubs in Connecticut, especially in DeLauro's district, and also those within the Districts of the cosponsors of HR 875 and related Food Safety bills, if you'd like to help me do this please send a quick email to me at and in t he subject line put "want to help" and your phone #.
I'm also urging ALL of you to utilize the TAKE ACTION info at th end of this mssg.
Congresswoman Rosa De Lauro, sponsor of HR 875 The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 belongs in jail along with her husband (Stanley Greenberg) owner of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. This is one of the worst conflicts of interest I've ever seen regarding a piece of legislation. 
Right on the front page of Greenberg's website it lists Monsanto as a client.  (Greenberg's consulting firm provides research to corporations and to political campaigns to help them with "strategic decisions." I notice that his firm has in particular assisted numerous Democratic members of Congress with their elections. This fact is NOT going to help us get any justice from the House Committee of Standards of Official Conduct which is chaired by Democrat Zoe Lofgren with Jo Bonner as the ranking Republican member.)
HR 875 directly benefits Monsanto by stopping organic farmers from saving seeds. It imposes a level of red tape that no small farmer could possibly afford to comply with- threatening to impose gigantic fines of a million dollars a day or 10 years in prison for non- compliance.
Below you'll find a solid analysis of the bill that I haven't previously provided, and below that see how you can communicate with the House Committe on Standards of Official Conduct to raise hell about the inherent conflict of interest De Lauro is caught in vis a vis her husband's firm's business relationship with Monsanto since Monsanto would directly benefit from passage of this bill.

Watch how they will be able to easily criminalize seed banking and all holding of seeds. First, to follow how this will be done, you must understand that:

1. there is a small list inside the FDA called "sources of seed contamination" and

2. the FDA has now defined "seed" as food,

3. so seeds can now be controlled through "food safety."

Those seeds (so far) include:

*seeds eaten raw such as flax, poppy sesame, etc.;
*sprouting seeds such as wheat, beans, alfalfa, most greens, etc.;
* seeds pressed into oils such as corn, sunflower, canola, etc.;
*seeds used as animal feed such as soy ....

That includes most seeds. It may even be all seed, given how they are skilled at 'new' definitions.

And what are the "sources of seed contamination" inside the FDA? They include only six little items:

-agricultural water
-manure (but not chemical pesticides or fertilizers)
- transporting equipment
- seed cleaning (sorting) equipment
-seed storage (storing) facilities

Did you know that seed cleaning equipment is THE single most critical piece of equipment for sustainable agriculture? It is how we collect organic seed. It is the machinery used after the season, when plants "go to seed," to separate out (sort) the seeds from the plant material so the farmer can collect (harvest) and then save (put in storage) seed for the next year at little cost. With his own seed, the farmer also stays free of patented, genetically engineered, corporately privatized seeds.

This year, 2009, one item on the "sources of seed contamination" list is suddenly illegal in some parts of this country - seed cleaning equipment.

To get the drift, perhaps you need to know that the people who clean seed are being wiped out, as well.

How can they make such vital equipment illegal? Quietly, first of all, so as not to alert organic farmers who have a lot of political ties. And by saying it contaminates food. And by applying their innocent and reasonable sounding "minimum standards."

"Contaminate" is their favorite word since the public fears the deadly contamination that industry itself - not farmers - has caused. That fear is valuable. Scare the public and it is easy to get "food safety standards" set without anyone reading them. 39 progressive co-sponsors leap on, thinking this is about "food safety." But it is only about the use of "food safety," not the reality of it

For to eliminate seed cleaning equipment, the FDA simple set minimum "food safety" standards for seed cleaning (the simple separation of seed from plant) such that a farmer would need a million to a million and a half dollar building and/or equipment to meet the new requirements ... per line of seed.

On the ground, where reality lives, a farmer in the midwest who has been seed cleaning flax for 40 years with his hand made seed cleaner now can't sell his flax on the market anymore. Never mind there are NO instances of anyone ever having gotten sick from seed cleaning equipment. And a farmer in another part of the midwest who has been cleaning wheat, corn and soy for years with one single perfectly fine piece of equipment would now need three to four and half million dollars for three separate pieces of equipment, in order to satisfy the "food safety" standards.

The FDA isn't so high-bar setting when it comes to other things like melamine in baby formula. Though it has proven to sicken and kill infants, initially the FDA just denied the melamine was in all the corporate baby formula but when people found evidence that it was, the FDA then quickly supplied a "food safety" standard that defined whatever level of melamine that was in the formula as fine.

This game playing about "food safety" standards - one to eliminate farmers by setting the bar so high no one can climb, and one to protect industry by setting the bar so low nothing need be done - is nothing new but now it is being suddenly extended to seeds. And it comes with penalties that make bankrupting farmers in an instant, very easy.

The effort to eliminate both seed cleaners and seed cleaning equipment tips us off to who is behind this (shhh) and to this new means of controlling seeds and makes it possible to see just a few suspect words in this bill, and sense where things are heading.

Organic farmers are not aware of any of this happening. It appears the organic community is being treated with kid gloves until HR 875 and related bills should be passed, coddled so they don't get wise to what's afoot. And they are too disconnected from traditional farmers to be aware of how the USDA has been tromping on them for years.

So organic farmers have missed the handwriting on the wall for themselves.

Plus, plain ole farmers have a history of no one listening to them, which is too bad in general but now it's blatantly dangerous because it is they who are the ones bringing the warning that these bills are not just bad but deadly. The organic community, lulled by its own seeming safety, hasn't heard or understood.

But given what just happened with seed cleaning equipment (sorting), the method and the intent are exposed. "Food safety" is the weapon, with public fear, kept at a high pitch, as the driver. After which, those running this game only need to set the bar at a "food safety" level impossible to meet and apply horrendous punishments for not complying. Farmer is either crushed by that pincer move, or quits. Either way, his land is up for grabs.

And those severe punishments are essential to control groups which will see the whole thing for what it is - insane in terms of farming and anything to do with health, a threat to survival, and driven solely by profit and power.

So, one crucial piece of equipment (seed cleaning) is illegal now and without most people realizing. And simply because a single "foods safety" bar has been raised.

In time, as more and more farmers are forbidden from using their equipment, significant sources of organic seeds will begin to dry up, at which point the organic community would begin to ask what was going on. By then, it will be too late.

Why? Because look at the last item on the list - (seed) storing facilities.

Farmers, gardeners, seed saving exchanges, seed companies, scientific seed projects, and seed banks, all require sorting. All are working overtime to protect biodiversity that is rapidly disappearing specifically because of genetic engineering. As Monsanto began reducing access to seeds, people around the world have worked hard to compensate.

But now the effort is to take over the whole game, going after even these small sources of biodiversity - by simply defining seeds as food and then all farmers' affordable mechanisms for harvesting (collecting), sorting (seed cleaning) and storing (seed banking or saving) as too dirty to be safe for food.

Set the standard for "food safety" and certification high enough that no one can afford it and punish anyone who tries to save seed in ways that have worked fine for thousands of years, with a million dollar a day fine and/or ten years in prison, and presto, you have just criminalized seed banking.

The penalties are tremendous, the better to protect us from nothing dangerous whatsoever, but to make monopoly over seed absolutely absolute. One is left with control over farmers, an end to seed exchanges, an end to organic seed companies, an end to university programs developing nice normal hybrids, and an end to democracy - reducing us to abject dependence on corporations for food and gratitude even for genetically engineered food and at any price.

When you know that Monsanto, with the help of the US government, plundered ancient and rare seed banks in Iraq that held seeds with a genetic heritage (a biohistory belonging to all of us) going back 1000s of years and then made it a crime for farmers there to collect or use their own normal and non-patented seeds off their own land, you see how extreme the intent to control is.

Now, perhaps it is possible to see how the identical thing is being done here, only it comes in a heavily, heavily disguised way - through "food safety" that isn't "food safety" at all - and quietly sitting in only one tiny little paragraph within a very large bill (and with no reference to seeds at all).

The Iraqis are now utterly at the mercy of Monsanto and the US for survival itself and will have to pay whatever prices are set for food. They can no longer just grow their own and be free people. So, no matter what form of government they may ever have, as long as this is true, they are now enslaved because the control over them is that extreme. Kissinger was right - control food and you control people.

We are inches from this ourselves. The Left needs to wake up.

In Afghanistan, people are buying and planting beans from America which at the end of the season have nothing whatever inside, the pods are empty. In Ecuador, the potatoes there do not develop eyes so can't be planted next season to grow potatoes.

Biotech's claim to care about feeding starving multitudes is belied by its blocking human access to normal seeds and its terminator technology (empty beans). Monopoly is monopoly is monopoly. And at this level, and when it comes to seeds which are life itself, monopoly terminates democracy as well as beans.

This trick of setting bars above any ability to be in the game was done to blacks and in realizing this, we must hold Obama accountable for pushing these bills which are profound civil and human rights abuses.

There are three other items of the list which surely will be controlled as well. In that little list of six items (agricultural water, manure, harvesting, transporting and seed cleaning equipment, and seed storage facilities) contains the pieces to deconstruct farming itself,

Take action -- click here to contact your local newspaper or congress people:

Immediately withdraw HR 875, SR 425, HR 814, HR 759, and all related bills. They are intended to destroy small farmers and will trap us into GMOs

Click here to see the most recent messages sent to congressional reps and local newspapers

Linn Cohen-Cole


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