Volume I     Issue 3 July 30, 2007

In The Spotlight:
Looping Starship

(AKA Space Shuttle) 

Our next attraction spotlight feature is Looping Starship.   Now known as the Space Shuttle, Looping Starship was added to the park for the 1985 season and was considered a very thrilling ride at the time.

 Over the years, the ride has been renamed, rethemed, and moved.   Check out the spotlight on Looping Starship for all the details and pictures of the ride's history at the park. 

Did You Know?

The Monkees filmed a music video at the park...

During their comeback in the 80's when MTV began airing Monkees episodes, the original group members toured the country, and one stop was Great Adventure.  They enjoyed playing at the park so much that they chose to come back to the park and perform a second time to film a video for their new single. 

 Check out "That Was Then, This Is Now" on YouTube!

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