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New Beads
32 Large Striking 12mm Rainbow Calsilica
33 Rainbow Calsilica Barrel - An Explosion of Color!
39 Large Subtle Carnelian Beads - 10mm
Large Soft Pink 10mm Agate Beads
6 Large Pyrite Green Aventurine Button - Heavy!
Magnificent Carved Blue Agate Flower Bead - Heavy!
36 Sparkling FAC Vintage Rose Pink AB Crystal
Unusual Large Honeycombe Mother of Pearl Beads
Sleek Diamond Mother of Pearl
Dreamlike Ivory Flower Shell Beads
25 Large Faceted Lava Nugget Beads - Heavy!

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Wedding Beads

Every bride wants to look her best, irrespective of cost. I know, I used to photograph thousands of weddings.

The bridal market is huge, with the average wedding costing US$20,000, that's over £12,000. Don’t miss out - get in now!

There are many ways beads can add an individual touch to a wedding, apart from the bride. Beaded jewelry is needed for the bride & groom’s mothers’, the bridesmaids, special friends, and just about every lady attending:

Bridal Jewelry
White or subtle shades of pink freshwater pearls are ideal. One strand will make three or four floating necklaces. These are popular for weddings, giving the appearance of floating on a fine wire. Beads are crimped in place either individually or in small groups, single or multi-stranded. Freshwater pearl earrings are inexpensive or you can make them yourself with sterling silver wire.

Beading for Gowns
The favorites for beading gowns are tiny 3mm Swarovski crystals, small shiny beads, light-reflecting coating, and silver-lined seed beads. The aurora borealis effect from many gemstones is striking. All these add interest to the dress and look great on the photographs, especially as the wedding photographer will feature the bride’s and bridesmaid’s gowns.

You can sew subtle little shapes, like flowers or butterflies, onto the gown with tiny seed beads. Longer patterns running right down the length of the dress look effective too. Keep the bead color the same or similar to the gown, so as not to distract from the dress’s elegance.

What bead pattern is best?
Try to match the pattern in gown’s detail, to that on the tiara. If you have a floral design in your gown, look for a similar headpiece. A modern, plain white gown usually looks best with a tiara with straight lines or a geometric pattern.

Bridal Tiara Designs
Match details of the dress and tiara. If the dress has pearls or crystals, select a tiara with pearls or crystals. However, a tiara with only crystals or rhinestones will match any gown. Pearl tiaras go well with off-white or ivory gowns, and compliment a pearl necklace or earrings.

Make sure all the pieces of the bridal ensemble work together and that no one piece overwhelms another. Brides with short hair look fabulous wearing a tiara too – but choose a lighter one that needs only a few pins to hold it in place. Like a headband style or a more petite shape.

A tiara should draw attention to the bride’s face by framing it. The wrong shape tiara can make the face look too long and thin, or too short and full.

Matching the face:

Matching the gown:

Gift Ideas
A nice necklace, or bracelet and earrings will complement the bride or bridesmaids dresses’. If you know the bride to be, incorporating beads into her wedding will bring unexpected joy. Like time together planning unique designs.

Other excellent lasting and unusual thank you gifts are: