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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
July 15, 2010
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia


MEETING SUNDAY 18th JULY 2010 at 10.00am

A meeting will be held at Tennis Court Wharf this Sunday at 10.00am to discuss the replacement of the existing community commuter pontoon with a new concrete one which we plan to reposition to enable better access at low tide. Work starts this week on the new Ferry pontoon and we would like to coordinate some of the work involved on the new community pontoon at the same time.

All boat owners who use the community pontoon should attend on Sunday morning as we need to ensure that every boat currently tied up is known by owners name and registration and ensure all boats have a mooring.

If you are unable to attend or you know of a current user who is away please let me know by phoning Colin on 99793301.

We will require help by boat owners when we come to install the new community pontoons and this will be discussed at the meeting.

The old pontoon is very close to “past used by date” so it is important we install the new one as quickly as possible.

Look forward to seeing you there on Sunday

The Tennis Court Wharf Coordination Group

In Memory of Joe and Betty Ramon

"Hello Darling"
by Trilby Bond – March 2005

One of Scotland Island’s best loved personalities, Hello Darling, has died at an indeterminate age. He was the most highly regarded feathered friend of many balcony occupiers on the Island.

Blessed with handsome looks and a cheeky disposition, he arrived on the island as a young Galah apppoximately 13 years ago. His past history, and upbringing can only be guessed at. His “escape” from the mainland to find refuge on our island is to be wondered at. He arrived exhausted and dehydrated - but
with the help of Joe and Betty Ramon soon regained strength and quickly announced to all and sundry that he was Hello Darling.

In his initial years Hallo Darling flitted from balcony to balcony, happy to be stroked on the head and back or to walk onto the palm of one’s hand and up on to one’s shoulder. He would cockily introduce himself by saying ‘allo darling’ with a strong Ocker twang.

Overseas and mainland visitors were amazed and delighted to observe him having refreshment of a  Guinness; but needless to say they were even more incredulous when he introduced himself.

He was quite a stud and every breeding season would arrive on the balcony to show off his latest bird - the only problem was that his lady friends were not so keen on the idea, wondering why their bloke couldn’t just socialise with his feathered mates, rather that associate with us human lot. Fortunately this did
not deter Hello Darling - he was the boss.

Over the years Hello Darling became wilder and rather crotchety. He had an encounter with a possum over territorial rights to a tree hole; receiving a wound to one leg which left him with a permanent limp and severe arthritis. His cantankerousness came in the form of nipping people if they tried to get too personal in their approach. His beak was strong so once bitten twice shy. His presence commanded respect. His popularity waned through his reputation and his visits became less frequent as he aged. However, he never totally lost touch and balcony occupiers were always relieved to hear his chirpy ‘allo darling’, reassuring us that he was still around.

His body was recently found in Katherine Park but the cause of his death is unknown.

Hello Darling will be sadly missed by at least 4 mates, 16 fledglings, 64 grandfledglings, and most of all by Joe and Betty, his favourite long time balcony friends who fed, cared and nursed him through a period of l3 years on Scotland Island.

Island Cafe
It’s on

Sunday 10am to 12pm Catherine Park – coffee, hot chocolate, cakes and raisin toast.
Bring your own cup for a discount.


Island Cafe Interim Marketing Consultants

Farewell to the Boococks

Come and join us in the park on Sunday 1st August
to say goodbye to the Boococks who are deserting us for a slightly larger island to our east.

Janet and Paul have been island residents since 1987 and we’d love you to join us to say goodbye and wish them well.

Their new venture is an upmarket B&B, ‘The Old Cheese Factory’, 10 kms north of Kaikoura on the South Island of New Zealand.

Bring some food to share and a bottle of whatever to Catherine Park around 1 pm and we’ll have the barbecue ready if required.

Look forward to seeing you,
Louise Roberts 99795228

Peninsula Music Club
50th Anniversary Concert and Party

Peninsula Music Club's 50th Anniversary Concert and Party will be held on Sunday 25th July at 2.30pm, at Loquat Valley School, 1977 Pittwater Road Bayview.

Featuring two of our own Northern Beaches regular ensemble performers Carlos Alvarado Musical Director and Conductor of Manly Warringah Choir, who will step down from the podium, and Alexandra Loukianova concertmaster of Manly Warringah Choir, joining her husband, to perform a wonderful varied program of traditional works as well as more popular repertoire of solos and duets on piano, violin, guitar and voice.

Come along and help cut the cake and celebrate with us this terrific milestone for the Northern Beaches and classic music.

Tickets $20 Enquiries 9999-1937.
Tickets are available at the door."

Peninsula Music Club
Janice Tuynman

Dry July… we’re doing it on Scotland Island.
Going dry for cancer sufferers: www.dryjuly.com

If you haven’t heard, we’re a team of 7 raising money for adults living with cancer. We put down the glass on the 1st July. We’re asking YOU, our big-hearted neighbours of Pittwater, to help us succeed.

On writing this we’ve raised $661. We want to reach at least $1000. Can you spare a few dollars? (Maybe the cost of a bottle of wine? A six-pack?)
You’ll feel GREAT knowing you’re helping some troubled lives.

Help us reach (and fingers crossed exceed) $1000. It’s easy. Just go to the secure SIPPS donation page:

(All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.
Your donation online can be completely anonymous or visible to all your friends.)

Tracy Ponich (and the SIPPS team)

Church Point Carpark Fees Comments

I phoned Mark Ericcson (8th July) with some questions and these were the answers.
  • Parking motor bikes in designated area only is FREE! (is that thanks to you Whitey?)
  • No you cannot park you bike next to your car even if there is room.
  • He has promised to look at the question of a refund should you leave the area before expiry date of permit.
  • On- shore residents will pay 10% more for a permit because they have to pay the GST but off-shore dont.
Teresa Valenti

Aardvark Casting
Free Registration Sunday 18th July at S.I. Kindergarten

For those of you who are thinking of coming on Sunday, don't forget to contact Barbara before you come.

Plus the Aardvark Casting agreement must be signed (by a parent/guardian in a child's case) before we can take a photo of your child.  No agreement, no photo.

So parents, can you either accompany your child on Sunday or print out the following forms and send them with your child filled in and signed.

We look forward to seeing you there!

You can download the Guide and registration Form here.

Celebrate 200 years of Settlement, Why?
The Island still has a thief amongst us.


This Saturday 10/7 I went to collect newspaper at 0930am to discover yet again it had been STOLEN.

My Friday newspaper was still there awaiting collection. I work a variety of shifts so am not able to meet the ferry when newspapers are delivered, so often I will collect Thursday through to Sundays papers on Sunday.

I am yet to receive a full week of newspaper deliveries that I pay for as SOMEBODY HAS STOLEN THEM. I have left notices in the ferry shed but to no avail MY NEWSPAPERS KEEP GETTING STOLEN.

So now I have resorted to the  newsletter in the hope of pricking your conscious to restore community spirit and STOP THIEVING.


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