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IAHF List: French Historian Alexis de Tocqueville once said  Alexis de Tocqueville

“America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

In this expose of Michelle (Michael) Obama, we can hear C-Span Footage of Obama referring to his wife as "Michael". We also have a very careful assessment of this massive coverup.
Friends, the retired law enforcement person who created this expose of "the first Drag Queen" worked for seven and a half years in Trinidad, Colorado, the sex change capital of America. He has a lot of experience in spotting transgendered people because a huge number of people came to Trinidad for the purpose of having "gender reassignment surgery."
Openly gay politicians such as Barney Frank (D- MA) don't bother me nearly as much as closeted gay politicians like Obama and his "wife" Michael, because the banksters and shadow government scum who seek to destroy America can get all the mileage they could possibly want out of Obama and his "wife" due to the threat of "outing" them.
Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece both fell as civilizations when they heavily embraced the level of debauchery and twisted morality that we now see America falling prey to as the controlled media, and the ruling elite heavily push their culture of death on all of us via their eugenics policies which include heavily pushing the gay agenda which is considered "politically incorrect" to oppose.
The only chance we have of preventing the Obamination's wholesale internal destruction of our country by those who seek to crash our currency and to work together to awaken as many people as possible to these covert agendas, because all of our most deeply cherished freedoms hang in the balance are our Constitution comes under full scale assault from within.
Our enemies are within the gates, and the first step towards defeating their criminal, communist, anti christian agenda is awareness. If you want to see how dangerous things have become, go ahead and call your local FBI office, and just TRY to get them to address the fact that we have 35 Muslim jihadist terror camps openly operating on US soil with the full protection of Obama.
I called the Seattle Office of the FBI on Friday, demanding to know why they are allowing Muslim jihadist terror camps to operate openly in the State of Washington, and in numerous other US states, and they wouldn't pay any attention to this information.
They angrily hung up on me. It is clear to me that the Agency is aiding and abetting the criminal globalist conspiracy to destroy America and to force us into the CFR's long planned North American Union collectivist dictatorship.
Judging from the experience I had when the FBI came to my office in 1999 to interrogate me, the FBI has been hijacked by the dark side, and is working alongside our equally criminal so called "Justice Department" to subvert our country.
Law abiding Americans, including honorably discharged veterans who strive to defend the Constitution are being labelled "domestic terrorists" by the military, law enforcement, and the controlled media, white is now "black" and "black is now "white" as evil continues to be more and more embraced, and as Christianity continues to be attacked, mocked, and trampled into the mud under communist, Muslim, closeted gay, terrorist, illegal alien Barack Obama.
How many people do you think would have voted for Barack Obama if they realized he was a closeted gay man, married to another gay man, who has undergone hormone replacement therapy and cosmetic surgery in an effort to become transgendered? How many people would have voted for him if they'd realized his children were adopted, and not "their" biological kids as was falsely advertised?
As FDR once said, "The Only thing we have to fear, is FEAR itself." When I lose sleep sometimes thinking about the New World Order, and the amazing array of lies being used by the elements of coersion as they seek to destroy America, and shred our Constitution, I find myself sometimes wondering what all of us can do to simply help each other, so we can remain strong in the face of this unprecedented evil?
I have a good friend who is a roofer who is having trouble making ends meet. His house is on the market, but no buyers are nibbling because the economy is so bad. He has an apartment he could rent out to someone, and I am hoping I might be able to help him work out a win/win with another close friend who is in even more desperate straights than he is. My other friend lives in a tiny RV that he pays rent on, while also paying rent on an RV pad on the property of someone who is struggling to pay his mortgage.
I am hoping to help both of these friends to work out a win/win so that they guy in the RV can move into the other guy's apartment, and they can both, hopefully, come out ahead.
I am paying the second of these people, as I am able, to help me stay ahead of sulfur orders, he helps me with shipping, and is a very good, totally honest person. As we all contend with the evil swirling around us, I urge all of you to do anything you can to help out your neighbors the way I am striving to do, and I urge all of you to join me in prayer, because a concerted effort is underway to destroy our Constitution from within, but we CAN EXPOSE, and STOP IT!!
Our access to dietary supplements hangs in the balance, because via UN Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius, these genocidal killers seek to weaken all of our immune systems, and to cull the human herd, but we are NOT POWERLESS to fight back!
Friends, I wish all of you could have met my mother. She was the glue that held our family together, and she was a true Christian.When she died, there was standing room only at the memorial service at Central Presbyterian Church in Summit, NJ because she touched so many lives.
As an only child, she regarded almost anyone she met as a brother or a sister. She had a way of being calm, even in the midst of the worst crises, and if not for her, I never would have had my chance to escape the hell of the psychiatric system via orthomolecular medicine, via the healing power of God's vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, herbs...
If not for her, I never would have turned my life around to the point that I was able to make a full recovery from schizophrenia more than 30 years ago. After recovering, I worked as a boatbuilder and professional sailor, and the sea helped me to heal further, the sea helped me to truly feel God's healing power as I built, and worked aboard boats for many years, living in remote places on the coast of Maine where I healed by heating with wood, and by hauling water from a spring, and by living off the land.
At a certain point, when I felt strong enough, I decided I wanted to "give something back", I committed a "random act of kindness" by getting a job at Spring Lake Ranch, a therapeutic work community in Cuttingsville, Vermont where I was a House Advisor. This was like being a camp counselor in a house full of very sick people.
My job was to be a friendly listener, and to encourage these unfortunate people to do their laundry, to get to meals on time, to get out to our work program, and to participate in their recovery. I took residents to AA, NA, ACOA, Al Anon, and together, we grew, we healed. It was my mom who encouraged me to apply for this job when I told her I felt the need to work in the field of mental health, in order to give something back, due to all that had been done to help me.
I wasn't sure anyone would hire me since I'd once been a patient myself. I said to my mom "I really think I need to enter the field of mental health, I want other people to have the same chance I've had to heal, do you think thats crazy mom? Do you think anyone would actually hire me if they knew I'd once been a patient myself? What about the fact that orthomolecular medicine, the healing mode that helped me is so suppressed? I'm really not cut out to be a boatbuilder, I don't have the natural ability for spatial reasoning, for seeing in three dimensions, but I'm very good at public speaking, writing, and I love helping people."
Mom convinced me to give Spring Lake Ranch a call, telling me that their Director, Michael Wells, might be open minded enough to hire me. She had met with him while considering options for me when I was sick, but thought the IOL in Connecticut would be a better fit for me.
She later thought she'd made a mistake, but convinced me to call Michael. I did, and he hired me on the proviso that I not discuss my past with anyone, and that I only pass information about what I said helped me over his desk because the medical director, Dr. Huessey, was very biased against orthomolecular medicine and he didn't want to get into a conflict with him over hiring me.
I ended up helping some people make full recoveries using my knowledge of nutrition, but Dr. Huessey arrogantly ignored all the things I tried to call to his attention from the Journal of Orthomolecular medicine, convinced that it was quackery.
I ended up getting fired for giving an unauthorized lecture, complete with a slide show about orthomolecular medicine, and was fired immediately for diametrically opposing allopathic psychiatry.
Friends- we don't have to take any of this crap being foisted off on us by the Shadow Government who jerks Obama's strings.
Along with using sulfur daily to decrease our stress levels, we need to complain loudly about the fact that Obama is a gay man in the closet, and that his "wife" is actually a pre-op transexual. Call the White House Comments line at this number and complain! Call your Senators and Congressmen and complain to them too via the Capital Switchboard toll free #!
Tell them "I have nothing against an openly gay politician, but it bothers me a LOT when we have a closeted gay President, married to another man, who is a pre-op transexual because this enables the shadow government to black mail him for the purpose of destroying our country, which he is doing! I find it especially disturbing that while Obama is trying mightily to destroy our second amending and to disarm us, he has hypocritically assisted the Department of Homeland Security to purchase 1.6 Billion Founds of Hollow Point Ammo, which has been banned under the Geneva Convention to even be used in warfare.
Tell them you realize Obama"care" is actually genocide!  Tell them you've watched "Why in the World Are They Spraying?"  and refuse to be culled! Then take advantage of this March Super Sale which ends monday, March 31 (tomorrow) and buy 20 lbs of sulfur with FREE shipping- and two free gifts! Can't afford 20 lbs even at this hugely discounted rate? Order a smaller quantity here, but get some for friends and relatives! Commit a random act of kindness today and help DEFEAT the satanic New World Order!
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