Richard Herring Newsletter
January 2018
RHLSTP  and OFI50!
Happy New Year
Is it too late to be saying that?
Is it too early to be saying "Is it too late to be saying that?"
Are you still writing 2017 on all your cheques? Why are you still using cheques grandad!? It's 2017!
I am mainly taking time off this month so that I can try to memorise my children's faces so I don't forget them on the upcoming tour.
How come a sleeping baby that isn’t going to wake up when you put him/her down feels heavier than the same sleeping baby that is going to wake up when you put him/her down? Explain that science. You can’t.
Anyway, here's what is occurring in the next few weeks.
OH FR*G I'M 50
The tour kicks off on February 1st in Northampton. and then goes to lots of places in the UK and also Dublin before ending in early June.
There's only one London date on May 4th at the huge Queen Elizabeth Hall and we will be filming it then.  Get your tickets early if you want a better chance of your face being recorded for posterity.
These are the February ones
7th Sutton Coldfield (SOLD OUT)
8th Chorley (LAST FEW TICKETS)
16th Norwich (LAST FEW TICKETS)
17th Cambridge (SELLING WELL)
23rd Banbury
24th Cardiff
28th Cheddar
We have just added a small gig in Liverpool on 10th May - details will be up soon, but book quickly for that one.
And if you want to see reviews etc then check out this page.
Sales are going OK, but at the moment only the tiny Sutton Coldfield gig is sold out, with Norwich and Chorley nearly sold out.
Harpenden, Walsall and Bishops Stortford threaten to be sub-100 people gigs. And am in some huge venues in Reading and St Albans.
I don't think I will be doing a new stand up show this year and not sure when I will be touring again, so this might be your last chance to see me doing a full length show for a while.
A few more episodes of Series 12 to go out, but there won't be much down time from the podcast as series 13 starts recording on February 5th.
There are some very exciting possibilities and people who've said they want to do it include
Mackenzie Crook, Kathy Burke, Omid Djalilli, Katherine Ryan, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Trevor and Simon and Greg Davies. Hopefully we will get them all and will let you know confirmed names as soon as possible (But people who have signed up to Drip or for monthly badges get the news first)
Here's the confirmed names
Feb 5 - Adam Kay (comedian and author of best selling book, "This Is Going To Hurt" + one of the above names says they are 90% certain for this show.
Feb 12 John Robins and Elis James (tickets selling fast)
That's it for now. But on March 5th we are likely to have someone who is coming over from Hollywood and all I can say is I would be delighted if he makes it.
And still hoping for Brian Blessed of course.
And you can catch up on all the podcasts that have gone out so far here -
You can watch it on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
or iTunes
It's been away for over six months, but the old green board is back up and now has it's own spot that it can stay set up in, so I am hoping to get back to weekly contest. Frame 82 is filled with controversy and I've lost the scoreboard and it's terrible. But I wasted my life making it and you must thus waste your time listening.
And if you want to help us make even more podcasts, and get festooned with amazing extras including all the RHLSTP backstage interviews, downloads of all my stand up shows, exclusive video question and answer sessions, entry into a monthly prize draw PLUS find out the RHLSTP guests before everyone else then why not become a Dripster
You'd be paying less than a pound a week in return for 365 blogs and about 40 RHLSTPS.
If you want pretty much all of that, but not the stand up shows (not sure if you'll get the Q and A sessions either) then set your own price and become a monthly badger.
This is very much an either/or choice with whichever package suits you best.
Good news if you were a fan of this short Radio 4 series with Alison Steadman and Emily Berrington. We're recording four more in May. I just have to write them... oh no. I expect someone will end up eating lip balm in it this time.
Things weren't looking too good for this, but now it's looking like it's possibly back on the table. Don't hold your breath. Why would you? That would be an insane reaction.
If you want to move over to this renewable energy company, who don't tie you into a contract and are probably cheaper than your current provider, plus get a £50 credit for both you and me. Then sign up using this link. It turns out to be a good way to pay back for the podcasts, without personally having to pay and almost certainly saving money. Plus there's no contract so you can leave any time and they will buy you out of your current contract. And they use renewable energy. It's a win for us all.
This is where I work now.
To be fair, it's a bit hot in that seat.
Enjoy the rest of your January. Hope to see you on tour or at a podcast recording.