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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

October 1, 2018

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 19, Issue 1042





The Annual General Meeting
of the Scotland Island Residents’ Association

Sunday 21st October, 2018 at 10:00am
Scotland Island Community Hall

Please join us to find out more about:

Church Point – Parking, the Pasadena and Next Steps
Roads, Drainage, Vehicles and Environment
Wastewater Feasibility Study
Ausgrid Energy Reliability Project
Wharves Upgrade
The Community Hall

Please RSVP to secretary@sira.org.au to make registration at the AGM quicker and easier!

After the meeting (12 noon) join us for a simple BBQ and some drinks in Catherine Park!


Scotland Island Green Waste Collection

Monday, October 8

General, White-goods & Metals



Material presented in plastic, nylon or hessian bags, cardboard or foam

boxes or untied bundles will not be collected.


DAYLIGHT SAVING- Sunday, 7 October

Daylight saving time 2018 in New South Wales will begin at
2:00 am on Sunday, 7 October


Forward​ 1 hour

Daylight saving begins in NSW on Sunday, 7 October 2018, when clocks are moved forward one hour at 2:00am.



Northern Beaches Council Notice

Church Point Cargo Wharf construction commences

Thank you for your continued interest in the work we’re undertaking in the Church Point precinct.
We’re pleased to advise that the next phase of the Church Point Precinct Upgrade will start next week - the reconstruction of the Church Point Cargo Wharf.  This upgrade will improve user safety and functionality for both private and commercial uses.

The new cargo wharf will extend further into the water and be slightly wider so as to remove the impact on traffic flow on McCarrs Creek Road and make berthing easier for vessels.

In preparation for reconstruction work the old wharf will be closed for the duration of the works starting from 29 October.  We ask that any materials currently stored on the wharf be removed by 24 October.

The reconstruction involves demolishing the old cargo wharf structure, which has been in operation for decades, and replacing it with a suspended concrete structure, better suited to meet the demands of the commercial enterprises operating out of Church Point.

To assist wharf users and the off shore community we will construct a smaller temporary wharf which will be completed and operational prior to the closure of the old wharf.  It’s anticipated the closure of the old wharf will be for eight weeks, weather permitting.  The temporary wharf will be removed following the opening of the new wharf.

To improve the functionality of the temporary wharf, a temporary hardstand area has been made available next to the temporary wharf, available for public use.  However, we do ask that no materials, bins or other deliveries are to be left unattended in the hardstand area, as these will take up already reduced space.  Anything stored in this area which is affecting the functionality of the temporary wharf will be removed by Council.

Regular cargo wharf users are encouraged to use the boat ramp at Rowland Reserve in Bayview, where possible, as the temporary wharf has a smaller capacity and will require coordination between users.

Key dates
3 October                            Site establishment
8-26 October                      Construction of the Temporary Cargo Wharf
24 October                          Removal of all materials from the old Cargo Wharf
29 October                          Expected closure of the old Cargo Wharf
Late December                 Reopening of Cargo Wharf

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this important project.  Information about the Church Point upgrade work is available on Council’s website: northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au

If you have any questions please contact Council’s Senior Project Engineer David Munday on 9970 1248.
David Munday
Transport Civil Infrastructure Engineering & Design


Volunteers Wanted

For this coming Christmas Goodwill Lunch at the fire shed

on 25th December 2018

Julian and Nathalie Muir will not be able to host the Christmas lunch as usual this year so...

We need some people willing to replace them to..
Carry on the tradition of goodwill for
the Scotland Island community

All recipes will be provided, by Nathalie
All quantities and hints for an easy hosting will also be provided.

Please contact for details;
Nathalie on: 0419 432 460
Or nathalie@muir.net

Thank you
And Merry Christmas!


Tick Paralysis

Ticks are dangerous parasites that can kill your pet.

What happens if you find a tick on your pet?

If you find a tick on your pet and they are showing any signs of paralysis please contact us immediately. If your pet seems normal you can remove the tick with a tick hook and watch it very carefully. Keep your pet cool and quiet for 24 hours.

Avoid feeding dogs as they may have trouble swallowing which could lead to regurgitation and then pneumonia.

If your pet is showing no signs after 24 hours then that tick will probably not cause paralysis. Make sure you search for other ticks and update your tick prevention.

The signs of tick poisoning

The paralysis tick injects a toxin into its host dog or cat as it feeds. Increased body temperature due to either hot weather or exercise will exacerbate symptoms.

If left to run its course, a case of tick poisoning goes through three stages.

Early signs:
  • A change in voice; the meow or bark becomes softer and/or changes pitch.
  • Weakness in the back legs; walking along then sitting down suddenly is a common early sign.
  • Vomiting, especially if it happens several times in a day and you see froth.
Later signs:
  • Wobbliness in the back legs.
  • Excessive salivation and vomiting is not uncommon.
  • Panting, progressing to loud breathing, even grunting noises.
  • Many dogs will exhibit a moist cough and breathing problems before other signs. (Particularly common in King Charles spaniels, schnauzers and other short-nosed dogs, this is a dangerous sign because it may lead to pneumonia.)
Worsening signs:
  • As signs of poisoning progress, the animals become unable to stand.
  • Breathing becomes exaggerated and difficult.
  • As breathing becomes more difficult, the gums become cold and blue-tinged. Death follows quite quickly.

How can you find a tick on your pet?


Most ticks are found around the head and neck of the animal as well as inside the ears, but they can end up anywhere on the body. In tick season it is important to use a good tick preventive and also to search your pet every day. A small tick missed one day can be found the next and save your pets life.

Paralysis ticks that can kill your pet are usually between 3mm and 10mm in diameter. They attach with their mouth parts making a hole in the skin which can often be painful or itchy. The body of the tick sticks out from the skin. Sometimes a skin tag can be mistaken for a tick. By moving any skin lump around and looking at it’s attachment to the skin you can generally tell the difference. Pulling a skin tag off can be painful and upset your pet, but you wont be the first owner who has done this.

Paralysis ticks can be difficult to pull out as they hold on tightly with their mouth parts and when removed leave a hole in the skin called a tick crater. The tick crater will be 3-10mm across and take a month to heal. As it heals it forms a thick scab. Try not to pick at the scab as it will become infected and sore.

The most reliable way to locate ticks is to systematically run your fingers through your cat or dog’s coat. Press your fingertips down to the skin level and draw systematic little circles trying to cover the whole skin surface. Start at the nose and move along between the nose and eyes. Search in the lips and around the ears. It is especially important to search long haired dogs very thoroughly between the eyes and the end of the nose as this is a common area for ticks to be missed.

Always remove your pets collar rather than just pushing it out of the way. If you find a bump or a sore spot separate the hair and examine the skin. The tick will be attached with the head buried under the skin and the body sticking out from the skin.

Continue running your fingers around the neck, armpits, legs, between the toes, along the tail and around the anus and vulva. Some tick bites are very sore so if you have an area that your pet doesn’t want examined it is best to examine that area carefully in case there is a tick hiding. Ticks can also cause local paralysis. A tick above an eye will often cause paralysis of the eyelids and an inability to blink for up to 4 weeks. Sometimes the face will look asymmetrical giving you a hint that there is a tick hiding somewhere.

We find using a tick hook like the green one shown below to be the most reliable way to remove ticks. If the head is left in, don’t worry as the tick will die and inject no more poison. Always assume there is more than one tick and continue your systematic search.

It is true that animals can develop an immunity to tick poison, but it requires repeated mild poisoning and may last only one season. Even those animals that do build up an immunity can still wind up paralysed if they’re bitten by multiple ticks or a particularly toxic one. It’s not a good idea to count on your pet being one of the lucky ones that develop immunity.

With thanks to;
Pittwater Animal Hospital


Pasadena Pantry & Fresh is Now Open!


My name is Colin and I’m the big bloke behind the counter who loves to talk food and wine with people who are passionate about quality ingredients and supporting Australian producers.

At PP&F, we go directly to the source for freshness and variety (which means we can give offshorers a 10% discount on their purchases).

Our bread comes from La Banette in Mona Vale, our fruit and vegetables come from Alex’s farm in Orange (next time you come in, ask to try one of his apples, they’re wonderfully sweet and crisp), our milk comes directly from farmer-owned Norco, and our fabulous chorizo comes from the justifiably renowned Eumundi Smokehouse.  Our meat is free range and our eggs are organic. We stock a wide range of Australian and international cheeses with crackers to suit every style (try the charcoal crackers with a heaven slice of blue cheese – it’s Pepe’s pick and it’s magic)  and we’re working to source delicious new cheeses from country areas in NSW.

As the days get longer and summer tickles our taste buds, we’re planning to host grazing table evenings with cheese, olives, salamis and matching wines. So stay tuned…and if you need to replace your gas bottle or soda stream, we can help you there, too.

Colin & Pepe
Pasadena Pantry & Fresh

October 12 - Knife Sharpening Service @ $6.00 per knife
Just wrap your knives in a tea towel - label clearly and drop them in BEFORE the the 12th.

Fresh Ducks Eggs available to order - best thing for cakes!
Drop in and place your order BEFORE Wednesday to have your eggs ready for pick up late Friday afternoon.



Australia's Largest Selling Wine Syndicate Newsletter

All the Wine that's fit to Drink :)


I see warmth at the end of the dreadfully dry winter months. I'm not talking 'dry' as in wine consumption, rather the lack of rain. There is light at the end of the wine rainbow on October 21st as you will see below. I have been assured by Jim (you DO know who Jim is I assume) that the next wine tasting has the most splendid range of reds and whites and of course a fine quality yet inexpensive bubbly.

Even better news! This tasting is at your editor's palace in Elvina Bay. No excuse for the gentry of the western shores not to attend.

I can't give you the tasting notes yet as they are bundled up with the HSC exam papers and not to be revealed for a week or so. But you will get another mail from me as soon as I know.


Where: Paul and Pamela's newly rebuilt home in Elvina Bay (third jetty in on the south side of the bay)
When: Sunday October 21st 2018
Time: 3pm
Bring: A plate of food to share - as simple or complex as you like. A wine glass. A pen. Self.

Last comment: We really want to get a great crowd this tasting.
There is plenty of room for your boat on the jetty and the weather forecast id looking good....

Bring family, friends, enemies.
If you want to invite others why not get them to fill in this newsletter link so they can keep up with our antics.


Paul & Tracy Smith Art Sale

Sunday Nov 25 10am-4pm
45 Robertson Road



Trauma Teddies teddy

While recently having a cuppa with Louise Roberts I noticed she was knitting a small teddy.   What sort of teddy? She told me it was a Trauma Teddy and she knits them for the Red Cross.

Trauma Teddies were conceived in 1990 by the ambulance service. They discovered the calming effect of a teddy  can have on a distressed child.  The Trauma Teddy was born and are still in use today and are distributed by the Red Cross.
So, as a result of this cuppa I also have started to knit Trauma Teddies and thus the reason for my request.
If anyone has any spare 8 ply acrylic wool they never plan to use, or old cushions that could be used to stuff the teddies I would be very appreciative of your contribution.  Acrylic wool is preferred as it is very washable.

Happy to collect or just drop it off at our joint – 36 Robertston Road.
Also, if there is anyone else, other than Louise and I, knitting Trauma Teddies on the Island very happy to share whatever is donated.
 With our very best regard, Linda Prisk and teddy.


A Visual Feast – Two Artists and a Chef

Paintings and sculptures by Juliet Holmes à Court and Ruth Levine – Art from our culinary muse, James Viles, Biota

STURT GALLERY  23 September - 12 November 2018

“Why, we are asked, set a challenge like this, landscapes off a plate, and sculptures from a meal? The answer is, and it’s another thing in common with nature,.... to grow”.

They are artists who are fed by nature, its shapes, its colours, its textures.  Using the fascinating culinary work of local chef, Biota's James Viles, has been a step into a selection of nature’s offerings that they wouldn’t have found on their own.

The meals so artfully aimed at palette, nostril and eye, presented to Juliet's painter’s palette, colour combinations and shapes both new and stimulating.

Ruth’s sculptural vessels sought the key to James’ inspiration, which is, the basic ingredient - from the lineal texture of the mushroom, the irregular roughness of charcoal, to the tea like banding of mussels. James’ nose to tail cooking philosophy, along with the idea of gathering from his immediate environment, is paralleled in her design practice of recycling and foraging from her environment.

This body of work is visually and touch textural, the perfection of nature, represented in all its imperfection, a foil against an offshore, machine mass made age.

The exhibition will be opened at 11am on Sunday 23 September by special guest John Newton, freelance writer, journalist, novelist, teacher.

The exhibition will run from 23 September to 18 November.

All enquiries or images
Mark Viner, Head of Sturt on 0248 602080 or Slavica Zivkovic, Gallery Manager on 0248 602083.
Email mviner@sturt.nsw.edu.au or shop@sturt.nsw.edu.au
Web    www.sturt.nsw.edu.au
Sturt Gallery
Cnr Range Rd and Waverley Pde, Mittagong 2575.
Open seven days 10am – 5pm.


The Co-Op Club Presents

October 2018 Bookings

Church Point Cafe -  Artists play between 3:30 - 6:30pm

Sunday Oct 7th - Moussa Diakite & Wassado

A very special afternoon with WASSADO - Moussa Diakite was part of Mali's generation of pioneering musicians in the 1970s and ‘80s, composing and performing music heavily influenced by the Wassoulou styles of his homelands in southwestern Mali.

Moussa joined the ‘Super Rail Band de Bamako’ as it's lead guitarist in 1979, also playing with the legendary Toumani Diabate's ‘Yanga Orchestre’ and eventually joined world music star Salif Keita from 1987-1992.

Since moving to Sydney in 1992, Moussa has inspired the Australian African music scene. Most recently he has been in Mali recording an album of his music in collaboration with some of West Africa’s finest, due for release later this year.

Join us for a special performance of Moussa’s 100% dance guitar band WASSADO also featuring: Ben Kidson – drums, Nemo Lynn bass & Len Samperi guitar.

Sunday Oct 14th - Lloyd G & The Ambassadors
Look out!.... LLOYD G AND THE AMBASSADORS bring a very special afternoon of Roots’n Blues, Rock’n Roll and Alt Country to the Co-Op. An exciting and passionate Americana style band, led by Lloyd G on drums and vocals out front. He’s played with Lionel Richie, Russell Morris, Christine Anu and many more - and is the drummer for respected artists, Dave Warner, Perry Keyes and The Atlantics. This music is delivered from the heart, for the ears and feet - featuring classic songs from the greatest songwriters.

Make the most of this Sunday and join this amazing afternoon of entertainment from 3.30pm.

“The music was awesome”- Vanessa Prochowskia

“You guys rocked it last night Lloyd. What a show! Thank you”- Christina Guy

Sunday Oct 21st - Mitch Anderson
The MITCHELL ANDERSON BAND. Mitch is quite simply one of the best white soul singers of our time. With his emotionally charged and heartfelt performances he won the hearts of millions of people here in Australia and around the world when he won as a top finalist on the ‘Voice’ on team Seal. Following the Voice journey he has continued to write a number of fabulous original albums and perform sellout shows wherever he goes. Mitch’s shows are always filled with a frenzy of people overcome by his infectious soulful joy and who just can’t help but get up and ‘move to that groove!!’ He always brings with him a star-studded band including the amazing Harry Brus on Bass, Amarnath Jones on Guitar & Keith Sullivan on Drums.

Sunday Oct 28th - Sly Dogs

Featuring ‘music loving’ Scotland Islands very own quintessential Blues band, THE SLY DOGS!! The Co-Op Club’s house band will be playing the very best mix of feel good Sunday afternoon faves to fire you up for a great start to the week. They always have audiences whooping and hollering in a furor of excitement with songs from JJ CALE, RODRIGUEZ, TAJ MAHAL & CREDENCE CLEARWATER to name a few. Veteran Blues vocalist, guitarist and harmonica player Matty “Harp Dog” Trapnell leads the fray with singer Narelle Lewis, David Richards on bass, Stew Eagles on keyboard, Nic Anderson on the Violin and Chuck Bradley on drums. Always a big crowd so grab a table and join in the fun!

The Waterfront Café’s Co-Op Club presents the finest live music North side of the bridge from 3.30pm every Sunday. Come and immerse yourself in some wonderful music by the waters edge with great friends, your favorite beverage, some wonderful music and a huge range of delicious menu specials. 
1860 Pittwater Rd Church Point – bookings 99796633



Marion van den Driesschen Exhibition

Opening Event Saturday 13th October, 3-6pm



For Sale

Tara runabout

Tara runabout 70hp Suzuki motor 3 yrs old $13,000 or nearest offer.

Contact person is Brent Taylor who is acting on my behalf.
His number is 0409 269 404.

Yacht for Sale

Bird of Passage

Bird of Passage for sale $70,000 (or nearest offer).

Details can be seen on YachtHub.com and Boatsonline.com The Bird of Passage.

Contact person is Brent Taylor who is acting on my behalf.
His number is 0409 269 404.


Waterfront House for Rent

Cedar and mud brick house on the western side of Scotland Island available for rent from 27 December 2018 to 20 January 2019.

Three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, boat shed with loft bed, large decks, air conditioning in bedrooms, tinny available for use, kayaks, etc. Minimum stay of 7 nights.

Contact Robyn


Commuter Boat for Sale

Commuter Boat tinny

Well maintained 3.75m tinnie with 25HP Yamaha. Recently anti-fouled. Comes with a new floor, bilge pump and all safety equipment.  It’s registered and has CP commuter wharf sticker valid to February 2019. $3950 ono

Inverter GeneratorBS

Briggs and Stratton 3000i - as new and suitable for sensitive electronics. Has retractable handle and wheels and original instructions. Bought new last year for $1800 and only used once. Will sell for $1100 ono.

Please contact Sarah on 0419223562


Wanted to Buy

Wanted to buy Polycraft boat with front steering and canopy.

Please call Carolyn 0411221051


Infrared Sauna for Sale!Sauna

Used but in excellent condition

3 Seater
Lifetime heater warranty
Plugs in 240v
Dimensions 1.62w x 1.43d x 1.95h
How Infrared Sauna Works

iHealth Saunas work by heating the body deeply using infrared rays and therefore increasing the circulation naturally resulting in pain relief, weight loss and increased energy.

The infrared panels are specifically designed to emit energy at the same wavelength as that emitted by the human body. As an added benefit iHealth Far Infrared Saunas operate at substantially lower temperatures than conventional steam/hot rock saunas, permitting extended and more comfortable sauna sessions. Our body readily absorbs far infrared or healthy light (energy) to a depth of 45mm creating a deep, penetrating heat that relaxes, soothes and loosens sore joints and muscles.
RRP $7,790
For sale $4,500
Call Ryan for details 0413 365 410..


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