January 2016

Dear ,


What are your new year's resolutions?

Were you planning to:
get a (new) job,
get fit,
be more creative
or learn (more) Dutch?

Just have peak of the schedule for the coming weeks
and it may all become true!

Coming Up:
(in order not to make this letter too long,
I have provided some links with more information or you can send a mail
to info@learndutchfast.nl)

January 22nd: (almost) free Network Walk (Dutch-English)
(For information in English: please mail me)

January 22nd: (almost) free Living with a Dutchie Night Out in Bussum

February 1st: Dutch Immersion Week for Anxious Language Learners

February 5th: Free Dutch Morning - Conversation Games
(please send me a mail for information)

February 12th: Dutch Morning: Portrait Drawing

Vote for Syl at the FOTY Awards (10 is excellent ;-) )


Tot ziens!

Sylvia Clements




Winner of the European Award of Teaching (2003)

Nominated for the European Award of Teaching (2014)


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