Volume VI, Issue 9                                                         October 15, 2012
 In The Spotlight
  1983 is considered by many park fans to have been the best season in the Great Adventure's history. Three major new attractions were introduced with Freefall, Parachuter's Perch and the Water Ski Spectacular. 


In The Spotlight: 
One of the staple rides at most theme and amusement parks is bumper cars, and throughout the history of Great Adventure the park has done bumper cars in a big way. The first set installed was the "world's largest bumper car ride" only to be surpassed with an even bigger second set of bumper cars the next season. Those rides were removed over time and replaced by the Autobahn, which was eventually closed as well. For 2012 the seasons without a bumper car ride finally came to an end with the introduction of the new Fender Benders ride which was added as part of the new Adventure Alley area.
 In the Spotlight:
Added in 2012 as part of the new Adventure Alley section, Deja Vu brought back the classic thrills of a traditional Scrambler ride, long missing from Great Adventure. The new Scrambler ride was a nod to the park's past, featuring retired logos used by the park in the 1970's and 1980's.
In The Spotlight:
Presented from 1981-1983 in the Americana Music Hall, The Great Rock & Roll Time Machine was a multimedia show that alternated times throughout the day with the live stage shows.  The show used slides and lights set to a soundtrack to tell the story of rock music through the years.
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