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Congressman Paul Announces Presidential Bid: Why IAHF Must Get Back to DC!!


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Its snowing here in Point Roberts. I just walked back from the cliff overlooking Boundary Bay where I go to try to sort out my thoughts about the massive Health Freedom War we’re engaged in. Far out in the Straight of Georgia I saw a freighter blow its stacks- probably en route from Shanghai to the Port of Vancouver. Its too overcast right now to see Mount Baker or the San Juan Islands. I heard the horn of the Swartz Bay Ferry as it approached Tsawwassen coming in for a new load of passengers bound for Vancouver Island across the Straight. Now I’m back at my battle station, and the kettle on the top of the woodstove is boiling- sounding its shrill whistle which cuts through my reverie like a knife.


If you folks can send me enough cash to get my plane tickets, line up a hotel and to be able to eat in restaurants for 10 days, I hope to soon get back to Washington DC to do followup on the trips I made last year. More on this below.

Please continue urging everyone you know to sign this petition calling for Congressional Oversight on the FDAs illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada & Mexico.

The more signatures we have, the easier it is for me to get the attention of people on Capital Hill as we push for badly needed oversight- not only on the FDA’s Trilateral Cooperation Charter, but also on the treasonous efforts to foist off a North American Union on us and a NAFTA Superhighway:

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Health Freedom Proponent Congressman Paul has announced a Presidential Bid for 2008:  Along with Aaron Russo, IAHF strongly supports his candidacy- see details on why below.


Yesterday several people alerted me to the fact that CBS TV network is once again running Pharma induced attack pieces against herbs and that their propaganda will repeat again this evening.

These smear tactics are acts of sheer desperation folks, and this garbage rings increasingly false as larger and larger numbers of people keep seeing the light when it comes to our failed so called “Health Care” system which is actually a “Disease Care” system that does nothing but rake in trillions for Big Pharma while culling our numbers.


Meanwhile, Paul Taylor of the Dr.Rath Foundation alerts us that the New York Law Review has just published a scholarly paper which is highly critical of the manner in which the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission conducts business: 


My point is that for every devious Big Pharma action against we the people, there is an exact and OPPOSITE reaction- sometimes coming from unexpected allies, and this sort of thing always gives me hope, which brings me to the main point in today’s alert. This New York Law Review must be shown to every health food store owner in your area who belongs to the Natural Products Association (formerly NNFA) This traitorous vitamin trade association is utilizing a pharma dominated law firm called Sidley, Austin, Brown, and Wood which has been doing SPIN against IAHF’s Codex Message for years- (claiming that Codex is a “non issue.”


This New York Law Review article makes it IMPOSSIBLE for them to continue this evil charade, but I need your help to get this information into the hands of every health food store and vitamin company in America.




We’re gonna counteract the latest flurry of Media Lies about dietary supplements by educating all the newly elected members of Congress to our health freedom issues. Part of our campaign will be to distribute COPIES of Paul Taylor’s article about the NY Law Review’s Strong Criticism of CODEX, and part will call attention to the FDA’s Illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada/ Mexico and the threat that this poses to our access to supplements as its how FDA is trying to usher Codex restrictions in to our country.


Additionally, Naturodoc of Kingman Arizona

 has just shipped IAHF thousands of metal Health Freedom Buttons to hand out all over Capital Hill and to send to those who donate to IAHF, and I need your help to get these buttons out to members of Congress, and to health food stores and alternative practitioners so they’ll tune in to IAHF’s message.




This concept of what America should be was deeply instilled in me by a man who can only be described as a true Patriot, and I feel his presence daily as I do my work even though he passed away in the early 90s. Richard Hammell was a child prodigy who had built his first ham radio by the time he was 11 years old, using a soldering iron and Navy surplus scrap. Simultaneous to that he taught himself Morse Code. When dad turned 17 in 1934 he had to get his parents permission to join the Navy. In WW2 he was #1 in his class out of more than 400 sailors at MIT Radar School where he'd been sent to learn about Radar when it was a secret weapon. He was the commanding officer of Argus Unit 1, a commando unit that was one of the forerunners of today's Navy SEALS. In the South Pacific he led a preinvasion task force operating behind enemy lines on Japanese occupied islands where he lost half his men. He finished out his Naval Career as a Captain in Naval Intelligence where he was the world’s foremost expert on the internal guidance systems of ICBMs.


(He was simultaneously an electrical engineer at Bell Telephone Labs where he did Defense Contracting until he had a wrestling match with his conscience due to his involvement with the development of weapons of mass destruction.)


Just the same, he was a Cold Warrior, and he was one of the reasons the Russians removed their missiles from Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. They knew they were technologically outclassed and didn’t want to be nuked.


On some level, dad actually realized the truth of what was going on in the world. At some level, he realized he was being USED by the world’s ruling elite- and that bothered him. He hated and distrusted the CIA and used to candidly tell me they were NOT part of our government, that they were taking their marching orders from the RIIA, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London. From him I know that there are factions amongst the ruling elite and it is partly due to the schizms between those factions that we’re not ALREADY living under a global totalitarian state.


The OTHER main reason we’re not is because of plain folks like you and me, people who truly embrace the noble concepts enshrined in our Constitution- folks who work HARD to breath new LIFE into that document and who aren’t about to LET the N.W.O. grind them down or take their dietary supplements away.When hell freezes over we'll fight ON ICE!!


When I make trips to Washington DC, I have memories of where I grew up deeply instilled in me. Right across the street from our house in Summit, NJ there is a pond called Vanderpool’s Pond where General George Washington once watered his horses. One of the most pivotal battles of the Revolution was fought just up the road at Jockey Hollow in Morristown. At that spot, American guerillas, fought from the treeline, to cut Cornwallis' army of British regulars and Hessians in half, routing them, catching the BY SURPRISE as they attempted to march from Philadelphia to New York City. It was one of the bloodiest battles of the war.

The Americans were clad in rags. They were literally starving to death. They were quartered in log huts in one of the worst winters in colonial American history and many died from scurvy and other degenerative diseases. Even though they hadn't been paid in months, they did not desert their posts. They fought for us all, and the memory of their struggle was deeply instilled in me as a young boy playing on that battlefield where I used to fly kites and go hiking, and have picnics. 


In the mud in the bank of the brook in my back yard I used to find lead musket balls, and quartz Lenni Lenape arrowheads which served to instill in me a deep interest in history, both the history of my country, and the history of my native american ancestors because I am part Narragansett.


When I go to DC, I feel a sense of pride in being an American, even as I am angered and sickened by what our country has degenerated into under GW Bush’s evil reign of global terror. Bush is the biggest terrorist the world has ever seen, and I share Keith Olbermann’s (and Ron Paul's) views. (Paul has consistently opposed everything the Neocons are doing and has consistently opposed the war.) Watch Olbermann's comments about criminal Bush’s abolition of the Writ of Habeas Corpus via the Military Commissions Act


As long as there are people like my dad, Keith Olbermann, Congressman Paul and I, the American Revolution will never become a “fat lady drivin’ a Cadillac”. As long as there are folks like you who TRULY BELIEVE in the cause of FREEDOM, we will have a voice in Washington DC, because you will help me get back there as often as is necessary to read our elected officials the RIOT ACT when they overstep their bounds. As long as we keep pitchin- CODEX will NEVER come to the shores of America, and we will NEVER be forced into the planned North American Union with Canada and Mexico.



 Whew! I know, it’s a LOT to take in, but its also very COOL when ya think about it! Congressman Ron Paul has been helping IAHF fight Codex since we first called the threat to global attention back in 1996. During the CAFTA debate, from the House Floor he expressed the heartfelt concerns of millions of American (and Canadian) Dietary Supplement Consumers by discussing the link between the nefarious Pharma Driven UN Genocide initiative coming at us via CODEX, and CAFTA. This was the FIRST TIME the Codex Vitamin issue ever got any air time on National TV, but it sure won’t be the LAST!!! 

Via this brave American, we now have our bully pulpit, and we’re gonna be readin’ the RIOT ACT to the Neocon collectivist WHORES who seek to create mayhem all over the world. Congressman Paul is HATED by the Neocons, he has been against the war in Iraq from the start, and he is the biggest deterrant to Neocon expansion of the war into IRAN. He has no use for the Zionist/Globalist CIA whores who seek to use our nation like toilet paper. When you ponder this man, you must realize that he is NOT a Republican- he’s only one on PAPER- in truth, he is a Libertarian, a populist man of the people. Paul is a man who believes the BEST government is the LEAST government. He insists that the Neocon's stop taking their marching orders from the Council on Foreign Relations- and has been trying with every ounce of his strength to bind them down with the Constitution.

 He is the ANTI BIG BROTHER, he’s MAD AS HELL, he’s not gonna TAKE IT anymore. He deserves ALL of our support! 

Congressman Paul is well aware that the powers that be could try to “do a Kennedy” on him, but that thought never stops a man who truly believes in liberty. He is more than ready to DIE if need be for the cause of the truth, and for this reason, he has grass roots support from people in all 50 states. He’s not taking bribes from special interests- he’s not awash in Pharma PAC donations, and he HATES the FDA and CODEX with a white hot PASSION!

When Scott Tips, JD, of the National Health Federation and I generated a letter to FDA Commissioner Von Echenbach demanding he respond to our questions about the illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico- Congressman Paul helped us by putting our letter on his letterhead, he helped us get other members to cosign it with him, and it was sent to the FDA. The FDA has responded (with spin of course), but it gives us a peg on which to hang our hats as we continue our COUNTERATTACK. (This is just one of MANY examples I could provide of times he's helped us in this EXACT same way when no one else on Capital Hill would give us the time of DAY!  

You can see Congressman Paul in Aaron Russo’s film “From Freedom to Fascism”: which you can watch at no charge on Russo’s site. Russo is strongly endorsing his Presidencial bid for the same reasons I am. Ron Paul has consistently been more in the corner of dietary supplement consumers than anyone in congress since he's been in office. Even though I'm not one of his Texas constituents, I've always felt welcomed with open arms at his office every time I've ever gone to DC.  See Congressman Paul (also Congressman De Fazio) in Kevin Miller’s documentary on Codex- “We Become Silent” lest you have any doubts about just how good “Dr.No” really is!

 DONATIONS STILL NEEDED FOR DC TRIP Folks, I'd like to THANK those of you who've helped so far with donations towards this trip, but we're still a few hundreds dollars short of where we need to be to make it. Please forward this alert out to more people and urge them to sign on to the IAHF list at and urge them to HELP with their own donation! (Before forwarding any of our alerts, please just remember to go to the bottom of the email to delete the unsub link contained in each one, otherwise, someone you forward it to might click on it which would delete you from the list.)  

We now have a new case of Kevin Miller's DVD "We Become Silent" to send out along with copies of Byron Richard's blockbuster of a book titled "Fight For Your Health- Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America". If you already have these, and would like us to ship them to a friend or family member who you'd like to see get involved in the fight back, we can do that and include a cover letter with it if you'll just tell us where to ship them.  

For a minimum donation of $25. we'll send your choice of a DVD or a book. For $50. we'll send both. For $75. we'll send the DVD, the Book, plus a Health Freedom Button. If you will make the rounds to a bunch of health food stores with our message, we'll send you several metal health freedom buttons for FREE!!

We're in your corner folks- please help us so we can get those plane tickets, line up a hotel, and have enough to eat at restaurants for 10 days and we'll pound that pavement for you in DC the way you all need it pounded!! If any of you would like to join me in DC, to help me when I'm there- please let me know, we might be able to work that out. IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd.Point Roberts WA 98281 USAor via paypal