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Christmas 2016 Bonus newsletter
If you're still looking for Christmas gifts for your AIOTM loving friend (or let's face it yourself) then you are in luck. Check out these badges, DVDs and T-shirts. Great gifts, but the real gift is that all the money goes towards making even more AIOTM content.
This is all the stuff left over from the kickstarter campaign so stocks are limited. Buy now to ensure satisfaction. We have some tea-towels too, but at the moment you can only get those from the Leicester Square Theatre gigs.
And all the other gofasterstripe stuff makes good presents too.
Episode 4 of the bonus AIOTM audio podcast should be up today.
 Listen to it and the other episodes here or on iTunes.
The video episodes won't be going up until Spring 2017 as we have a lot of work to do on them still, but I hope they will be worth the wait.
  Have a lovely Christmas everyone from me and Phoebe (and Catie too)
Richard Herring