Mass Weekend Prayer against Israeli violations of international law and in support of the downgrade of SA embassy in Israel
This weekend has been declared a ‘Weekend of Prayer’ by several South African Churches, to pray for South Africa, for peace and for an end to Israel's human rights violations. The Weekend Prayer will also keep in mind the delegates who will be attending next week's ANC conference and who we, as South African Christian clergy, hope will send a clear message that Israel's human rights abuses against Palestinians must end. We pray that the ANC will pass, with no difficulty, the resolution to immediately downgrade the SA embassy in Israel.
This Weekend Prayer is also in response to Israel and Donald Trump's recent provocation, in which they unilaterally declared the Holy city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in violation of International law and with major negative consequences for the indigenous Palestinian Christians who are routinely denied access to Christian holy sites like the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. While we recognise the suffering of Palestinian Christians we are acutely aware that this Israeli oppression is faced by Palestinians in general of whichever faith they belong to - we warn against making this into a religious “conflict" as it is a human rights issue. Our solidarity with the Palestinian people unites us as South Africans and we should caution those like the Israeli-lobby who want to make it into a divisive issue in our country.
This ‘Weekend of Prayer’ will see tens of thousands of members of various churches and other religions come together to pray.
“The proposed downgrade will ensure that South Africa upholds its responsibility to the international community,” says Reverend Ntuthuko Nkosi, one of the church leaders who are participating in the weekend prayer.
“South Africa should not be be divided by religious fanatics who want to justify criminality and violations of international law under the auspices of religion.”
Church goers and others are asked to recite a prayer in English, Zulu, Xhosa or any other language that they wish
Stressing the importance of this event, father Nkosi adds: “We need to stand together in prayer to prevent the travesty based on lies and falsehood brought against the Palestinian people, who were some of the first followers of Christ."
We would like to end by quoting from a letter by Palestinian Christians and Churches from the Holy Town of Bethlehem to the ANC in which they write:
"We call upon the righteous nations today and most importantly our brothers and sisters in South Africa to lead the way into another page of history. While the USA at the hands of Mr. Donald J. Trump decided to diminish international law and the rule of law, South Africa has the chance to usher the world into marking this day as one where international law and the rule of law are respected and human rights and ethics are held up and protected...We call upon South Africa to downgrade its relations with Israel and Embassy in Tel Aviv. Israel is a notorious violator of endless and numerous international laws and regulations not only today not only yesterday but since its creation in 1948. Downgrading your embassy is an important step for what South Africa carries of ethical weight due to your long struggle against Apartheid and racism. We ask God’s blessings upon you and your conference to be led by the spirit so that a just peace with compassion will preserve the creation of God in our area. We are confident that the African National Congress is as an ally for justice and for all people who suffer the consequences of the occupation and Apartheid. Attached you kind find the letter to the ANC by Palestinian Christians and Churches.
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09 December 2017